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  1. My thoughts exactly . What a fab set up. Going to be showing pics to my hubby too as we need to enrich the inside of WIR and think what you have done is brilliant. xx
  2. Thanks for that link. I have just found http://www.henrehomers.net/ too and they have a rehoming on 6th Nov (my birthday ) just making enquiries with them, but will be stuck at work on that day and off out to meal on night (cant get out of), so couldnt have until the 7th. Just trying to find out if anyone could hold overnight if was accepted. xx
  3. Hi all many thanks for all your posts. I appreciate you taking the time to reply, give advice and tell me the tales of your ex-bats. I have submitted my details today to the BHWT and soon as get chance will speak to one of the co-ordinators so hopefully in future can be considered for some. Off to look at suitable housing now. Just out of interest are there any other organisations who rehome ex-bats? Thanks xx
  4. Just been out to close the door on the Cube and goodness me the chill in the air... brrr!! Does anyone cover their cube when it starts to get truly wintery ? if you do what do you drape over it ? xx
  5. Its so nice to read/see them all being rescued. In todays age of doom and gloom its so good to hear something positive. Have shed a tear or two myself watching them come out. Its a happy ending to what could have been a tradgedy. xx
  6. Hi its only a consideration at the moment but have been looking at sites that rehome ex-bats and its so pulls at my heart strings. Its so awful to see the conditions that they get into. So as said considering maybe next year of putting my name forward to see if could rehome 2 or 3. I think the biggest question I have is as someone new to chickens keeping, is the taking on of ex-bats more suited to a more experienced keeper ? I appreciate that they are going to come with problems due to how they have been kept. What do you think?. Please if you think am too new to it all do feel free to say, wont be offended. I know keeping any creature is an on going learning curve, and I hope by scouring this forum and finding out things as I go, I will be more informed. Welcome your thoughts on this especially from those that have rehomed ex-bats. Thanks xx
  7. We are with British Gas too, and have been for a number of years. I havent looked at anyone elses mainly due to the fact that we have had a fair few breakdowns and thankfully everytime BG have sorted it out. Only last weekend found a dripping unit in the airing cupboard next to the hot water tank.. and they came out first thing Mon morning and sorted it. Much to our relief. Be interested to see who uses different company. xx
  8. Hi hows your new little piggie settling in ? xx
  9. Hi Bev congrats on your new girls, cant wait to see some pics when you get chance. How are they settling in ? xx
  10. Hi everyone thanks for all the great advice . Its much appreciated. Can see its a difficult decison to make as to where best to get some new chickens from. There are advantages and disadvantages for both buying private or established place. Have seen that Wernlas are not far from me, but to be honest it peeves me that have to pay to go in there. I am in no major rush or after some particular breed, and may even consider some ex-bats. Will keep nosing around and am sure will drop on some at some point
  11. Hi where do you get your chickens from when buying new ones ? do you prefer to go to an established poulty place or private seller. I have seen quite a few on preloved for sale but wonder about if would be ok or not. xx
  12. Wasnt there yesterday Got quite a few cat paw prints on the top of the cube, from earlier this week but this one on the back looks a LOT bigger... and as if whatever it is has stretched up and reached from the ground. Hope its not Mr Fox.
  13. Couple of days on and the girls are finally taking themselves off to bed, and laying egg where they should. Have to say though they really dislike the cube plastic ladder so today hubby has knocked together a ramp for them instead, so hoping they will like this better.
  14. Ooh I know what you mean. My eglu is empty right now and supposed to be going on ebay this weekend. But keep looking at it thinking..... perhaps should get two more chickens now rather than next year! its so tempting
  15. I know exactly what you mean Bev. Have had similar comments about time. One of my neighbours has even offered to do the 'despatching' if need it doing! as used to do it years ago. I know and appreciate some people do have chickens for table birds, and have no problem with it.... but to me my girls will be for eggs only, and then when they stop producing will live their lives out. No way could they end up on the table. Couldnt do it, and know hubby couldnt either. He did joke about it at first when we had them but not now hes getting attatched to them
  16. Aww congrats on your new little mini pig. hope you post a picture of them together. So glad you managed to find a new friend for her, she will be much happier with some company. The chasing is quite normal and should settle down in a couple of days at most. Its just the sorting out of the whos boss. Just keep an eye on things though but almost 100% sure will be fine. The baby will automatically be under-piggie and Meggie is just telling her so. Its always a bittersweet thing when you bring a new pig home after the loss of another and hope Matilda will bring some joy into your lives at this sad time. Do let us know how they get along and as said would love to see piccies. . Piggies are my most fav or all the small furries.
  17. Oh no Bev, I am so sorry to read whats happened. I am at a loss for words but feel your pain and anguish. I hope the vet can shed some light on whats happened. My thoughts are with you. xx
  18. thanks for info, have been looking at a few different ones. Probably going to get some now my girls are inside WIR.
  19. Hi have just been looking for some replacement drinkers and feeders to go in my WIR, and looking at feeders that you can hang up. Do you find that the chickens feed ok from them ? or do they end up swinging around a lot ? thanks xx
  20. I must have the dimmest chookies ever, cause got back and they hadnt gone off into the cube, tried shining a torch but didnt budge, there were just hunched down in the WIR and didnt budge. Had to pick them up and place inside the cube. I hope they eventually take to it but its not coming easily to them.
  21. I am off out running in a bit so will be dark when get back. Hopefully they will find their way up but will try a torch as suggested if they dont. Thanks xx
  22. OOoh thats egg-cellent news . Congrats on your new shop am sure it will do really well. Wish it were a bit closer to me, but maybe can get hubby to drive down one day.
  23. Four days into worming and the stuff is definitely working... thought I saw a dead worm in some poo yesterday but most certainly there were some in the waste tray of eglu when cleaned that out today. Ewwwwwwwww!!! Never seen any evidence of any before but just goes to show doesnt it, they are there. Ooh there was also softie egg in waste tray too so wonder if the worming stuff has contributed to that and the wrinkly one the other day. Have had two perfect eggs today though, and girls seem fine.
  24. Oh I feel like evil chicken mummy today I have taken out their eglu so they have to use the cube. Did post them through the cube pop hole showed them where the next area is, complete with a couple of eggies laid by them this morning so hope they get the message now. Although I reckon will be placing them in it to roost tonight. If anything its the ladder they seem to dislike the most. xx
  25. Am doing my girls this week, and picked up the flubenvet mail order too. Have to say think the stuff is working too as sure sure evidence of dead worm in a poo yesterday . I didnt look that close but certain it was.

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