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  1. Hi


    my exbats were already in bed tonight when got home to lock them in. I opened up the back a bit to check inside and spotted an egg in the nest bowl. Both girls were settled down for the night right by the back door and despite my gentle efforts to move them over a bit wouldnt budge. :lol::lol: Cant say as I blame them.


    Not wanting to stress them by forceable moving them (not until they are more used to me and being touched) it made it so that couldnt reach the !egg!


    Didnt want to risk taking back off completely especially as dark and the girls havent yet been let out to roam free, meant I couldnt get my mitts on the egg. My arms just not long enough. :lol::lol:


    I have had to leave it in there now. Any suggestions for how to get eggs in situation like this. :?: thanks xx

  2. Offical start for me today on new WW pro-points plan. Been a WW'er for over 10 years on and off.


    Did really well up till Christmas last year and lost the plot completely and havent managed to get back in the saddle. :wall:


    Been back at WW couple of weeks but with the new plan about to come in must say have been naughty and not really followed old WW plan. :oops: .. but that all stops TODAY! and cracking whip and starting new plan. :dance:


    Got to sort it all out in my head though as old plan is pretty much ingrained.


    If anyone else doing it found a great link to configure Iphone app Iwatchr to work out pro points. Its on a diet forum, not sure if can mention on here? and if can dont know how to add link. Perhaps someone can advise ? thanks. xx


    Its a forum that caters for all diet and seems quite good. :D


    Best wishes to all trying to loose at moment. :)

  3. It was awful in Telford, Shropshire last night with very high winds.... was soooooo worried about the run last night and hardly slept as half expecting to hear a crash and bang from the run with it being on higher ground and so exposed.


    Thankfully it survived and was all in one piece this morning. Phew!! Have never know winds that bad in my area. Went out with the running club earlier and there is a hill we jog down... last night couldnt even walk down it. :lol::lol: wind was raging up and slowing us down. It was like walking through glue... couldnt even yak as wind took your breath away. :lol::lol:


    So pleased all was ok this morning... although the neighbours huge trampoline looked worse for wear!


    How did everyone else get on ? xx

  4. I havent got a kindle (would love one though :D ) I have a Sony PRS505 had it about 2 years and just love it. Got quick a few books on there now.


    I saw this post and noticed the mention of the Stacks... being nosey googled it and found it ok.


    After a quick look found books by my fav author Stephen Donaldson and his books are on there. :dance: Downloaded one to try it and its loaded fine onto my reader. I am so chuffed... and even more that it was FREE!! I never ever get anything for free so thank you for the info. :D:D xx

  5. had a terrible time trying to get out of the membership when I had a kne op & couldnt use it. Read the small print very carefully before you join


    that part of re- joining a gym scares me as I have heard of horror stories like yours where had trouble cancelling membership. I had no problem with JJBs.


    I did look at a local leisure centre a while back and it was a dreadful place. Unisex changing room :shock: , you had cubicles for some privacy but there was no way you could have a shower!


    I really wish they would 'advertise' their membership costs, rather than the come along for a free day membership.... I love to know whats what before I go. :lol::lol::lol:

  6. Morning Nicola


    how are they getting on now ? still a bit shell shocked ? hoping they are gaining a bit more confidence and exploring more. I dont think it helps this time of year with it being cold and rotten weather yesterday. So glad had mine covered up in large clear tarp as it gave some protection to the elements for them.


    Never had exbats before so cant compare but when you think how their life was to how it is now... its got to be 1000 times better for them (altough they dont know it yet :( ). I wish there was some way to explain to them that we are trying to help but alas only time and treats will do that for them.


    I cant stop thinking if hadnt taken mine in they would have been no doubt culled by now and in some food process of some kind.


    Your heart just breaks for them, but sure with time and patience they will soon all thrive and become more confident.



  7. Hi Gertie


    Thats brilliant that you will be getting some exbats soon. You wont regret it, it feels so right to give some a home, especially after the horrible start they have had to life.


    I know I have only had mine a few days, but have to agree with Wendy, re the first few days, everything is so new, strange and scary for them that you wont need to worry about being out at work. Its best to leave them to adjust and gain a little confidence in their new home. So it will be ok. :D


    Even in just a few days I am starting to see slight changes in the ones I have. They havent screached at me since Sunday, can now find the way into the coop on their own to lay eggs & go to bed, have found the food, and generally starting to do what chickens do.


    I was planning to have pure breeds or more hybrids, but think for me it may be exbats every time. Just giving them that chance of some kind of life is so worth it. :)


    Look forward to hearing about yours and pics when you get them.



  8. Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I did go and buy some straw but it was dark when I got back from work tonight and they had took themselves off to bed, all on their own. (first time since having them).


    Neither wanted to budge and didnt want to freak them out by trying to stuff the straw in, so decided to let them be.


    Will pop it in, in the morning.


    I am probably being an overprotective chicken mummy, not used to keeping creatures outside all weather conditions. Sure I will toughen up in time. :lol::lol::lol::lol:

  9. Hi everyone


    just a quickie as the weather is going to plummet tonight and be zero or minus. The exbats are settling in well considering what have been through as the temp is going to be really cold tonight and the one is quite bald... is there anything I can put inside the Go for added warmth tonight ?


    I was thinking an old towel or two ? stuffed at the back or side ? what do you think would be best or are they going to be warm enough ?



  10. Congrats on rehoming some ex battery hens. I'm looking forward to hearing how they get on. I signed up with the BHWT yesterday to see if I can rehome some at the next release date. Your post is very encouraging & reassuring!


    Hope they enjoy settling in & all the tlc!!


    Hi Gertie


    I know its a lot to take on, and only had mine a few hours and it so feels the right thing to do. I would love to have some A1 chickens or pure breeds but to give a few chickens that have lived in such awful conditions a chance however small of some freedom is so worth it. :D


    I dont expect an easy ride with them but to think they could have been culled by now and never know scratching about, digging for worms is so awful to think o


    That rehoming date coming up very soon with the BHWT, hope you can get some. That spare eglu would come in very handy . :dance: xx

  11. Thanks Lavender Blue, I was unsure about that too. I had given it dry to them today but like Ally was not certain.


    They seemed to be tucking into it ok as it was.... and had a little peck at a corn ear put in too. :D


    I am adding the poulty spice to their food tomorrow as well.


    Probably going to give them a mash in the morning for brekkie. My other girls have been getting this for a few weeks and love it so hope the new ones do too. :lol::lol::lol:


    One more quick question.. the one girl thats quite bald round her bottom and back I was thinking of purple spraying her more as a prevantative thing ? I havent seen any pecks or injuries (having good look tomorrow) but wondered if would be best to do just in case. ?? xx

  12. Aww bless, they laid eggs for you too. Thats great. :)


    Mine laid two eggs too, one was in the run and the other in the nest box. I really didnt expect to get any eggs with all the travelling and upset.


    I am sure I have read somewhere that feeding some of the eggs back to them boiled up, helps with increasing protein for them and helping to feather up.?? Maybe someone more experienced could verify this if they wouldnt mind. Be interesting to know. xx


    Do you have other chickens Nicola ? xx

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