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  1. That's really nice. It only takes something simple sometimes doesn't it.
  2. Hi, Have a look on the cubes/eglus to visit page that way you'll see one in the flesh so to speak and can ask away . Chicken wise go for what you like the look of whether it's just for quantity of eggs, egg colours or pretty chickens. They'll always be a bit of pecking order trouble whilst they settle down. I will say it's best to buy them all at the same time rather than dribs and drabs. I have all sorts but my mum has 3 lohman browns and is smitten by them and wouldn't change them. Salisbury has a poultry auction once a month, it's worth a going for a look round purely to see all sorts of breeds under one roof. I don't recommend you buy anything as a first timer, it's best to go somewhere that offers back up.
  3. Lisa-M is top bird and my only original left. The others don't mess with her, me either come to that. Her mum was Appenzeller and her dad a Silkie. Lovely eggs, prolific layer, quick moulter. Rather grumbly when she's got an egg brewing. Her comb is like a little tiara with a bit of a bouffant behind, so pretty. You can see her if you search for "meet the girls". Never been broody, only took to the nest box for a couple of days when her BFF Paxo died.
  4. I believe they're all girlies. Definitely silkie crosses. The look like my Lisa-Marie with the little crest and black skin. She's a great layer. Rather envious.
  5. My Lisa-Marie is an Appenzeller X and she's very noisy when she's got an egg brewing. She's a silent menace the rest of the time though. She's Top Bird and the only one of my originals left, not remotely friendly.
  6. They're not staying you know. However cute they may be. ( famous last words )
  7. I'm going to Newbury too. Might see you there. Taking Fidget and Kazoo and hopefully some eggs. On the lookout for Fidget some girls of his own kind and maybe a silkie. Lovely ladies. I do like a big fluffy Orpington.
  8. Your the opposite way round to me, you've got the girlies and just need a fella for them.
  9. I'm thinking it will be best to let them all get going in the egg production before I purchase anymore eggs to hatch. This grotty weather can't be helping any amourous advances or the desire to lay an egg. My aim is to have a little breeding group of silkies (well that's my aim). Got a cockerel just need to find him some girlies.
  10. Having just bought a couple of batches off ebay I'm left disappointed as one lot were all blank on candling,the other lot has had 4 hatch but they are not true / quality silkies with pale skin 1 doesn't even have silkie feathering. Bit annoyed. I'm a hatcher of Leannes wee Pekins, very diddy. just asked to keep a couple.
  11. As you see we've all had chicken disasters so please don't worry yourself silly. You will want about 6/7 drops of ivermectin/harkamectin (harkermectin is the pigeon one and slightly cheaper on line than the other) on bare skin, so under a wing is good as there's a baldy bit (wingpit ) there. Do everyone then again in a about a week just to be sure. My little Kazoo came riddled with lice and a good wash in dog flea shampoo and ivermectin drops and a dust with diatom and she was bug free. I always put a fluff of diatom powder in the houses when I clean it out. Do you use straw in the nest box, I've read that it can harbour bugs (don't use it myself so can't say from experience). Not sure on the spelling of Harkermectin but it's made by Harkers and has a pigeon on the front. It will also do most worms too, so also handy.
  12. Oooo pretty girls. Major envy going on here. Me really need some.
  13. No never noticed any difference in the eggs. Colour stains the shell if they poop on the egg.
  14. I know it makes for funky poop doesn't it.
  15. My cube has 11 residents at the moment, with the nesting box divided in two. 2 are large Orpingtons and there is a humungus Marans, everyone else is quite dainty LF in comparison.
  16. Persil has decided to abandon her brood this afternoon and return to the bigirls gang. All quite sudden and out of the blue but she liked the look of the mealworms and nibblets on offer more than her children. She was then off to the dust bath, checked out the , had a welcome back peck on the back from her sister and that was that. Broodiness finally over with.
  17. Ok thanks very much Tasha, will remember this for next time.
  18. I've got a whippet and 2 sausages dogs and they're totally fine with my chooks. They're all scared of the big girls and won't be in the garden at the same time if they're having a free range but they will come out to bimble about with the littluns. It just depends on the chook/dog mix and how you react. Best of luck. (Woody sausage is a rescue)
  19. ok will try a bit of "one sheet".
  20. My query is do you clean your incubator eggs or not? Just won some and one batch have arrived lovely and clean and the others are a bit grubby. I'm never sure whether I should or not.
  21. I'd go for what you fancy, whether it's egg or bird colour. See if there's any shows or sales local to you and go and have a look, you see breeds you wouldn't normally come across, it's amazing the choices that are out there. That way you get an idea of what eggs you want when the time comes.
  22. Not just yet, Persil is still holding on to them and has no inclination to return to her big girls gang. They're no trouble at mo.

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