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  1. Hi sorry for delay in replying to this post. We have decided that we will wire under the roofing material, just as added security measure. xxxx
  2. Isnt it getting noticeable darker at night now Am using a torch now to put the girls to bed, as it is pitch black at rear of our house. Hubby is planning to put some kind of lighting up for me.. but wondered if this would affect the girls going to bed when they should or will the lighting keep them up ? thanks xx
  3. Not much to update on but have started the WIR run now . Hubby managed to get the first lot of panels up and more or less in position today. Cube arrives tomorrow but nothing going to happen now till Monday, when hopefully can carry on with it all. All seems a lot of hard work for two chookies . Hope they appreciate the back breaking work thats going on for them. xxx
  4. thats fab news. We both have something to look forward to on Wednesday. Havent seen the forecast for the weekend but got fingers crossed its nice and dry too. xxx
  5. I am so with you on this daxigirl In only have a single but got a on order. I keep browsing the used ones for sale on ebay ... cause you never know if ones going to come up for sale local and at right price. I only have 2 chickens but feel the serious need for more. It like an obsession. wonder if there is an organisation that can help with it. Imagine joining... my name is Deb and I am an eglu-aholic.
  6. ooh its all exciting. Looks like there are a few of us with plans for the next few weeks to get the WIR's up and ready. Hoping for better weather too.
  7. It did cross my mind they might try to eat him, they are such hungry little peckers
  8. Good thing I was there too, chickens were happily enjoying a dust bath, when he jumped from the 6ft fence into the area they have for free ranging in. It happened so quick. I was aware that he was lurking around but didnt expect him to jump in. Needless to say I grabbed him first before any damage was done. Just goes to show how quickly these things happen, and if I hadnt been there I dread to think of what the outcome would have been.
  9. aww thats brilliant. So close now I can understand your excitement cause I feel the same about ours too. Hubby has made a good start on making the panels but its time that is the problem now, plus the nights are pulling in so quickly. Hoping to have a good go at this this weekend. Hope you can get yours early. Keep my fingers crossed. xxx
  10. oooh goody ...guess what I am going to be doing Wed I will think of it as a giant Airfix type kit, least wont have to paint and glue this one together. .... unless I go horribly wrong
  11. Did you do it all yourself Sue ? mine will arrive while hubby is out on a course and I am so tempted to try put it together myself but uncertain whether to try
  12. Thats great news. Glad you got it all sorted out. Hows your WIR coming along ?? xxx
  13. Hi congrats on your new cube. Have you got it put together yet ?? I am expecting mine next week and so excited. I couldnt get your link to work. xx
  14. I love the shoe rack idea. am looking for ideas too for when WIR is done and what to put in. xx
  15. Mine have started doing that, and its been ever since I switched to using shavings in the nest area. I was using shredded paper but run out... so used the shavings instead. I intend to switch back to the paper and see if they stop doing it. I have to clean it out every morning too. I wonder if they only do it with certain bedding materials. Might be worth experimenting.
  16. Got back tonight from a run with club am in, and hubby told me that one of the neighbours a few doors up (dont know them but will be going to say hi soon) had dropped off a bag of growers food for us. Left them with our next door neighbour because he knew him and didnt know us, but knew we had got some chickens. I know they have chickens too as have seen them when walking past the rear gardens. So he probably seen mine or one of other neighbours told him. I am totally blown away by how kind of him to drop that off. Things like that just dont happen to us. I will be going round to say a huge thank you and saying hello as soon as get chance.
  17. you have all convinced me... 2 or 3 it is then. Next quesiton is what breeds .. more warrens or something different. Would like good egg layers (obviously ) and ones that are fairly bomb proof as am a novice. What do you think would be suitable .xx
  18. Hi Everyone. When my cube/WIR is finished my existing two chickens will be moved into there. I intend to section off part of the WIR for introducing new chicken/s. I am uncertain whether to go for one new chicken at a time and try to introduce on an individual basis or get two new chickens and then introduce them to the existing two. What do you think best ? Thanks in advance. xx
  19. OOOh thats really interesting, thanks for that information. I will have a look at it and see how easy it is to do. I never knew you could do anything like that. Off to look at the kindle again
  20. Heres the Samsung one:- http://www.whsmith.co.uk/CatalogAndSearch/ProductDetails.aspx?productID=34763001 I think if I get to change mine I am going to have to go for this one, as looks like will accept the books already have for the Sony. Theres good section on reviews at bottom page. I may go see one in the flesh when next off work I like the thought of being able to download wifi rather than plug into pc and do that way. xx

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