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  1. Hi thank you so very much for your replies, its really great on here to get good advice especially for me as so new to the whole concept of chicken keeping. I have to admit I am still torn between new or used, and can see the merits of both. I am sitting on the fence right now ((see am turning into a chuck )) I am watching one on ebay right now, which is fairly close to me and the owner has said can deliver (big bonus). Looks ok in the pics but going to ask a few more questions as suggested in this post. Thanks again. Will let you know h ow get on. xx
  2. Hi, have been having a look on ebay and seen some for sale and wondered if its a good/bad idea to buy used ? or best to go for brand new one. What sort of things would you ask the seller about the used one for sale. ? Thanks. xxx
  3. Hi WOW.. I never noticed that... have looked and found one being held nearish to me so have just emailed the lady doing and fingers crossed will be off to visit soon. Not sure if hubby will come too, but have time to work on that. xx
  4. Hi, can anyone advise where will be able to get some from when ready for them ? i live in Telford. Thanks xx
  5. Howdee everyone. Just a quick introduction from me. Name is Debbie, I dont have any chickens yet but have wanted for a while...hubby hasnt.... hes now coming round to the idea So am now browsing around, doing some research in preparation for getting some in the near future. Have already decided would like the Eglu Cube and have a WIR which hubby will sort out... hes planning it now.. so dare say will be looking at all the wonderful ideas on here that others have done. I cant wait to be a chuck owner Sure you will see me posting questions (probably silly newbie ones but have to start somewhere). Look forward to getting to know some other owners too. If anyone has any advice they want to share in meantime with me please feel free to jump in. Thanks xxx

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