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  1. Horrified this morning to get up, look up garden and see the chicken's 12ft x 8ft run flipped over on its back. Thankfully the was still standing and the chooks safely locked inside so could have been much much worse. A lot of damage has been done to the run, and all the inside perches broken, cube ladder disappeared...god knows where thats gone!! We were out at 7am with head torches trying to right it back up which we just about managed to do, as the WIR is sooo heavy. Got to sort out in insides now and somehow repair the damage done. Not a nice way to wake up
  2. I did the same too.. , shut them in as didnt want them startled by any fireworks.... and didnt want them clucking too early this morning in case any neighbours were having a lie in.
  3. aww bless... congrats on your new pigs. Am sure they will settle down soon, and will be bolder as they get to know you and their new home. You could alway take the hidey house out and bribe them with tasty treats, that usually works well xx
  4. aww so glad you have got him now and look forward to the pics when you get chance to post. As a suggestion if they are not taking to each other too well, I always found if you gave them a bath together (using small pet shampo) and then a blow dry (low heat) it always helped mine bond. The dont like it overly much but it gets rid of their smell and they will smell the same afterwards. Its worth a try. xx
  5. ooooh nooo am working this weekend. My last weekend working too, if it had been weekend after would have been ok to go. So just my luck
  6. Hi thanks for the advice and experiences, I had never thought of some of the things mentioned. Glad I posted the query now as it has put me off getting any from the show. I will resist. Will have a looksee for some reputable breeders near me. Any recommendations for the West Mids / Shrops area. I know there is Wernlas but have heard they are selling up or retiring. I admit am torn between some different breeds or some more exbats. I was out with my exbats tonight and thought have had them 10 months now and feels so right to have given them an extra lease of life. xx
  7. Hi its at Weston Park, just off the M54. Its not the bigges one held in uk but think its the last one of the year so if you are free worth a visit. http://www.countrymanfairs.co.uk/midland-game-fair Oh no Spacechick can I ask what happened ? xx
  8. I am off to West Midlands Game Fair in a couple of weeks as a visitor this year, not working it so get to have a good mooch around. Last year I remember there were chickens for sale and am so tempted to take a large cat carrier just in case there are some this year. Has anyone ever bought from a similar event ?? xx
  9. I know a few people that have had it too but it doenst appeal to me at all and am grossed out by the idea. Poor fish. Not surprised its been banned in some places, really dont think it should be allowed. xx
  10. Aww bless thats brilliant, congrats on your new chicks.
  11. the bank holiday is probably holding things up a bit. Which rescue has the pig that you are after ? xx
  12. ooh I sympathise and have been in your position waiting for homecheck and ok to adopt a small furry. It can be frustrating but hope you get to hear soon. Fingers crossed. xx
  13. poor things are still scared of all the noise and vibration and are spending a lot of time in the cube. Wish I had another spot could move them too but alas not. Bought them some maggots today to try encourage them out a bit, even though am grossed out by them big time but it was worth it to see them enjoy the wriggling treats... ewwwwww I am down to one a day too
  14. Cant remember how to do link but this shows you the scale of whats going on. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-shropshire-14489325
  15. And I am not sure what can do to help stop them being afraid. At the back of my garden there used to be a lovely wooded area, which all got ripped out last year for the new 'regeneration' plans the council have put into force (strange how when we moved in we were told the nothing would ever be done as it was greenbelt ). Anyway this week they have started doing more work on the dirty great hill left behind, so the earth movers are in, diggers etc... so theres a fair bit of noise and vibration going on. My girls which are normally in their WIR mooching about but have noticed that all this noise etc it is scaring them and they are spending a lot of time in the . If I go up the garden and they hear me they come shooting out the Cube, and will come out to free range but I cant be there all the time. I dont like my girls being afraid
  16. just in time for the colder seasons. Its the same every year, and then massive profits get announced once they are over. I am sure they think we are all stupid and cant see what they are doing.
  17. Hi thanks for great advice, I have however decided not to sell it and will be adding some chickens after introductions etc so will be needing it. I have had a case of morehenitis strike me down . Plus hubby dead set against me downsizing and in fact he wants me to get some more hens too. Just got to decide now on what breeds.. . Again thanks for your post xx
  18. Hi thanks for posting the pics, it looks a fab set up but so much bigger than I thought from seeing the pic on the solway website. I am so torn and have been looking at all options but think now having seen your pics my heart is set on another eglu. ((especially a fried one )). Again thanks for pics you have helped me make my mind up. xxx
  19. Thanks for posting the pics, they are fab Its just no good I think my heart is really set on one of these. I keep looking at alternatives and second hand ones etc but I really really want Mine will be for the same reasons, an intro set or or hospital situation when free. I think I might have to get my credit card out tomorrow. Did i read somewhere there are only a few left ? xx
  20. Hi thanks for info am following this thread with interest. I am in same position and kicking around a few options as what to do for the best re new coop. Do you have any pics of yours you could post so can see one in situ so to speak. . thanks xx
  21. I know they cost £550 new but wondering how much would get for my cube (no run) if sold it. I only have 3 chickens and thinking of going back to a eglu. Has anyone sold one so could give me a rough idea. Thanks x
  22. Is it just me but I have looked at all the other coops...wooden and plastic but think once you have owned an Omlet coop.... its hard to choose anything else but another one of their products.!! I keep trying to find a differnt style that I like but not liking anything. Saving my pennies towards another eglu (so wish hadnt sold my first one now)

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