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  1. Oh no thats a lot of snow to fall. :shock:


    Hope its not as bad as forecast for you.


    Sure your PP will be ok, especially with blanket over the top. We have had some bad weather and cold days here in UK too, and the girls have been ok. Have got an old sleeping bag and then a blanket over my (cube green) . Hubby thinks am crazy but it makes me feel better about them being in the cold. :lol:


    Look forward to seeing your pics xx

  2. Heres a little update.


    A quick reminder of how the exbats Bald Betty and Mad Matilda looked when first arrived. :(




    Today in the snow with my other girls. All looking a bit dirty as had been dirt bathing it in the WIR before let them out into the snow. :lol:


    Looking at me wondering if got any treats for them. They really are not keen on the snow. :lol:






    Buffy and Matilda (exbat now top chook)




    Hope you can see how much they have come along in such a short few weeks and despite all the rotten weather thrown at them.



  3. I am struggling today too Snowy. :?


    I have been ok so far but its getting harder and harder with all the festive treats about. Its so difficult to stick to any kind of diet at this time of year.


    So far today I have been given a large box of festive shortbread, 2 x selection boxes, a pack of mince pies.. and a box of choccies. :roll: I am already over on my daily points and know if I start eating any of those I will be on slippery slope again. :wall:


    I dont mean to sound ungrateful but really wish hadnt been given these things. Have worked so hard to try and get a few pounds back off and at risk of spoiling it now.


    Am off to the gym to try and burn off a few calories and avoid the temptation of eating some of that stuff. xx

  4. To say am not pleased is an understatement... the WIR roof just isnt working out. :evil:


    Its got corroline sheets on, and they have been taken off once already due to sagging, and not being at a steep enough angle... so hubby had to strip off and redo.


    Been out today and the inside of the run is soaked everywhere, the thawing snow/rain has come in. I can see bowing again. :twisted::twisted::twisted: and the water is dripping in the sides of it. I really wished hadnt bother with that roofing stuff.


    So darned annoyed with it and my hubby because its his fault. (of course) :lol::lol:


    Chickens food is all ruined as its got soaked. Arrrrrrgh.


    Its got to come off and something else used. Thinking of when weather better to strip it off, wood it over and felt it. At least will be waterrpoof then.


    For the moment though I need a quick fix and am thinking of a large tarp over the roof and secured to the sides.


    Has anyone else done this ?? and has it worked out ok.

  5. All seemed ok this morning when they got let out, which was huge relief. :D


    Took an even bigger risk and let them stay in the WIR all day today with my other girls. Admit have worried about them while at work wondering if any fisty cuffs happened.


    Was a huge relief to get home earlier than normal so could check on them all. Thankfully all seemed ok, and couldnt see any bits missing. :lol:


    So after some tea time mash, they are all got to go back in the Cube tonight. See what tomorrow brings with them. I do hope they will all settle and become friends. :D. Fingers crossed. xx

  6. We have no children and our cats have always been our babies, but eventually he had to admit that he was being selfish to his own mourning by keeping Oscar unhappy and clingy, and we needed to think of Oscars feelings.


    It's been tough at times to see a new little face in the house and not Tilleys :cry: , but Oscar is so much happier already :D


    its the same for us too, we dont have children. So the cat/s mean so much to us. I can only hope in time he will change his mind. Have looked at all the cats in rescue near me... and there are so so many!


    Its such a shame for them. I will keep trying. Wore him down over having some chickens . :lol:

  7. Know what you mean with the weather being so harsh at moment and all the new exbats. Its so hard on them. I feel since had mine we have had nothing but lousy weather which cant be helping them much.


    Have been thinking of Emily too, how is she doing ? xx

  8. awww so happy to read your lovely posts and all is going so well. :D


    We have same situation too, lost a cat earlier this year leaving one behind. Shes become so clingy its untrue, especially as shes an indoor cat too. Keep trying to convince hubby that she needs a friend but he wont budge. :?


    I know she would benefit from some cat company and probably wouldnt be so clingy (drives me bonkers) but just cant get him to move on it. Even told him about your wonderful post. :D


    Effectively just having one cat now will stop us having any holidays as I just dont think it fair to leave her on her own (cat sitter calls 3 times a day) but its so not the same as before she used to have her buddy for 24 hour company.


    I wish he would reconsider, but think the memory too painful of having to have our other cat pts, it was so hard to have to do. :(


    Congrats on your new cat. xxxx

  9. Dont know about everyone else but really hate the cold, and when go out to the girls I have loads of layers on. :lol:


    The one thing am struggling with though is gloves. :think: I have a pair of rubber ones which use to muck out with but the cold is sooooo getting to my hands through them. I have tried a pair of garden gloves over the top of the rubber ones but they are not helping much and really feeling the cold through them too.


    What are you using when you go out to yours ? xx

  10. Went out tonight about 4pm to give the girls some mash, and they all ate it in the WIR due to it snowing and me sheltering :lol:


    My two exbats who have been free ranging under supervision with my other two came into WIR too to have some of the mash.


    It started getting darker and the bravest of the exbats Matilda decided to go up the ramp into the Cube and make herself cosy while the others were still stuffing their faces. Seemed such a shame to turf her out, especially with it forecast as being a colder night, so 'encouraged' exbat Betty to go up the ramp too.... and she was closely followed by my other two ladies.


    So all four are in the (cube green) tonight.


    When I checked with the torch the were all bedded down in the main part on the straw have put in for a bit extra warmth.


    Hope they arent going to fall out overnight. xx

  11. can anyone who has online access find out pro point value for cooked red lentils please. Grovel grovel. :D:D


    Just put some in a soup (dried) and cant take them out to weigh them as the food list only shows dried weight. :doh:


    Have no idea what to allow. Thanks xx

  12. Having seen all the wonderful things you are all making, its got me wanting to do something craft too. :D


    Had a mooch around for something chickeny and found a lovely chicken knitting pattern. :lol:


    Havent knitted for years....but just couldnt resist it. Just ordered it and its arrived ok. Off to buy some wool tomorrow and see if I can remember how to knit.


    Chicken pattern



  13. Dont laugh as suppose this is a bit of an odd question but value the opinions of more experienced chicken owners as have only had a few months so all is still quite new. :D


    I currently have 4 chickens, 2 of which are exbats and they are all warrens. Currently they live apart but do hope to get to live together in future. If successful at that I would like to have maybe two more, bringing my total to six max.


    Hubby would like me to have two more exbats, so that would be more warrens.


    I have a want to have a couple of different breeds, and if do that means the new girls would be different colour. Looking at that from a 'chickens' point of view would that make any new chickens that look different more of a target ? or doesnt it really matter and it just comes down to whether they will all get along.?


    Sorry if its a really daft question but just wondered. :D

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