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  1. Wartime recipes are often surprisingly good. We are frequently led to believe that food was boring and unpalatable in the forties but don't believe that for a minute . If you ignore anything that claims to be "mock" something or other, a lot of the recipes in books like Marguerite Patten's "We'll Eat Again" are perfectly acceptable today and as they are lower in fat and sugar due to the rationing of the time, they are also far healthier than today's calorie laden versions. LSH is currently trying to lower his cholesterol levels and I'm losing weight so as a family, we're eating quite a lot of
  2. Oh Sheila I'm so very sorry. I'm glad she passed away peacefully though. Thinking of you all and sending lots of love and hugs xxx
  3. Thinking of you all, Sheila. Love and hugs, Kate xxx
  4. Sheila, I am so, so desperately sorry. Having met Shep, I know what a lovely man he was and what a huge shock this is for all of you. Thinking of you all and sending you love and hugs xxxxxxxxxx
  5. Just got Lesley's email This recipe came from "The Preserving Book" by Lynda Brown (Dorling Kindersley) Sweet Courgette Relish 2lb courgettes - finely chopped 1 large onion - finely chopped 16fl oz cider vinegar 12oz granulated sugar 2 tsp mustard powder 1 tsp turmeric 1-2 tsp chilli flakes 2 tsp cornflour 2 tsp coriander seeds Put courgettes and onions in a preserving pan or heavy based saucepan. Pour over the cider vinegar. Stir to mix. Add the sugar, mustard powder, turmeric, chilli flakes, cornflour and coriander seeds. Stir over a gentle heat until t
  6. Just to add that the recipe above can be easily adjusted to make a lovely chocolate chip version by using the alternative ingredients in brackets. Also if the courgettes are very juicy, drain them in a sieve over the sink for a few minutes before adding to the cake mixture.
  7. Sorry to hear about the disaster TAJ. I've had demi-johns shatter in the past during wine making sessions. I don't think that some of them are particularly strong and I seem to remember that there was a warning sticker on the last one I bought against using them for anything fizzy. The stickiness goes a long way, doesn't it! It's important to keep releasing the pressure regularly - even daily if it's very fizzy. I forgot about a half full bottle one year and we discovered it at Christmas. It was in a plastic Cola bottle and the pressure had made the bottle into a bell shape! I let LSH open it
  8. Glad to hear you're enjoying your cordial, Quin. I must go and collect more elderflowers this weekend too as our cordial supplies are dwindling fast and time's running out as the flowers don't hang about for long .
  9. Sometimes it doesn't get ever so fizzy but don't worry, it's still delicious. Leave it for the 3 weeks then chill it and enjoy. Hopefully it will have developed some sparkle by then . I've had a gentle fizz some years and a full blown explosive champagne whoosh other years when the bottles are opened but either way, it's scrumptious .
  10. ....and very nice it was too! I've never had Hemlock.........ummm, Angelica Cake before and it's delicious! Thanks for having us Lesley .
  11. "One" by U2 "Wake me up when September ends" by Green Day "Wild Horses" by the Stones (NOT that Boyle woman )
  12. That's great news . So pleased it worked for you . The recipe is from an old Reader's Digest book and always works beautifully.
  13. Omletina, I'm so sorry to hear what a horrible time you've been having recently but you look as if you've found an absolutely lovely home to start your new life in and I'm sure you'll be incredibly happy there looking at that view! Good luck for the future and I wish you all the happiness in the world xx
  14. WOOHOO! I am so pleased the recipe worked so well for you . Enjoy the buns!!!
  15. Ooooh buckets and buckets of good vibes heading your way, C&T!! I hope they turn out really well . Lesley, yours look fab !!

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