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  1. This morning, I let mine out of their WIR... to go free range while I sorted out fresh water, topping up of food, poo picking etc as you do.


    My girls always get their layer mash (still :lol: ) in the morning, plus some greens, corn, treats etc... cause its still darkish when i get home so too late for it then.


    I happened to look up just to check on them and noticed Mad Matilda stooping, and thought...oh oh whats up.... when all of a sudden an egg popped out... :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:


    Silly girl, I think she thought she was going to miss out on too much to go back into (cube green) .


    Suppose when you got to go you got to go. !! GNR!egg!

  2. Hi Jlo


    if you have no breath left to talk, you are going too fast. I know that sounds daft, but have read it many times. If you slow your pace down, until you get to a comfortable speed where you can hold a conversation then you are going right speed for you.


    Of if on your own singing along to some music (not too loudly though :lol::lol: ).


    Last year I couldnt run from one lampost to the next and now doing so much better. I will never be first in races, and generally am at the back of them ...but I dont care, am doing it for me, and feel so much better for doing it. :D


    I use a garmin and think its a great gadget to have. Depending on which one you have, it gives you all kind of data. I just look now for Time, Distance, Ave speed. I have the 305 its a bit big but prices are dropping of them due to it being an older model so some good bargains to be had.


    Stick with it, enter some local races, give yourself targets to aim for. xxxx

  3. I have just this week got a place in the London marathon... :shock::shock::shock::shock::shock:


    It was a last min thing, one of the charities contacted me to see if wanted to do, as had a lady drop out. Me being me said...yes. :doh:


    Most I have ever done is a 9.2 slow plod so got to pull my finger out and increase distance and stamina. Also have to try raise sponsorship money too, which think am going to find hardest.


    Wish me luck and if you want to sponsor me please feel free. :lol::lol::lol::lol: . I think am having my mid life crisis and need to prove something. :D

  4. Hi


    thanks for advice everyone, have tried most things with it, but think because the library was corrupted in some way just couldnt get it to work. :wall:


    With a bit of googling found a program thats done it a treat. :D


    Not sure if can mention it on here, so wont post the details but, needless to say... loaded it to laptop, paid the fee (was £13 for single pc, or £21 for up to 5 pcs) but its worked fine. Once loaded and registered, plugged in his ipod and it restored it all back to his itunes library. Was well worth the fee. :clap:


    I went for the family package of up to 5 pcs, so have put it on the other laptops we use too.


    Hes a very happy bunny to be able to plug his ipod back in, and today has used his christmas itunes voucher to buy some more music... lol. I am sure there probably is some way of doing it without using a special software prog to use it but when you are not very IT, its so frustrating. Itunes is not the easier of things to use at best of times.


    So all sorted for the moment. :dance:


    Again thanks for advice. xx

  5. Bit of a long shot but thought would ask :D


    Hubbys laptop crashed and lost all his library and downloaded music. Did manage to get some back with emergency restore but now when try to play any of his itunes music library it keeps saying not the original library and wont let me do anything.


    Hope that makes sense! hes not very IT literate and I am not much better. :lol::lol::lol::lol:


    Hes still got alll his music on ipod but if plug that in to laptop it wants to overwrite it. :doh:


    Is there anyway to restore an itunes library from the ipod ?? thanks xx

  6. I am looking for something can use inside my WIR until the roof is fixed and less flooding/leaking soaking of the inside.


    I have used woodchips before but having devil of a job getting any of late. :doh: Tried some stray (girls love it) but it gets soggy so quickly and looks really manky after a bit. :? No point in trying aubiose or similar product as with the leaky roof just going to get soaked.


    I was wondering if used some sand, would it be safe for the girls, would it absord some of the water and help in absorbing some of the poos etc so make poo picking easier.


    At the moment the slabs are looking a yucky mess, despite me s"Ooops, word censored!"ping and sweeping up. What do you think ? thanks xx

  7. I have a panasonic, had it last year and can honestly say havent had a 'bad' loaf out of it at all.


    I mainly make a wholemeal loaves, and a few white. Havent made a sandwich one. Have done a fair few packet mixes and again come out ok.


    Sorry to read you have had a huge disappointment with yours. I can only guess it must have been faulty.


    I will do a sandwich loaf the weekend see how it comes out. xx

  8. OMG I WOULD so love a place at the London Marathon. :D


    I was too late to try and enter the ballot. My friend who started running with last year as beginners together has managed to get a golden ticket place for a local hospice. Would so be fantastic if i could get a place and join her and we could encourage each other round the route. Or prop each other up :lol::lol::lol:


    I did look at some golden ticket places but knew realistically wouldnt be able to raise the £2K + sponsorship which most seem to ask. Its so hard to get any kind of sponsorship in todays economy. :?


    What kind of sponsorship are they hoping to get do you think ? In understand the charities want to get as much as possible.


    I am really really interested in this place. xxx

  9. Can i come and join in with you ? :D


    I am a beginner when it comes to running but do aim to do a half marathon in July near me. I love the link for the running schedule posted earlier and have just sent up a training plan for myself which am looking forward to getting stuck into. :lol:


    I had a look at doing the Great North Run but it clashes with a date that will be working outdoor event. :?


    Good running everyone xx

  10. When they first starting appearing I must admit I didnt like them, but since have seen in the flesh, and they do look quite cute.


    I have heard they can tend to have specific health problems due to them being skinnies but I dont know if there is any truth in it. I know pure breed dogs can have specific problems to the particular breed so perhaps it is right for the skinny pigs.


    They look like mini hippos :lol:

  11. Many thanks all for advice. :D


    The s"Ooops, word censored!"er is just what I need, was thinking along those lines of finding something like that so going to order one, its going to be real handy. Trying to s"Ooops, word censored!"e up for a plastic handbrush pan just doesnt work. :lol:


    I already use stalosan, but going to look at virkon too, thanks for tip on that one. Dont want to use anything thats poisonous for the girls.


    Never though of mopping, that sounds like a great idea, especially as to haul everything up stepladders, and up to top garden so mopping may be better than up and down with bucket fuls of water.


    Great idea, thanks again, much appreciated. xxxx

  12. Howdee all


    Had a big clean up today in my WIR, now its all frozen out after the big freeze. :D


    I need suggestions as to what to clean the slabs with or best method to for next time. Even though poo pick etc, there is a layer of yuck on the slabs, have tried to scape off but not happy and need suggestions of better way.


    I would hose it down if could get the hose up to it but too far from tap, so wondering if buckets of water would be best way with some kind of disinfectant in, and a good old scrub.


    What could I used as a disinfectant/cleaner ? hubby suggested jeyes fluid but sure have read thats harmful to chooks.


    Any suggestions welcome.


    Thanks xx

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