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  1. We've also bought (but not yet put in) some deep logroll edging which should keep stones etc off the lawn!
  2. I, too, have pretty much given up on conventional planting. All summer we have lots of hanging baskets which are out of chooks' reach. The borders are all planted with evergreen shrubs which aren't touched by the 'girls' so the garden, actually, looks good! It's taken a while, though!!
  3. That's a good idea. Would you know, or anyone else, if it would be a relatively simple process? (I'll have a go at anything but skill-levels are ......... basic!!)
  4. Hello, I've haven't posted on this forum for AGES - everything is going well with my gorgeous chooks - but I've a quick question for anyone out there!! The wonderful sunny weather over the weekend has sent my 3 chickens scratching in delight all around the garden - much to my husband's dismay! He's very proud of the lawn and it's now littered with various debris from the borders - twigs, dead leaves, stones etc. Have you any words of advice about how to prevent this happening? I'd love to use reclaimed railway sleepers but we're on a very tight budget and I'm amazed how expensive they are! Thanks for your help.
  5. Well, the new ground covering was laid today - I'll report back in a couple of days how it's faring. My 3 chooks looked rather bemused initially but were soon happily scratching around so hope they approve!
  6. That was my thought!! Worth a try, at the very least! Many thanks.
  7. Hello. I haven't posted in this forum for months - all is well in my chicken world!! - but it's lovely to be back! Just a quick query about using 'Bliss' as a floor covering in a WIR. A friend has 2 bales to give away - free! - and has offered them to us. We've been using bark chippings so have no experience of anything else as a ground-cover layer. Our WIR has a roof and is rainproof at the side - would it be worth trying this 'freebie'?!
  8. My gorgeous Luna has developed a limp! She was fine yesterday and let me examine her today quite happily. There is nothing untoward to be seen or felt. Can chooks pull a muscle?! Any other suggestions? Many thanks.
  9. Oh no! How distressing . I'll go to our local country store and investigate bait boxes tomorrow.
  10. I bet, Chucky Mama!! We also have a visiting hedgehog so a bait box is an excellent idea. Many thanks for this added extra.
  11. Thanks for the prompt replies. Two different opinions - equally valid. The reason we opted to try the Eradibait was that it stressed it did not harm other creatures/children and was safe to use in parks/schools etc. Yes, we are removing the chooks' food in the evening but it doesn't seem to have stopped the visitations!! I'll think carefully about our options..................
  12. We appear to have some unwelcome visitors visiting our back garden ................ rats! Our cat has proudly brought in 3 young ones which has totally freaked us out! I've ordered some ERADIBAIT because, on closer examination, my husband has discovered 2 'holes' which we're assuming our their entrances/exits. Obviously, with dogs, a cat and children we need to be so careful about how we solve this problem - but what do you think?
  13. We got ours in Sept and are delighted with it. It was easy to assemble - we're not into DIY at all - and sturdily built.
  14. Yes, we bought one last summer and assembled it ourselves. The quality is great and all the panels fitted together easily. The clear corrugated roof was definitely a good buy - has survived all the snow and recent heavy rain.
  15. We also received the 'standard' e-mail this morning. I've only ordered one thing - a Xmas CD!!!!! At this rate, it will be great listening for NEXT year!!
  16. Thanks, Egluntyne, that was very useful. I'll go out and examine the area properly tomorrow.
  17. When I was feeding the girls this morning, I noticed a deep 'groove' between 2 paving slabs around the edge of our WIR. We had left an inch or so gap between these 2 slabs and I'm really worried that rats or mice have discovered this. I'm quite happy to put down some rat poison outside the WIR, but we also have dogs and cats and I'm at a loss to see how we can prevent them sniffing it out? (Our dogs are Labs so will eat ANYTHING!!) Words of wisdom gratefully received!!
  18. Well, I can thoroughly recommend WIGGLING!! The poo tray slid out after a minute or two of wiggling and jiggling ..................... Fantastic!
  19. Many thanks for the replies. Guess what I'll be doing tomorrow ............. wiggling, of course!!
  20. I went to clean out the chooks todayand was unable to remove the poo tray. The Eglu has been well-covered throughout this freezing weather so I don't think the two are related. The metal strip still moves but I can't seem to disengage it to slide the tray out. If anyone can help, I'd be very grateful ...................... so will our girls!!
  21. Thanks for the replies: I don't feel quite so paranoid now!! (Mind you, what my husband will say when he gets home, I don't know!!! He already thinks the girls are utterly spoilt and indulged.....................)
  22. I've just been out and covered our eglu with a blanket because of the freezing temperatures forecast for tonight. Is this necessary or am I just being overly-protective?
  23. A similar thing to us years ago - can still remember how devastated we were. Hugs to you. xx

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