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  1. My friend called to say she has found a very young chick in the road near her home and didn't know what to do with it. She checked all the neighbours she could think of without success. I have temporarily given it a home in the hope its owners can be found. It is about 5 weeks old, I am not sure of the breed but it is a bantam, buff with a few black markings, it looks a little like a dutch but not sure as I am no expert on this. If anyone has lost it or knows who has please let me know by PM. I will happily keep it if the owner cannot be found. It was found in the Brownberry Lane area of Horsforth. Sorry about the phone number, didn't know. I have looked into the breed a little and it would seem it is more likely to be a sebright but because it is so young I cannot be certain as the markings are only light, but the shape and tail feathers seem to fit. No one has come forward as yet so looks like my number has increased by 1.
  2. Hi, I have two coops the same as callychooks and I know we have had a fox in the garden because of the droppings. both the houses stayed secure and no signs of an attempted break in by the fox. One of the houses is situated on slabs and the other on a part of the garden that we removed the grass and put wood chip on so the ground is solid underneath. They seem to be safe and secure. I am sure you will be okay as long as the ground is not soft around the run area. Hope this is reassuring.
  3. I agree, do some research as there are a lot to choose from. I chose Pekins as they are very friendly, especially if you get them young and spend time with them, also whilst they still like to dig, they do not destroy your plants as the feathered feet stop them, they are also very placid and if they need to stay in the run for any length of time, they are very content little birds. However, it really does depend on your own needs. Good luck with your search and be sure to put pics on when you get your birds.
  4. sad but funny. Like the sin bin, she doesnt seem too upset by the comfort provided. Hope she learns to behave. Good luck
  5. awww thank you, she is lovely natured as well, very friendly and likes cuddles.
  6. My pekin Lucy is now about 19 weeks, this picture was taken two weeks ago. Are the size of her feet feathers normal, they are about three time the size of the others I have. They have even grown longer since this picture was taken, they are huge!!! bless her, she sounds like an old woman shuffling along in slippers. lol.
  7. so sorry for your loss, as already said, I doubt you are doing anything wrong, just really bad luck. Hope you find out what has happened. Big Hug.
  8. lovely. Wish I could have some ducks, but the neighbours would really lose it!!
  9. Great pictures, nice to see some action shots.
  10. Sorry for you pain, but your comment made me really laugh. I havent heard that for ages. Thank you for brightening my day. (ps, hope the blister get better soon)
  11. Hi, I also have three 8 week old pekins, they love spinach which I put in a fat block feeder and hang up so they can peck at it, this really does get them eating and is entertaining to watch while they work out how to get at the green stuff. I have also found that they vary the amount they eat from day to day. I dont put any food or water in the house with them at night and they run like kids coming out of school, down the ramp when I open the door on a morning I am sure they will be fine. enjoy them, they are soooooo sweet at this age.
  12. They are beautiful Plum and love the pimped run. The little ones look really pretty, lucky lucky you.
  13. she is beautiful. Congratulations. just love pekins.
  14. OMG that is awful. Poor you in having to find her like that and poor little silkie (RIP little one). I would agree with everyone else, it does sound very much like a predator. The others will take advantage of an injured bird. A big hug to you. I hope you find out what it was.

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