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  1. I know what you mean. When I went out to the chickens I had two fleeces on, hat, rain jacket and gloves. Poor girls didnt recognise me. I so hate the cold. xx
  2. Hi Nicola sorry they are a bit late. Couldnt get them tomorrow so had to pick up today. Its so upsetting to see them in the condition they are. I hope mine and yours too, soon come round, become more confident and strong as each day goes along. Hope your girls are settling in. Will keep in touch as be nice to compare how they all get along. Are you going to give them anything to help build them up ? xxx
  3. Just had fun getting them to go to bed. They were still in the run, and couldnt get them to go in the Go. They were making a right racket as understandably spooked by my efforts. Then remembered reading about the torch trick, so popped that in the Go waited... worked a treat... both chookies came to the light. . Thank goodness for this forum and all the bits of info yoo pick up Both all tucked up now for the night, hope they get on with each other. Glad they are inside as think its going to be a real cold night tonight.
  4. Hi Nicola I just picked up mine today too, think they are from same rehoming group as yours. Dont they just break your heart they condition they come in. Heres to us all giving them a new lease of life and watching how they improve over the coming weeks. Congrats on your new girls. xxx
  5. Hi everyone, yes have got them, picked up this morning and left them for a few hours while popped out to settle down a bit from the journey back to my house. Took a few pics of when they first arrived and they started to have a little scratch about. Plus some later on this afternoon when let my other girls out for a free ranging session. Not to keep you waiting any longer here they are. One is a lot balder than the other, poor thing. First steps in the run. Found the food. First meetings with my other two. Final pics today. So glad they have found the food and water, and did some scratching about, pecked at some corn put down. Both girls have laid eggs today, which was suprised about considering all the stress of past few days for them. Heres hoping they start to put some weight on, feather up a bit and enjoy life now. xx
  6. by this time tomorrow i should have them . Hope I dont make a fool out of myself by getting upset when I see what condition they are in. xx
  7. OMG thats awful. Am so so sorry to read whats happened. There are some truly rotten people out there. I know you must feel gutted beyond words. I hope you find out whats happened to them. xx
  8. I think am going to stick to the old plan and know where I am with that.... been doing it long enough Just cancelled my monthly pass, and going to look on ebay for old points calc. I just cant see how if everyone going to have 29 propoints + an extra 49 its going to work!! it seems a bit like Slimming world and I never got on with that. I think it sucks for those that have just bought the old plan books and gadgets which are now no good for new plan. Sneaky marketing by WW i think.!!!
  9. Oh I have only just found this thread. I have just started going back to WW, and like most will get to see the new plan soon. Am a bit scared of trying it as my friend who is a helper has been doing it for a week and put on 4lb . Shes well versed in doing WW so shes not happy at all, and has gone back to normal pointing.
  10. ooh waiting to watch the prog, got it recorded and now waiting for hubby to finish watching Law & Order. so can play it.
  11. I think I started the last thread on breadmakers. and ended up with a Panasonic too. I have to say I so love making bread, tried all sorts now and its a fab piece of kitchen equipment. Wouldnt be without it. The only disaster we have had was a packet mix of Sundried tomatoes, parmasan cheese bread.... it came out ok but tasted . Neither of us liked the taste. Hubby was against me having a breadmaker but now he thinks its been a great item. You wont regret owing one.
  12. Gave mine a test drive last night when got home from work... was very cosy. Mines bright pink.... got hubby to 'try' it on and tried to sneak a photo but he soon got it whisked off, the wimp. Must say it was nice to get in the recliner, snuggie wrapped round me and arms free for a cuppa or read my ebook. Very nice. Be even better when heating not on.
  13. oh wow what a difference. Thats fantastic. I hope mine when I get them will come along so well. You have done excellent work there, and its so rewarding to see such raggedy chickens have a second chance at life.
  14. Hi Bev was great meeting you on Sunday. . Got back ok and all set now. Thanks again for all your help, advice and showing us round. Was fantastic. Cant wait to watch the prog tonight be so great to watch it, especially as have met you and seen your chickens and set up. Debxxx
  15. 'Go' all set up now...and just counting the days off. Going to collect them on sunday morning. My existing girls were not impressed with the Go being put together today... bless them. So wonder what they are going to make of some new neighbours. Let you know how get on Sunday, and will post some pics if get chance. xx
  16. extra holes put in today, secured firmly and hopefully wont flap & slap about now. If it does I think will put ear plugs in cause am not messing with it any more. Got other things to do as it seems the chicken stuff seems to be overtaking all free time got! I want a weekend off.
  17. Seems like its a hate it or love it kind of item. Just received a Snuggie, a birthday pressie in nice bright pink... so will let you know how get on with it.
  18. Having a devil of a job to track some normal down and wondered if the decorative woodchip is safe ? everyone seems to have that in stock. !! Do you think the decorative stuff would be safe for the girls ? xx
  19. Off to collect the today. Woohoo!! New exbats next weekend, although havent heard anything yet hope get in touch soon. xx
  20. Anyone got one or similar product ? With the unsurprising announcement that the gas/elect suppliers just 'happen' to be increasing their prices in Dec (for the peak months) thinking of getting one or two. Be cheaper to snuggle in one of them than keep putting heating on. xx
  21. Hows Hilda now ? hope shes feeling more like herself. xx
  22. Hi Mummyhen thanks for the link, had a look and its pretty much what am doing now, cup hooks to hold the top and sides. The bottoms have slabbed down. But last night had a major problem with it (well was to me hubby thinks am being oversensitive) it was very windy and all could hear was the violent slapping of the tarps against the Run walls. In the end I got up at 1.30am got the torch and went up and took it all down because it was bothering me so much and thought it megga noisy. Hubby slept through it. Has anyone else had this problem with the tarps making a lot of noise. ?? or am I letting it bother me too much. ? Hubby is all for putting wooden battens across the back of the run over the tarps to secure them down. I am not keen on this as it is obviously going to put holes in the tarps. Not sure what else to do at moment. These chickens are certainly causing some headaches and sleepless nights.
  23. I only have two in mine and so far they seem fine. They snuggle up in the nest box when its a colder night. Am hoping to add a few more later on though.
  24. Can you use it directly on top of soil ? just wondering if it will be ok to use for the exbats in the Go when get it. xx
  25. Warm layer pellet mash is still a huge hit with my girls, they practically mug me for it now

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