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  1. Thank you, yes both Dutch banties, a Hamburgh and a Friesian, from Domestic Fowl Trust in Warwickshire. Lovely birds and Lola spends time teaching them to be a little more human!
  2. My Lola will be ten at the end of March. I hatched her from a batch of maran eggs but she's no maran, a feisty little Araucana bantam! Still has plenty of attitude and new bantie companions keep her on her toes. She chats to me as I put them to bed, well, shouts so as to make me understand chicken, unfortunately I don't, but I let her think I do Here she is with Maureen and Daphne last March in the snow.
  3. I imagine that could happen. If they can get bigger eggs from the same size hen....
  4. Bless 'em! Mine have eaten a piece of fake grass we were using as a doormat to the summerhouse 😨
  5. Thought I would ask on here as we are all friendly and I will get good solid information. I'm pretty frugal and have never thought this would apply to me, but realise I had several catalogue accounts and a store card back in the 80's/90's when PPI was a thing. I'm certain I remember having to pay a small charge on a store card and a catalogue for insurance purposes, something I didn't want or ask for but was non negotiable. I usually paid things off pretty quick so never went over the free credit limits. However, how on earth do you claim or even begin to claim if you have no data? I'm sure my amount will be less than £100, but I was aware of it at the time as something I did not want to pay and am interested to see if any of you have successfully claimed, even for piffling amounts.
  6. Yes, Andy is correct, item not as described. You go to your purchased items and next to the item should be a button marked return this item, make sure you select item not as described as you will then get a return label with postage on. Good luck!
  7. Personal seller? I had the same issue with a personal seller about six months ago. I bid on a pair of hunter sandals and won, when they arrived I couldn't get my feet into them. Measured them against my own similar sized sandals and they were 1cm shorter, also, no sizing on the sandals themselves. Seller refused to take responsibility so I opened an INAD case to force a return and got my money back. Open a case and get your money back, they are not as described.
  8. Patsylabrador, thank you for starting this thread, this is exactly why I continue to log in and look around the forum. Nowhere else could you get a rational and measured conversation about washing up! Personally, I wash up with a half full bowl and rinse as I go with a dribble of hot water, the bowl never gets over full by the time the greasiest dishes are done. I have also noticed big holes on some washing up bottles, it certainly seems a ploy to get you to use more as it reminds me of the possible urban myth of the words "and repeat" on shampoo which allegedly doubled profits.
  9. I remember the late night shenanigans, lots of chat and hilarity, sometimes the odd argument. Particularly remember young Martin posting a reply to every single thread, so his name appeared all down the forum 😂it must have taken him ages!
  10. Brick outhouse for chickens, well they often poo in the nestbox 😂
  11. I'm with the free entry brigade. We often visit out of the way places and pop in to random little churches along the way, just to look at the architecture and feel the history. We usually leave a donation in the box for them. If everyone left a small donation I'm sure the revenue would build up, but charging £8.50 is an awful lot, and risks putting off visitors.
  12. I've just lost my cockerel this year, a bantam silkie so a very small bird. Noise level wasn't much below that of a full sized bird, although his cock a doodle doo sounded like an old car horn. If you have close neighbours then expect a bit of friction, you may end up with a bird who likes the sound of his own voice.
  13. The word is s a l t w a t e r, I'm laughing! Oh, and the tank looks great! Love watching fishies, love it when they come to the glass to watch you back or just follow your finger!
  14. Really sorry to read this, such a pretty girl xx

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