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  1. Oh Dazza, as Jill says it's just blooming awful isn't it. We've also lost two girls in a very short space of time. I really feel for you
  2. Awwwwww thank you for sharing though xx Me too Claret
  3. Hopefully you'll get your egg real soon Jester, the noisyness is a good sign so I believe
  4. they're so clever little ones and very funny with it hey!
  5. They're such little escape artists aren't they. Glad all is okay though
  6. Hello there Louise and your new girls, looking forward to seeing your pictures
  7. Thank you Redwing, yes I remember now with little Lottie, she was very quiet and withdrawn. I'm learning fast with this rollercoaster ride we're having with our girls! Hilda is making her noise again today, but not half as much as yesterday afternoon. Here's hoping it's a softie trying to come out Thank you CC. Yes the noise was incredibly loud yesterday. She's still doing it a bit today, but not half as much. Here's hoping it's a softie trying to get out Thanks Donna. No eggs as yet, but hoping it's a softie causing Hilda to be a bit off colour . She's making her noise a bit today, but not half as much as yesterday afternoon, bless her.
  8. Hiya everyone, just a little update for you. Was dreading getting up this morning and what we might find Hilda is still making her noise, but not half as much as yesterday afternoon. She's puffed up a bit and is looking quite sorry for herself, with her little tail feathers facing down most of the time She's been scratching around in the run a bit and she ventured off into the Eglu earlier and she's eat and drank a little too. We're very worried (remembering Lottie one of our Omlet girls doing the puffed up thing too), so I've contacted Thornes and they say she's probably laying a softie and to keep her with the others until it passes. They said the worst thing I could do is to seperate her and she should keep moving around - I guess it's like she's in labour or something? Will be keeping a very close eye on her and I'll let you know how we get along
  9. I'm sure it has been very hard for you all Great to hear he's doing so well though x
  10. Are you tempted? Yes I'm always very tempted, but don't think I can persuade my hubbly Oh my
  11. That's awful, hope she/he's okay He's getting there thanks..cost over £5000 and he has a metal hip and leg now though Oh Powerlady, your poor boy glad to hear he's on the mend though
  12. Hopefully as Rose has been eating and drinking it's a good sign Ali
  13. Have a great day CD and Snoxy and we're looking forward to hearing all about and seeing pictures of course, of your purchases and new additions

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