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  1. various chicken food and fermenting

    Just had to google to find the missing word, I've come over all Father Ted now
  2. Has anyone used Hillary's Blinds ?

    Hillarys is a franchise company An old friend of mine had some blinds off them a few years ago. Her local rep was someone we used to work with. She was more than happy with the blinds, workmanship and cost. Reading online though, reviews are a little up and down so I suspect it's all to do with who uour local rep is.
  3. various chicken food and fermenting

    Never heard of it either, but google shows lots of articles. It sounds very interesting!
  4. Dopey question about followers on Omlet.

    Screenshotting is a very useful thing to learn. I once had some person badmouthing me on a facebook free site, telling everyone I didn't respond to her messages. I screenshotted our private convo from my messages, which showed me talking to myself as she didn't reply, and posted it to said site. She was subsequently removed by admin. If you do screenshot, just be careful to crop the image if there are any personal details or info around the edges
  5. Confessions of a serial lurker

    Not a lurker, but I'm really getting used to the new forum. I have used the like button a few times, as Patsylabrador says it's a good way to show interest when you have nothing to say.
  6. New flock moved in today!

    Ooh, that looks very smart! They will be well protected in there too, by the look of it Our eglus are raised up as well so a table would be great. Just needs some perches and stumps and they will be in chook heaven! Ours free range a lot but have an old wooden garden chair in their run to perch on.
  7. Forum Updates February 2018

    Ooh, found it! I'm no longer a Golden Egg!
  8. 'Strange' Neighbour

    Lol Valkyrie! I have visions of well endowed Orpington ladies gathering their feathery petticoats, breathing in and trying to gracefully slide through a teeny fence hole
  9. Forum Updates February 2018

    Ooh, didn't realise areas had gone, will add my location to my sig. That ninja emoji looks more hijab than ninja to me
  10. 10 year anniversary!

    Happy henniversary ! I've had mine almost 12 years now (not the same hens!) and wouldn't be without them
  11. New Layout & Forum Software

    TBH, GrannyTrish, I think it's my age. I remember not being able to use calculators at school (bet I'm not alone there ) to this all singing all dancing touch screen internet connected world we now live in. I'm not particularly interested in technology but need to use it daily. Trying to teach myself photoshop at present and that's hard work!!
  12. New girls and the old girl in the snow

    Think I've been lucky with the two new ones, they just blindly walk over anything. I'm not sure they even notice the change in surface underfoot Daphne has tried to walk across the pond several times, resulting in instant flight. Think she has a narcissus complex as she is transfixed by her own reflection in the water. They both shout pitifully for Lola if they lose sight of her and she has changed dramatically since they arrived, we had no problems integrating at all either, phew!
  13. New Layout & Forum Software

    I'm getting used to it. I hate change (as in I really, really HATE change) but this is growing on me, plus the fact that it is now so easy to put photos in a post. I was horrified when I first saw the changes, but I'll refrain from moaning about it until I've given it a go. (Oh, if only you knew how hard that is for me ) There, said it now, I've challenged myself to get used to it.
  14. Just checking if I can use the new improved forum so thought I would post a pic of Lola, who will be nine years old this month, and the new girls Daphne and Maureen, who we have had for a year this month. From the left, Daphne, Lola, Maureen Yay! It works! I can upload photos straight from the pc!