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  1. Migsy.... could you post a copy of the email? I have the exact same issue at the moment and don't know how to word my reply!
  2. Thanks for your reassurance guys Worse comes to worse, i'm sure our neighbours will write something saying they don't effect them!
  3. Hi all! First time poster, long time reader! I've got 3 bluebelles and an ex batt in a 10 foot by 6 foot area in my back garden. We get on well with our neighbours, we supply them with eggs and they are happy for the chiicks to be there... Get home today to see a letter from the council, someone has made a complaint about noise... as you all know chicks are quiet unless startled, which is maybe once a month!? What i want to know is, apparently the complainer has to keep a diary of the noise for a month and then the council will take 'suitable action'... what is 'suitable action' are they able to take the chickens off me?

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