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  1. That's fascinating to see, so clear. Hope she gets better.
  2. Ooo envious. I was going today but decided to hold firm and not go as I'm chickened out at the mo. Very pretty girlies. Glad they're getting along ok.
  3. Don't be dismayed there is a poultry show. The chicken tent is by the goats, donkeys and aviary birds. I'm going along I've entered Curly Sue, Kindle, Sushi, Evil Edna, Thora Bird and some eggs. There's also odd chicken stands that sell coops and runs and bits and bobs and the odd birds. It's a lovely day out with lots to see and do.
  4. I met Steve and Alan the two day old goslings today. OMG I want some, they are the just the sweetest little things ever, so fluffy and friendly not at all scatty like chicks.
  5. What about frizzled Pekins, I've got a wee blue one that I hatched and kept , we weren't sure what colour she'd come out from her parentage.
  6. Alas one got squashed overnight so she's down to 9.
  7. She's probably just getting there and she's still quite young. I kept chucking my Dolly out for about 3 weeks till I gave up and bought her some eggs, she was causing too much disagreement amongst the rest of the coop hogging a nest box.
  8. So she's ended up with 10 multicoloured tiny chicks. The 11th made it out of the shell but no further. Took a picture but still hopeless at putting it on here. Sorry
  9. Yesterday Dolly Doolittle became a mama. Bearing in mind she's a giant Orpington and the chicks are Japanese they're not even as big as her head! Thought they'd all be yellow for some reason but there's all sorts of colours going on should be mottled when grown. Didn't think it was going to happen as I've been discarding eggs as the days have gone on and topping them up from the incubator ( got carried away at the farmers market and bought 18 and added a couple of Sushi's girls just to see if he's a Jaffa or not). So worked it down to 11. But so far there's 8. Can't wait to get a good look. She's been so good.
  10. Morning Chickeny Peeps. Just to let you know that the Surrey County Show is on the last bank holiday Monday this month. The chicken/egg showing schedule is available from Surrey Poultry Society and closing date for entries is 11th May.
  11. How lovely. Sounds like your very well organised. Best of luck with hatching.
  12. I've got 2 sausage dogs and a whippet. they're all scared of the big girls and won't go in the garden if they're out. They'll bimble about with the banties happily enough and they're used to chick rearing in the house. It's very much how you bring the dog up to react to the chooks but I'm sure some dog breed would be susceptible to temptation or the excitement of flapping or running birds.
  13. Finished with a grand total of 6 silkies last night. I'm putting the incubators away now. Will try and get some pics and persuade Chortle Chook to put them on for me.
  14. So there's a total of 18 teeny tiny chicks. Adorable, wasted so much time watching them. Should be the Silkies turn over the weekend.
  15. OMG I've been chicked out over the weekend. Candled Friday night and thought that's alright either I've got it wrong and messed it up or they're gonna be mid week. So off I trotted Sat morning to Kent for Mother's Day weekend. Got back last night at 11 (after a 4.5hr detour journey due to an accident) quickly fed dogs, checked on the outdoor girls and indoor girls. Went in the lounge to hear faint cheeping, lifted the duster (always cover my incy for some reason) to find that they had not only pipped but hatched and 9 fluffy chicks were squeaking expectantly at me. Talk about panic stations. My neighbours must have thought a band of burglars were clumping about the place. Lights went on, garage opened and shut several times to get the indoor rabbit cage, bedding, new brooder, then out in the chickens shed getting drinker and feeder, then bath running to disinfect the cage. Anyway everyone was eventually settled and this morning there's another 5 with more still coming. You really can't halt Mother Nature, I hadn't added water or changed the temperature or turned the turner off or anything. There's a mix of Pekins, Booted & JapXBelgians (just to see what they would be like) & 1 Jap at moment.
  16. Oh dear that looks like a him to me.
  17. Orpingtons are whingey and moaney (well my 2 are).
  18. Ahh poor wee things. It's always so sad.
  19. Oh Yeah, chicken sexer extrordinaire here. (Well got one right .) Well done shadow.
  20. I'm still in the girl camp on this one. Nice BFF she's got.

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