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  1. Now sold, sorry can't find a way of deleting the post.
  2. Eglu cube in green with two metre run and feeder and drinker. In good condition, not faded. Has been pressured washed and is currently made up to show buyer. £425
  3. So sorry to hear your news but really glad you have such a great attitude. My stepdaughter was diagnosed at 35 over seven years ago but is fit and well now, I know treatment can be hard much better than it used to be. Sending lots of healing thoughts and good luck with everything.
  4. mollyripkim

    doggie DNA

    He is super cute whatever his DNA, interesting to know though.
  5. Welcome, just enjoy, they are a welcome break from everyday life. Yes addictive too, started with three and now have over 20. You'll have to post some pictures.
  6. Must admit am finding it a bit confusing, the website says we must still use foot baths before entering the run which seems a bit pointless if they are allowed out in the garden. Understand about not feeding wild birds and keeping the chickens food under cover. Now I am not sure whether to let them out or not. Good advice thank you about grass.
  7. Same as Chickabee here, aside from food items they have a tree branch, logs, a wrought iron chair and a xylophone. They got lots of amusement from it at first but now only take an interest if I move it around.
  8. I get my hardwood chips from Bark U.K., it's around £100 for 1000 litres and comes in a large sack on a pallet. My run is covered, it's been 18 months since I last changed it but will do it again once lock down is over. It sounds a lot of money but I find it cost effective over the time it is down.
  9. I've had a hen with a prolapse, had to out it back it couple of times a day with prepH, not the nicest of jobs but it worked. Might be an idea to separate her so the others don't peck it, also if she is laying I have heard it is good to keep her in the dark on corn instead of layers pellets to discourage laying. Mine had it in June and is still fine. Good luck, hope she is ok.
  10. I have filled in hole in the nesting box with a cut off piece if kneeling mat, partly due to predator risk, bedding falling through but also one of my cubes is on concrete and occasionally after very heavy rain it would be a bit damp. This has solved the problem so I assumed water was either running off the roof or bouncing up from the concrete.
  11. Same here, definitely getting through more pellets, think they always do in the winter anyway but guessing not being helped by not freeranging.

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