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  1. someone told me that cuttlefish was good for extra calcium so I bought some and grate it into the pellets. We have tuna in oil so when I drain off the oil I throw that in with the pellets too to help lubricate the crops (and was told it's good for feathers & skin) Used eggshells washed out, baked in the oven for 10 mins and ground up added to the feed is a really economical way of getting more calcium into them - cured our softy eggs
  2. fair enough - I'll start I think it was a fox anyway.. seems to fit the pattern. Bit of a different situation to most eglu owners I suppose. Mine came during the day 11am ish Girls free ranging unsupervised We live on a very rural smallholding with a biggish forest No fencing really - barbed wire & bramble perimeter and a farm gate
  3. I'm just worried that fencing them in - using something like electrified poultry netting if a fox manages to get in will leave them nowhere to run... My rationale with letting them range and leaving their wings unclipped was that they could at least have a good stab at getting away... Immaterial as they're confined to their roofed run till I sort something else - I'd never forgive myself if any more got taken in the next few days
  4. sorry to hear about spice - she'll be in chicken heaven - lots of lovely things to peck at and no predators to worry about Love xxx
  5. no - no posts with it - any 6 foot posts would do... The technical chap advised attaching it to wooden posts using battens rather than staples to prevent it being torn off the posts (we have a large stag population here which is lovely to watch, but pants when they destroy a carefully tended veg plot and our food supply !!) I'm now toying with some electric poultry netting but with all the fences, the place will look like a prison camp.
  6. Louisdog - a company called Tenax in Wrexham http://www.tenax.co.uk/c/index.php?cat=af reasonable price and marvellous customer service = lady couldn't do enough to help me when I explained I wanted delivery to Ireland
  7. actually - I'm getting some 6 ft high polypropylene deer fencing soon to keep the deer & hens out of the veg plot - will have some left from that... scratch that - a fox would bite through it wouldn't it..? at least in the pen they're in they have room to scratch about and I can see them from the house....
  8. trouble is..... they're now in their pen 6ft x 4ft but there's going to come a point where I have to let them out to range again (we live on a 3.5 acre smallholding) so I'm never going to feel safe about letting them out, am I ? Surely they're better off free ranging than being in an open-topped enclosure (that was my other idea) where they couldn't at least run away...
  9. me too - passionately even if they peck my pea plants to death and dust-bath in my newly planted seed beds WHILE I'm in the shed getting the netting
  10. It's definitely a different culture where keeping hens is concerned over here... they think Brits are weird for their attachment to their animals.
  11. It's a kind of weasley thing - about the size of a large-ish squirrel. Vicious devils though - one had all my neighbours hens and ducks in one attack, they have a stone henhouse and it went inside and hid till they put the hens in - had the lot. Makes me think it was one of those as it was this morning and only one of the girls was killed
  12. When you look out of the window and see a flurry of ginger feathers blowing around in the wind and realise you have one less chicken than you let out this morning. No idea what had it - we have foxes, pine martens and dogs round here - chicken death is accepted as quite a routine occurrence amongst the village. I'm still gutted though and have to explain it to my little girl later
  13. Found this on another forum... wondered if it might help ?
  14. sorry - no advice, but watching this thread for answers as we've just adopted an 18 month old Border collie who's spent the day chasing my hens Not in a nasty way - more in a chasey way.... Would like to train her to round them up.... anyone ever done this ?
  15. after 10 days my 2 tribes are still at war as well. It's OK when they're out ranging, but as they all share a house, Twinkle & Jean keep hijacking it, and turfing out any of the newbies that are in the nest boxes. In 2 minds whether or not to give up and just bung the oldies back into the Eglu tbh, as the new girls have taken to laying eggs in odd places (mainly the wood-pile, which is a bit awkward) Or should I just persist ? And will they get on eventually ? Sorry for the hijack... just wanted you to know you're not alone with "Chicken-wars"

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