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  1. We use poultry care on the ground... its the stuff that farmers use and is based on lime products... kills salmonella ecology bird flu virus etc... we pay I think £ 14.50 for 5 kgs only needs treatment 2 to 4 times a year depending on how bad the ground is. We put birds to bed sprinkle over the ground and leave overnight in the morning safe for birds to scratch into ground. We also use coop care from same people in the coops that's only £12.50 for10 KGS. We use that one everytime we clean a coop out and also in baby chick units. Hope this helps.
  2. I thought twice about saying something but unless we start letting people know what a cream legbar is or isn't then the breed will be lost for good.
  3. There are hardly any 'true' cream legbars in this country. I know because I have been searching for years - we show at the highest level so we can't have anything that is not right... Emily De Gray is the best person in the country to talk to about Cream Legbars - she has been working valiantly for years trying to breed the correct birds.... The birds in the photos have araucana blood in them - hence the tuft on their head and will probably lay blue eggs (the araucana was used to make the cream legbar in the first place) As to what else is in there it is hard to say. Most people in this country with 'cream legbars' don't actually have birds that would meet the breed standard but are still named cream legbars.. They are lovely birds and will be great for you and will probably lay the blue egg so I would not worry about what their breeding really is... enjoy them but realistically they should not be bred from as cream legbars - instead as a blue egg laying hybrid. Hope this helps.
  4. These look really sweet little birds but they aren't cream legbars. Only wanted to say so that people did not think this is what cream legbars should look like. For anyone wanting to learn more there is a brilliant website: www.cream-legbar.co.uk that shows photos of what they should look like. Hope this helps.
  5. Just been looking at this thread - absolutely brilliant idea. Think the pictures of the pressies are amazing... well done everyone - makes me wish I had more time on my hands to have a go at LEARNING how to do any of these things... well done - brilliant.
  6. Had a lovely time with the kids decorating some boxes - will post photos when I learn how! - We did union jack design, fried egg, hearts and daisies... once we got the hang of it - it was great fun - kids are now considering running a competition with friends on decorating egg boxes! Kept them occupied for hours without a single complaint! Superb on a rainy day. Bev
  7. I think its just about making that bit of effort for a special gift - with mothers day coming up! I am going to look at making up some easy boxes - with a potato stamp - the kids will love it! Bound to keep them quiet for an hour over Easter hols.
  8. This came from: linda-lindasphotoblog.blogspot.com
  9. Not my labels but yes I would spell it Laid!
  10. Another idea from the internet. this came from website: rosinhaartesemeva.blogspot.com
  11. I have taken these photos off the internet - not my personal work but I completely love the idea and design.
  12. Oh - I agree just thought it would be nice to show people how nice you can make an egg box for special presents.... will have a look online to try and get some ideas for here..
  13. I have done this now for the past 3 years and I cannot tell you the joy i get everytime I go to pick up and drop off - you hear the reception children talking about how many days until hatching. I set up lots of eggs at home on the same day and then I am not so worried if something goes wrong at the school - (ie cleaner switching off the plug etc....) Then I pop in a couple of days before hatching fill up the reservoir and then on the days due to hatch if I don't think they are going to hatch I will pop back in the morning break whilst the children aren't in the room and swap for some recently hatched chicks from home! I do this only because I could not bear the thought that the little reception children would be upset if every egg did not hatch. I get a little thankyou note every year and I keep them in my keepsake box - i know its sad but it will stay with the children all their life and worth every bit of effort I put in. Let me tell you as well - when the children pop back in after morning break and the chicks are there - you should see how quickly the classroom fills up - not just with the reception children but the entire infants - better than a fire alarm drill - instant crowds!!! As an extra treat this year as well (this is all strategically timed with Easter) we are putting an Eglu Classic in the infants playground with 2 chickens in there! Not sure who is more excited - me or the teachers- can't wait to see the childrens faces!
  14. But don't creosote your Omlet housing - it won't recover!
  15. Does anyone personalise their egg boxes? I am thinking of doing a few and looking for inspiration. Was considering polka dots and a bow etc... Just thought if anyone had already done some we could post photos and inspire everyone into making some themselves.....

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