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    Breeders (pure breeds)

    Hi Flossie There's a lovely old guy in Buckingham who breeds Australorps (and he had a few Pekins too). PM me for his tel no. Australorps are fantastic - beautiful, friendly and great layers. We're very pleased we got one. May get more in the future. I've also bought from Widgits - would recommend.
  2. Perfectspace


    I'm a massive fan of Australorps since we got our Bantam - Sheila. Really beautiful black feathers with a petrol green hue, very friendly, and a great layer. Less prone to broodiness and and a better layer than our Choc Orp - McGraw. We'll definitely consider getting more in the future. We chanced upon them when I saw some for sale from a lovely old chap breeding them in Buckingham.
  3. Perfectspace

    Any Bantam experts out there?

    I'm definitely no expert, as I ONLY have experience of Light Sussex Bantams - but I wanted to say that we feel we really made the right choice after lots of research. They are fantastic for a first time Eglu/Bantam owner. Very friendly, fun, hardy (very it seems) and great layers. A slight tendency to broodiness (just experiencing a quick episode now, after having laid through Winter), but not often and they seem to easily overcome it (with a little help!)
  4. Perfectspace

    Mother Hens Poultry

    Website says they are closed til Jan - but I would have thought that emails and calls would still get answered. Perhaps a little slower than usual though.... Sounds like an extended holiday.
  5. Perfectspace

    Dippy laid her first egg?

    Our Light Sussex are a similar age and look the same as yours - and at least one of them is laying. And yes - the eggs look identical to your middle one.
  6. Perfectspace

    Eating shredded paper....

    Mine seem to do the same occasionally, although not every day! I suspect it's because it simply looks tasty! However, absolutely no harm done. They seem to digest it pretty well. I'd only be concerned if they were eating loads which might have some effect on their crop.
  7. Keep hoping! Sounds to me like you might be lucky.... What breed do you have? We are in exactly the same position as you - we have Light Sussex Bantams at 25 weeks. We had our first egg at the weekend. They couldn't wait til Spring!
  8. Perfectspace

    First Egg Joy.... and Disaster

    Funnily enough - now I think back I also found a couple of those in the nest last week, which tells me one of them was trying the nest out for size. So - it might be a good sign...!?
  9. Perfectspace

    First Egg Joy.... and Disaster

    Well, don't give up hope! I had, but now we've doubled the eggwatch!
  10. I was stunned when we found our first egg this weekend. I had just assumed our 2 LSB's would wait til Spring! And it's SO cold!! I think it was probably Chicken Bhuna that did the deed. Now I'm strongly suspecting that she's a Light Sussex Utility.... hopefully - another 50+ eggs a year! She certainly looks different to Chicken Tikka. I had even resorted to keeping them on a Growers/Layers mix, and was waiting to go fully Layers after Christmas! Anyway, typically my daughter couldn't resist picking the egg up, and as we walked back in from the garden she dropped it on the kitchen floor! Doh! I worked and waited six months for that egg! However, more joy this morning as we got our second! Slightly smaller, but just as satisfying!
  11. In my quest, I've stumbled upon an idea which might work for some. Bake a house brick in the oven for a couple of hours. Then wrap it up snugly. Apparently, due to the dense nature of brick it will draw in the heat quickly, stay warm, and give off plenty of heat over a period of hours. Stick it under the Glug, so that the bottom of the Glug sits on the brick whilst still hanging from the run bars. I think this will probably work for me, just keeping the Glug from freezing over if I was going away in the evening and knew I wouldn't be back in the morning to thaw it.
  12. Perfectspace

    PC Monitor advice needed

    We have a couple of LG M2262D TV / Monitors. Recommend. Absolutely excellent. About £200ish each.
  13. I asked the same question a few days ago - I'd love to find a practical way of stopping the water freezing. I'm also trying to plan ahead to when we might have a night away, and not be around first thing in the morning to de-ice the Glug. (By the way, putting in warm water won't help freezing time. Hot / warm water actually freezes quicker than cold.) I can't think of anything to put in the water that the chickens wouldn't try to eat! And some sort of bespoke candle heating system isn't an option. Haven't found a workable solution yet.....!
  14. Perfectspace


    We chose Light Sussex Bantams for a number of reasons: - They are so friendly (and light!) - have never pecked us even when our handling has been less than professional. Brilliant for the kids. - Pure breed - we were ever-so-slightly concerned about the idea of hybrid egg-laying machines! However, admit that we've come round on that one. - They are hardy - a bit less susceptible to the cold, etc. - Garden damage - none to speak of! Amazed! Everything you read says that LS are a good starter chicken. We'd confirm that as truth. I think you can get a 'Light Sussex Utility' which is a hybrid that retains all the characteristics of LS, but lay more eggs than the Pure Breed.... We still think that one of ours is a LSU, as they look a little different.
  15. Perfectspace

    De-Icing Water

    Oh absolutely - sorry - didn't mean to give you the impression I was not in agreement with melting the ice!