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  1. LOL let me re-phrase that.... I have got a 10km plod/walk to do with the emphasis on the walking . I am pretty rubbish at it and expect to be last over the finishing line. Only started doing it earlier this year. I usually do go for for a plod on a sunday morning on my own round the streets, but had an urge to embarrass myself and stupidly entered a race. I might have to try a bit harder tomorrow cause the sooner I get back the sooner can make a start on the cube.
  2. Now that have the big garden composter on the go, seems only natural to add the stuff from kitchen that would normally throw in bin. Sure I have seen something suitable for sale in stores so will have a nose around when get chance. In the meantime its a plastic tub Can you put more or less anything organic out for composting ? even teabags? and what about egg shells are they ok to go in too? thanks xx
  3. Just spotted this in my local paper today and wondered if anyone else has done something similar ? http://www.shropshirestar.com/news/2010/09/16/fill-a-box-for-operation-christmas-child/ I have seen in the past one done for the soldiers but not children. xx
  4. I am at work and so cold its making me feel ill. I so hate feeling frozen and its not even properly winter yet. Arrrgh!
  5. Does anyone collect these ? I must admit I am tempted to start a collection off as really like them albeit it a bit pricey. Where do you get yours from if you do collect ? I have only seen in one local jewellers and some on ebay but bit cautious about getting from there. Have noticed there are many companies doing similar style bead/charm collections too.
  6. On no.. sorry to read that. Have you tried preloved am sure have seen someone selling them on there. Hope you find some. xx
  7. I like that idea too, leaving the runners off. Havent put our cube together yet so probably will do that, I can see it will make it a lot easier when its butted up to the WIR. Cant wait to make a start on it all tomorrow. Got a 10km race to do first thing, then once back.... it will be cube putting together day.. and then see how much more of the WIR we can do too. Egg-citing weekend.
  8. Morning Have you started yet ? hows it going ? Looking forward to seeing lots of nice work in progress photos later on. xxxx
  9. I am a veggie and this thing about adding gelatine into products is a major issue. I really wish they wouldnt do it and it crops up in so many things, some of which you would never think of. ! Just been having a read about Femarelle, looking at all the symtoms I am def menopausal . Do you think the Femarelle will be of benefit. ? its a shame they dont do a veggie version. Surely manufacturers realise consumers are much more aware of ingredients these days and should make to a wider audience. Sometimes as a veggie I feel as if an alien species. Got to a restaurant you are lucky if you get a choice of two suitable meals, and usally then they are veggie lasagne, curry or some kind of high fatty cheese dish!
  10. thank you both for taking time to help me with my query. Its so kind of you and now have something visual to show hubby ready for next stage of getting WIR ready. they are both fantastic ways of fixing a cube next to WIR. Roll on Sunday (and good weather) so can put it together. Woohoo
  11. I dont have any pics but have seen some of them, and they are stunning. I have one on my wish list Hope you get one too. xxx
  12. Hi How have you attached your Cube (no run) to your WIR and do you have any pics please of what yours looks like. I have seen some already posted but cant find them now need to show hubby how done (should have bookmarked ). I have seen a pic posted on here of someones cube where they have allowed/cut out space for the cube roof to be pushed forward... especially would love to see that again. Many thanks for help, will carry on looking too. xxx
  13. Congrats on your new . I SO wanted a but hubby wouldnt relent and it had to be a . I havent unpacked mine yet apart from sneaky peek in boxes, have to wait until Sunday before can get in properly and see if all there and start putting together. Cant wait Have you got yours all put together now
  14. 12ft x 8ft x 6ft and a bit high. It sorted of ended up a bit bigger than originally planned.
  15. Wow it looks stunning. You have a lovely garden and view... and your chickens looks so healthy and settled. I really like the colour of your WIR, I think may get that and do mine too. Congrats on your new run, it is spectacular
  16. Many thanks... I knew there was a way to do it. Your help is much appreciated. xxxx
  17. Am getting more and more foreign addresses now to send some of our goods to, but a lot of the addresses and names even have the funny little 'sqiggles or marks' over some of the letters. Sorry I cant for the life of me remember what they are called. Does anyone know how I can get these to show when typing out the addresses on invoices. I am guessing its using the alt key somehow ?? thanks xxx
  18. Sorry have been out shopping and cleaning animals out. Yes it arrived. There are 4 boxes waiting in the garage now... hubby wouldnt let me start putting it together . He doesnt trust me to get all the pieces in the right place. Besides it has to be carted off to uppper garden so probably best done in pieces. I hate him being right. !! Roll on Sunday which weather permitting will be the next chance to do some more work on it all. Put another two panels in place in the WIR I can see I am going to have to get him to alter it, I need the door in the middle not on the end!! I wasnt around to supervise him (was waiting for Mr Delivery guy ).
  19. Still waiting.... Wish would arrive soon I hate being stuck indoors especially on such a lovely day as today. HURRY UP MR DELIVERY GUY.
  20. what are bread makers like for making a cake in them ? xx
  21. Thanks Redwing, I had suspected artificial lighting would do that, so will have one can switch on when going up to check on them. Just something that will give me enough light to see my way up there and do a head count xx
  22. yes we are Its still an awful mess, time is the main problem there is just never enough free. Still burning off the weeds we cut down. Still am sure in a few months time it will look so much better.

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