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  1. I managed to drop the 2 eggs collected from my girls this morning. :doh:


    Normally I put them in my fleece pocket but today put them in plastic box that took the girls morning mash out in and stupid me..... the box slipped out my fingers on way back to house and hit the floor.


    Off course they cracked :? , am so annoyed with myself. :evil::evil::evil::evil:


    Of well, at least all not lost, have just scrambled them up and the girls can have them tomorrow for brekkie. :lol::lol:


    I will stick to my safe pockets in future.!

  2. I did have online access too Cinamom but just used calc and books now. Less fiddling about. :D


    How is everyone else doing ? and what do you think of new propoints plan ?


    I honestly feel as though eaten too much and some days have had to force some food down just to use up my daily points. (why do I never feel like that when NOT dieiting :lol::lol::lol: ) as was told we HAD to use them up! :shock:


    My plan for this week is to only use daily point allowance (and not force down more if dont want it!) so if under then so be it. !


    If need more points will use any activity points earned first and leave the weekly points alone and not use if can help it.


    See how long can stick with it. :lol::lol::lol::lol:

  3. I was 'brave' yesterday and let them all free range a bit together. :anxious: Took a few pics but havent had chance to upload them, will try later tonight.


    It went reasonably ok for a first session. The exbats were hesitant but did eventually come out of their run and meet the older girls.


    I put them a big dish of food down and they all tucked in together for a bit. There was no agression/pecking from my older ladies, or Baldy Betty (exbat) but after a while Matlida (other exbat) decided she wanted to do some pecking and chasing of 'other' girls.


    Needless to say they legged it. :lol::lol::lol:


    I honestly thought it would be one of the established girls that would strive to be head chuck but think Matilda is the one.....which completely suprises me as shes been the timid one so far!!


    Be interesting to see how it all pans out and if it changes.


    Roll on Thursday when can let them all out together again for another session.

  4. I have used 24 of mine so far. Seems to be a lot of debate on another forum I go on, whether to use them all or not. :shock:


    I think because its all new, it will take a bit of time for people to get confidence with it.


    Well done on your weight loss craftyhunnypie. :clap::D

  5. Hi


    the green pots I think are called galley pots! I got them off an internet chicken good supplier. I have seen them for sale on ebay too although you had to have 4 mixed colours, and I wanted all green. :lol:


    I think I have the details of supplier on works pc so will check tomorrow for you. They are handy to put a bit of mash, or grit or any titbits you want to give and keeps off the floor. xx

  6. I dont use the card wheel either, its just too fiddly to use. I have the calc too which is nice and small and pretty easy to use. :D


    On day 6 now, and still loving it, and seem to have done far more cooking than normal which is a good thing. Using up lots of my lovely eggs :lol: , making soups and eating lots of fresh fruit and veg.


    I wont be weighed though till Tues which will make it a 10 day week for me this first week (have changed my ww group and leader). :lol::lol::lol:


    I HOPE I get a weight loss. :dance:

  7. Hi


    am doing it too. :D Started officially on the propoints plan Saturday and so far loving it. :dance:


    I have been doing WW on and off for over 10 years, mucking about the past few months trying to get motivated and back into it without success. I am liking the new prop points because its different and think thats what I need as so bored with old WW discover plan.


    Have tried SW in past but like you couldnt get on with it and never lost.


    My own scales are showing a weight loss for me so far which am megga delighted with. :clap::clap::clap:


    The class I normally go too was beseiged so have switched now to another one, which is quieter as hate crowds and queuing :lol::lol: although in all fairness dare say probably been busy due to the new launchand will quieten down soon.


    One thing would say if you do try WW propoints get the calculator, its so fiddly to use the cardboard one that you get free. Or if you have a iphone there is an app that you can use, just needs a bit of modification. Let me know if you want details.


    In summary, 5 days in and think its brill. :D:D:D

  8. Hi


    Thats what have done, purple sprayed the bits that look like could turn out to be targets much to the disgust of the girls. Havent seen any pecking but do have anti-pecking spray just in case. :D I cant wait to see if they feather up ok. Trouble is I keep calling the one 'baldy bum' and if dont stop doing it that name is going to stick. :lol:


    The Go you can put the door at the side or the bottom, whichever you prefer. I didnt realise till put mine together that the door on the side should be further down the run, but I put mine nearer the door. It makes it a bit tricky with the food/water containers but manage ok. If it were further down could put either side of the door. I am tempted to get a spare door panel and then fit at the end of the run. Will make access easier. You dont need any kind of adaptors its just usual clips. :)


    My girls all do seem to love mealworms... must be the chicken equivalent of chocolate. :lol::lol: . I would follow anyone round for my daily fix of it. :dance::dance:


    They do seem to get along ok, the smaller one is the fiester of the two and more lively too, whereas the other one is much more laid back. Amazing the different characters they have. :D


    Lewis, ahem to think back in July was only looking at the Cube at the CLA and talked to you.. I have come along quite a way since then. :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

  9. As the weather was ok this afternoon and it was clean out time too, I did let my exbats out. :D


    Heres the photos for you to see them take their first steps outside the run. Excuse the new girls 'purple bits' :lol::lol:


    OOhhh doors open.






    Whats up there then ?




    Took 3 attempts to jump up onto wood, just shows how weak their muscles are.




    Ok wanna get back down now...how far is it!




    Bit braver now






    But never too far from the 'security' of home.




    After just one week.. both came to the shake of the mealworms tub. One even ate them out my hand. :D




    Put them back in then as had been out about 30 mins. I was amazed had no trouble getting them back, but had the mealworms to thank. :lol::lol:


    Not forgetting my other two who were making a racket to come out because were missing out...mealworms for them too.




    Bit of corn for all before bed time... plus getting them used to each other (I hope so anyway)










    Am amazed at how far they have come on in one week. :clap::clap:

  10. Congrats on your new exbats :D


    Look forward to seeing pics when you can and once they have settle down. Its so rewarding to give them a home and you will soon have them coming to you for treats. Its only been a week with mine and already have them coming to me. I cant stop thinking... they would be dead by now if hadnt taken them in. :?


    Mine didnt go in the Go themselves the first & second night I had to put torch inside it and they walked towards the light.


    Looking forward to updates on yours and Gerties too. :D

  11. Ewwww the more I think about it i just dont think I can do it, pick wriggly maggots up... I cant even stand the sight of them. :vom::vom:


    Think its a job for hubby definitely. Although cant say as I have a clue where to get any from round here. Think a bit of research is due. :D

  12. Morning all


    the girls have been here a week now and hopefully feeling a little more settled and come to realise I am not a big bad monster. :lol::lol: and am the treat feeder.


    I havent let them loose into the free range area yet but thinking of letting them out today for a leg stretch.


    Do you think too soon ? or may have problem getting them back in ? how have others with exbats got on on first adventure out. ? thanks xx

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