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    New to Bees

    They were a lovely group to join. I've missed the course they run this year as it was full but that's fine by me. They've got guest speakers and then meetings out at farms and various members hive, shows, 1 man has 40 odd! He was already trying to get me to put my name down on his swarm list. I thought it best to see if I could pick up a frame with bees on without squealing and running a mile. Been reading the bee keeping books for a couple of years now. So thought it was time to pull my finger out. There was a man from ZEST telling us about his hive structures. It can't be any worse than my chicken addiction. Just going to check out what Thornes is.
  2. daxigirl

    New to Bees

    Just joined the local Bee Keeping Club, don't have any plan for them this year thought it would be good to see how it all works and get an idea of all the different equipment before deciding what I should get. Got myself a pair of gloves and the jacket/bonnet combo in the Omlet sale.
  3. You know the belief that a chicken will always find a high perch to roost on. Turns out it's a lie. Fraggle was messing me about and not joining the other bigguns back in the run at bedtime so I put the flap down, said "oh bug*** you I'll come back later" went off to sort the other houses out. It was only when I went out about 4 hours later and pitch black to give the guinea pigs their bedtime carrot that I thought, "What are you doing out here Woody (dog) I don't remember letting you out you must be frozen", closer inspection found Fraggle neatly settled down in the middle of the frost covered lawn. Lucky for her she'd come under the barrier fencing (something she's never ever achieved in the past) otherwise she'd have been out there all night, I'd completely forgotten about her. Very close shave all round. Woody was still on the sofa.
  4. Phew that's a relief. You sound like a happy mama.
  5. Your just relieved that you won't need to put photos up .
  6. You sly thing you never mentioned them yesterday.
  7. Happy New Year everybody There is a show at Grazeley Village Hall on 18th Jan. Entries close this Monday, schedule and form available online. There's also a talk on genetics and hard feather bantams and lunch. Just thought I'd try and enthuse you all early in the year. There's a class for the novice adult never shown a chook before, children's classes and a Heinz 57 class.
  8. Superb!! My fav was a large pink shovel (by the tub trug thing people), can't think why I haven't asked for one before now.
  9. Hi chickeny peeps Robert Dyas is selling 1kg, yes you read that right, 1kg bags of meal worms for the brilliant price of £9.99. Happy Christmas chooks.
  10. Give them a soak in warm water with a bit of shampoo, at least you'll know they're clean, it may be iron strong poop or ingrown feather shafts that need a little gentle teasing. Just bought some canaries with bad claws and poop crusts, like you didn't look closely at their feet. spent last night trying to soak their feet and cut claws. Tricky on something so tiny and delicate, give me chicken foot any day!
  11. I've experienced this (well not personally you understand), the treatment was amoxycillin for 7 days. I had caused it by being a bit slap dash when squirting the diatom/biodry about too close to the girls. I'm careful about it these days. Of course it may be something entirely different in your girls case.
  12. I think my cube has had 13 biggirls whilst the classic squeezed 7 LF including the hoomungus Sunday R (Orp cockerel).
  13. I gave into the very (year long) persistent Dolly and bought her some (well 18 + 3 of Sushi's girls) for her 2nd go this year. Half went in the incubator and half under her and 8 hatched, she squashed one 2nd night (great ham footed oaf), but the others are now a week old and coming along very well. They're ensconced in the greenhouse with her run. She's a great big fluffy Orpington. They'll be fine with just a little assistance accomodation wise.
  14. Yes I have thrown some of my newbies hats into the ring. There's also another show at Hants & Berks Poultry Fanciers, Testbourne Sports Hall, Micheldever Rd, whitchurch, Hants RG28 7JF on 26 Oct .
  15. Hi Chickeny Peeps There are a couple of shows in October, there's still time to enter or bimble along for a looksee. Reading and District Bantam Society - Saturday 11th October at Grazeley Village Hall RG7 1LD Kent Poultry Club - Sun 19th Oct at Boughton-Under-Blean Village Hall, nr Faversham ME13 9AH
  16. His Lordship is right as rain now. So am putting it down to a touch of anaemia and new feather growing on top of it. Red mite still seems to be at bay so fingers crossed.
  17. He ate a bit of chopped boiled egg this morning but still seemed depressed so I put him out in the garden with his tribe for a few hours and saw him rodeo dancing up to Golly who promptly ran away from his advances. I put him back in with the others when it was home time but kept watching him and he's still napping a fair bit and not crowing. I noticed he's also got a fair few new feathers coming through so could this be making him feel off?
  18. I'll give Tonto who's lost his appetite a go on growers see if it helps him. I thought it was because of the red might I found in the house but it could be him growing some of his big new feathers. He's indoors now so gonna try him on baked bean (they all like them) tuna and a bit of boiled egg.
  19. I found a touch of red mite in the banties wooden coop upon returning from hols. So thoroughly cleaned and treated everything in sight. My problem is little Tonto (Japanese cockerel hatched mothers day) he's just not himself. He's not answering Sushi's crows and is just standing around napping, he's lost his appetite and I've not really seen him drinking. He's not ruffled or anything and has a clean bum, I've checked him for any mites or lice but cannot see anything crawly, his breathing seems normal and his lungs are clear, there's no smell, no discharge from his eyes or beak and nothing is swollen. Little amount of poop seems to look normal. I've ivermectined him this morning and moved him indoors with vitamins in his water and all the tasty favourites I can think of. Any ideas? I really don't want to lose him as he's a sweetheart. Is it the mites? I believe I read something recently about a cockerel not being able to digest the layers food the same as it's contains too much of something that he doesn't need, anyone else heard of it? If so what should he be eating, is there a cockerel mix? Hopefully someone knowledgable will have some ideas, please no doom and gloom merchants though I don't need it.
  20. It's all true. I was beginning to feeling like a dirty person not worrying too much about a chicken wandering in but thankgoodness I'm not alone after all. The main floors are lino so very easy clean. The cat lick and baby wipes bit made me giggle out loud.
  21. I misread it as Sly at first and wondered what on earth they were up to.
  22. Chicks get reared in indoor rabbit cages in the lounge and poorly chook in the dining room, broody Dolly too. If I leave the back door open one of the Awfuls likes to come in for a wander. She gives herself away by chuckling to herself or leaving a poop.
  23. Diamond Lill has gone to a new home with her sister. I decided that it was better for them to be together and the lady was very nice and delighted with them. As it was pointed out to me I could have lost it in the street. What if she hadn't swallowed it after all? What if it stayed forever in her gizzard? At least I can stop trawling through poop now, they sure do a lot in a day.

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