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  1. Hi all not quite sure where to post this so hope its in right place. We put the tarpaflex up the weekend round the sides of the WIR, however they are a few inches too long at the bottom. Not sure how to get round this. Have tried placing slabs on but noticed this morning the tarpaflex has come away from them so flapping about. Also tried using some of a type of peg fixing through the eyelets into the ground but again can see the side that has those has come free. Uncertain what to do for the best .. any suggestions please for those that have had this problem. Thanks xx
  2. awwwww so cute. lovely pigs. Are they rexes ? I had some new babies born the weekend, all look like they are going to be himmies. Guinea pigs are my most favourite of all the small pets.
  3. Mine was a gravity one too Sari. I have took the glug out, perhaps will put back in as its deeper so maybe less prone to icing so much.
  4. It was first hard frost this morning and found ice in the girls water container. Is there anything can put in or do that will help prevent that ? thinking more of when we get into the real thick of winter and its going to freeze more. I think the chooks knew it was going to be a cold night last night because when I went to shut them in, there were both in the nest box, snuggled up.
  5. Out of interest for the veggies amongst us that, has anyone else looked at a product called:- Vitabiotics Menopace, plus Botanicals. contains Menopace original tablets (soy isoflavones +loads of minerals), plus Active bonanicals tablet (extra soy isoflavones, flaxseed, sage extract & green tea extract). Looking at the Femarelle site it says contains soy and flaxseed. What else does it contain?, think it will be interesting to compare the two. The Vitabiotics product says is it suitable for veggies and can be taken alongisde HRT.
  6. I ALWAYS worry about my pets at this time of year when the fireworks start up. I so hate them. I am not against a nice colourful display but these very loud banger type ones that make the building 'shake' are the worst. They are just too powerful and it causes countless animals/wildlife distress. I have lost a guinea pig that died from fright from very loud fireworks going off. The distress it caused her was just too much. I try to leave a loud radio on now for them to try and mask the noise a bit but there is not much you can do to blot out the very loud ones. This will be my first year with the chickens too, so hope they are going to be ok. I could bring them inside on the Friday 5th but as we all know Bonfire night isnt just one night now, it can stretch over two weekends. I hate to sound like a kill joy but if its one thing I would ban, it would be fireworks.
  7. Likewise I just potter around the top garden where my chickens are as not much can do really. When the garden is more developed and we have some veggies growing/greenhouse etc will find something then to keep me busy but mostly at the moment I spend time helping the girls dig the ground looking for worms.
  8. Well, hes insisting on a one if its going to be brand new. However if I track a used one down then it could be any of the colours available and am certain he wont mind what colour it is then if its alot cheaper than a new one. It is only really going to be a 'spare' for any intros etc...as do hope in time can get the exbats and my existing girls living in harmony. I really have no preference... the idea to have green was to blend it into the garden so it would look more natural, but now have bright blue wooden 8ft fencing at rear of garden (whilst area regeneration is done ), so its all looking very un-natural. To be honest I was going to go for a cheapish wooden coop/run for the exbats, so was very suprised when hubby asked me how much the Go was, and that he would buy one for me. The Go will be instead of a Pandora bracelet and a few charms which he was going to get instead for my birthday. We dont normally do birthday pressies for each other so its out the blue. Just got to measure up where its going to go and see if will fit in, cause think it needs a bit more space than an eglu. Thats one of the things to be done tomorrow. Need to get ordered or find a used one asap as need it for two weeks time...eek! xx
  9. I am in shock (nice kind though) hubby has just said he would buy me a Go if I want one for the exbats will be getting next month. I am suspicious now
  10. Morning Ally, pop hole is the door way the girls go through to get into their coop. Some people close it at night, some dont. When I first had my two hens I didnt close it, but now I do as I feel they are warmer and a bit safer too. xx
  11. I have to say I quite like the look of them but not sure how practical they would be for keeping chickens in though from the point of keeping clean/keeping beasties at bay etc. They are quite pretty looking.
  12. Aww congrats on getting some ex-batts. I will be getting some in a few weeks time too. We will all have to compare notes/advise each other when we get them so they can all have the best care possible. Look forward to seeing pics when you have them.
  13. one of my girls did this the other week and laid an egg in the WIR... there was no reason for her not to tootle off and go lay in the nest box except for the fact that my hubby was working near to the run and i think she thought she was missing out on something. My girls are very nosey.
  14. Hi Ally welcome to the forum. Glad you joined, as you will find loads of helpful people and info on here for when you get your girls. All best Deb xx P.S not long now till we get our new girls.
  15. I hope you find her too, I know I would be frantic if couldnt find one of mine. Got fingers crossed for her. xxx
  16. I dont mind doing it for them.. I have to prepare a large box of veggies up for the pigs/rabbits so its just a slight addition. The most problem I have is juggling it all out the door and round to the back of the house...could do with a few extra arms especially when got water bottles too.
  17. Tried them with the warm pellet mash this morning with a bit of kale mixed in and the girls went nuts for it. .. but then again they do that for any food I present to them.... just made me feel better that they had had something nice and warming.
  18. is there any other way to secure the sides & bottom...is that what use the bungees for or the shock cords ?
  19. Thank Plum for the reassurance. I had thought about stuffing some paper in there when it gets really bad or sticking on the outside some kind of plastic barrier. I think the paper sounds a better idea though.
  20. Until I get them obviously not going to know how 'rough' they are going to be. Any advice would be welcome on what to treat them for first once settled a little ? worms, lice, mites? how bad are they usually ? xx
  21. I noticed this before but am wondering if it should be there.... if you look through the front door of your cube to the back door... can you see daylight/gap at the bottom of the rear door ??? I have wondered about it before as it seems quite a gap and this obviously is going to allow a lot of cold air through. Or is it a normal gap to allow ventilation? Will try take a pic in the morning and post when at work so you can see what I mean. xx
  22. I have just bought some pellets into the house tonight to make some for my girls tomorrow morning too. I like the idea to add a pinch of poulty spice...give it a bit of flavour. At least doing this they are getting the 'proper' food just dished up differently. Will let you know how it goes tomorrow. xx
  23. I think for us the guttering will be a good thing, especially when growing some veggies and we can then use the water from it. Makes sense. Couldnt you use the water for something like that too Beach chick ? I was the same when thinking about ordering the tarpaflex as was unsure, so in the end ordered some to cover all sides, and see how get on... just got to work out how to fit it up, and order the bungees if they have them in stock now as were out. I sometimes wonder how went from a simple eglu/run to a cube, WIR and all the fittings.... . This forum has a lot to answer for (and I mean that nicely ). xx
  24. Its interesting to see the different opinions of what people do. I tried mine with some 'oaty mealworm mash' last night while I was bailing out the WIR and the girls loved it. (but then again I havent found anything they dont like yet) Will get some ex-bat crumbs soon (will be needing some anyway soon) and try them with that mixed in with pellets too see how we get on. I like the idea of the timed cat thingie too
  25. I was really disheartened last night by it, but know its not the end of the world just one of those things and it can be fixed. Fingers crossed for a dry day sunday so we can sort it out. Suppose it is always going to be a bit of trial and error... and we have the error... Had a nice dry day today and have been at home so have been in and had a tidy up... put some new woodchip in and it looks much better. I have my tarpaflex too, so think once roof done thats the next priority. Dare say we are going to be getting more bad than good days soon. I want to fit some guttering too/water butt. Hubby not interested in doing that... but as I said when we grow veggies up there next year its going to be a good source of water. So overruling him on this one... just means a bit more work on his part...hee heee.!!!

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