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  1. Hello peeps I received an Omlet email saying someone had left a message but it only showed briefly and vanished when I opened it so didn't see what it was about.


    Could who ever it was please try again or pm me. I think (but could be totally wrong) that the name Connie was part of the name.


    Apologies to monitors if I can't ask this on here but wasn't sure how to find out.

  2. Really cheeky ask but I'm wondering if there is anyone who lives in Huddersfield that is going to the National Poultry Show at Stafford weekend after next who would be willing to bring a pair of Japanese down to the show for collection? I know it's a long shot but worth a try. Profuse apologies if it's not allowed to ask on the forum. :pray:

  3. I've got a couple of OEGs very diddy talkative wee things, Tweet has just gone broody and is on Japanese eggs. Twitter is, well odd, kind of in another world and is prone to doing a goose stepping thing when she walks. They are both good layers and would recommend them to anyone. The boys can be agressive as is what they are. Love them to bits.

  4. Now Dolly who's been a pain has at last settled where I want so she's got a bundle of Japanese eggs. She didn't want the rabbit hutch nor the greenhouse so we've gone for the dog crate in the corner of the kitchen like last year. The Madame came in took one look and was straight in there. Peace can return to the biguns house.

  5. It's contagious, I've got 2 broody Japs and Persil on eggs and then Dolly is trying to be broody but not where I want her to be so she's not getting any eggs.


    Then there's 30 chicks in the greenhouse and 10 in the lounge. Fed up of cleaning out chickens. AAAAarrrghh

  6. Flooring will be fine whatever you use. I'd give her the usual pellets that she's used to, I also put a little pot of chopped fruit near so she can have a snackette without leaving the nest, the juice in the fruit doesn't go amiss either. If she doesn't eat it in a few hours chuck it away.

  7. It can be so annoying, when people aren't specific, although I'm treating these as a nice surprise, mind you I've bought eggs in the past and they've been something totally different. They came from the farmers market and the duck eggs, goose eggs and turkey eggs were just labelled that.

  8. I've succumbed the incubator has gone on. Came home with blue mottled orpingtons, welsummers, unknown colour pekins and then filled any spaces with some of my lots eggs (Japanese, Japanese X). All bantams, I do luffs them chickies, well till they get to 3 weeks and flick poop everywhere then they lose their charms. :lol:

  9. No it wouldn't be near the front door and it's a very quiet cul-de-sac (appart from Sushi and Tonto roos) you have to be lost or visiting to be there.


    Anyway I liked the idea but I'll get a better idea of what's out there over this year.

  10. I actually liked the idea and could see what he was saying about the zest. It would also save my dilemma of where a hive could go in the garden. As its quite big and looks like a structure I was thinking of the front garden behind the hedge (@30ft deep with a telegraph pole and electric box on that bit of pavement the other side so no one would ever get that close on the public side). I think it would also be good to see just how it did work.

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