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  1. He thought he had put enough in but alas not which has caused the bowing.


    The first time he did the roof and found we had problems with it sagging from water pooling, decided the angle was not high enough so he had to strip it all off and redo it, put extra support in too... but found it still sagged. I think you need a completely flat wooden base to lay it on otherwise it is going to do it. The stuff really is not that strong i dont think.


    He did orginially want to just use large wooden sheets and then felt it but I persuaded him to use the corrugated stuff. :doh: . So am the one in the dog house. :think: . Hes refusing to re do it again, and as said when have the spare funds will do it the way he orginally wanted to do it. It cost a fortune for the corruline so is all wasted.


    I know others have used the corruline ok, but for us it hasnt worked out. x

  2. My chickens are just so blooming noisy at the moment. No quiet bok bok bokking.. but fairly loud warrrrrrkkkk warrrrkkkking. There are no cats or anything else about so cant see why they are kicking up such a fuss.


    Its been pretty constant since 6.30am today. :evil:


    Its really starting to irritate me so dread what the neighbours are feeling.


    I really can see will get complaints if they keep this up.


    I never knew chickens could be so LOUD. :wall:


    Perhaps they are getting me back for locking up the cube the past two nights, in an attempt to try quieten them in the morning... which has failed miserably.


    Is it just my lot that are so noisy?

  3. I empathise with your dilema....have been leaving my cube door open at night so they can get themselves up in the morning... but have noticed they are getting noisier and noiser earlier and its waking me up so the neighbours must be hearing it too. :doh:


    I am contemplating locking them back in to see if that keeps them a bit quieter till let them out but having read others posts not optomistic. :?

  4. Thats a good idea. :D


    I have quite a lot of strong chicken mesh over from when hubby made the WIR... am sure he could easily knock up a secure run for me .. and could use similar to you as would like any new chickens to hopefully integrate with my other girls so dont want to spend a fortune on new coop etc.


    Off to sweet talk him :lol::lol:

  5. Hi


    thanks for advice. It is so difficult to decide what chickens to have next :lol:


    I must admit I really would like to hatch some chicks and have been looking at incubators etc, but the one thing that stops me is that no doubt there will be boys, and then what do I do with them. I appreciate the reality of the difficulty of trying to rehome any, or them ending up as table birds.... which would make me feel sooooo bad.


    If I went for some different POL, there are a few breeds I quite fancy and have found someone locally who breeds them, and would take back if did turn out to be cockerels.


    Exbats will always have a special place in my heart as its so rewarding to give them a chance a some freedom and quality life.


    See how conflicted I am...is this a common chicken keepers condition ?


    I am currently searching/looking for spare coop/run and pricing/researching incubator stuff too...... :whistle:


    There is just no hope for me really. :doh::lol::lol:

  6. Thanks everyone for advice.


    I have gone for stalosan again, admit I do like the smell of it. Will try the bio next time. :D


    Pretty impressed with service had when ordered it, did it through ebay yesterday, and should have been delivered today :clap: but at work so managed to online move it to tomorrow when at home. Shame cant find it locally and had to mail order but as said great service from company supplying :dance:

  7. Left the Cube door open again last night and did here my chickens making noises in the WIR at 5.50am this morning. :? it was still dusk. I didnt dare look through the curtain as sure they would have started up :think:


    I think I am going to shut the door again, I know I rest easier when they are secure in the cube and if it keeps any noise to a minimum all the better. Its a shame but cant help but worry about any consequences they may bring through doing what they do naturally.


    Years ago, most people kept chickens and other wildlife, it was a way of life.... no one batted an eyelid am sure, but so many intolerant people about now.


    Has anyone ever placed a food dish inside the Cube for their girls ? just wondered if worth trying that to see if it helps pacify them till let out time... ?? xx

  8. Interesting discussion and so glad came across this one.


    Am fairly new to chicken keeping, had my first two girls end of Aug, and two exbats in Nov. So havent experienced very early morning noise (as yet!), but of course thinking about it. Have thought about making black out curtain but have read its not very successful. :?


    I have always locked my Cube at night, but now with the warmer weather etc... have the past two nights left it open so the girls can get up when they want. They havent made too much noise yet, but worried that they might so very torn as to whether to continue leaving door open or not. Mine can be quite vocal when they want and really dont want them bokking at silly oh clock. I love the idea of them being able to get up when they want but not any potential noise factor.


    I know am being overly conscious of the noise but think when you are considerate to other people, you cant help but worry about it. I know a lot of people dont give a hoot, and experience that from my neighbours.. dogs barking, kids screaming, motorbikes being repaired and revved, lawmower being used when its dark etc etc.


    Hubby says I worry too much but cant help it. :oops:

  9. Hi,


    as the lighter mornings approach us, and my girls start to make a racket a bit earlier, am thinking along the lines of making some kind of blackout cover to go over the cube.


    Has anyone made one and found it worked ??


    What sort of material have you used. I was thinking of some of the black weed suppressant stuff you can buy from gardening places... being as its lightweight. Do you think it would work. ?


    Thanks xx

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