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  1. Well I applied for a water meter last May and to cut a long story short they never fitted the blighter. I finally got one fitted late summer and applied for a rebate for the gap from their 90 day from requesting a meter to implementation. I got my letter today and am getting just over £400 back!!! sommersaults ensued! Aside from a needed holiday, I really want to increase my chicken count and have been looking for a WIR online. Am hopeless at DIY or I would make one but after hours of looking at vvvv similar coops with a run, I am struggling to find an actual WIR which would be ample space for 6-8 girls. Has anyone bought one online that they can recommend? I could fit a 6metre length and about 4 metres wide run. Suggestions gratefully received. Cheers Phil
  2. Hi there Well bad news in that Pauline had the starts of a few lice (why does that word always make me itch). So I have bathed and powdered all three of the ladies (much to their dissatisfaction). It was their time for a precautionary worming treatment too, so they have had the full works I noticed on Maude (Partridge Pekin) That she had a red and slightly sore patch just at the back of her back cape and a few broken feathers. She has had a bit of a moult so I hope it is something no more than new feather poking through but wondered if it could be anything more serious. She is not quite herself but that could also be due to winter kicking in or maybe the lice (which will be sorted now hopefully) All other basic health checks say she is in grand health so any thoughts/suggestions on what it might be please? Phil
  3. Instead of a Jumper why not try something like a wheat bag or snugglesafe. Saying that, they are hardy animals so nothing that some porridge wouldn't help if you were really concerned. Just a thought
  4. I thought she knew her stuff when I spoke to her a few months ago. Well done Dougal and Fiorello, some lovely offspring on show. When is the next gathering? it would be great to meet up.
  5. Friendly staff so I don't see the harm in asking. I would love their set ups, if only I had outhouses
  6. http://www.leeds.gov.uk/templenewsam/farm/farm.html The link to the place would help!
  7. Having been stuck in the house all week after a knee op , my OH suggested a hobble down to my favourite wood/park/farm area in Leeds. For people outside of Leeds, Temple Newsam has a rare breed farm and to my enjoyment, they have a nice selection of Chickens roaming around. My Dad who volunteers every so often there told me that they had some chickens and guinea fowl for sale, so what better excuse than to check them out. I am sad to say that resisted (so far) but as there doesn't seem to be too many breeders in Leeds (to my limited knowledge anyway), I thought I would share the info. They have quite a few of the following for sale all at £15 each and I think all Pullets: Araucana Marsh Daisy Scots Dumpy Dumpy x Sussex Naked necks (I think) Cockerels at £15: Naked Neck Ixworth Marsh Daisy Some Turkeys at £20 I am hoping some Old English Pheasant Fowl come on the scene next year as they look beautiful. Hope this is of help to others. I can vouch for their conditions, they are all loved animals in there. Phil
  8. I tried those rubber eggs (1x)but then also let them out to roam so it could have been either really. Good luck, they are coming regular as clockwork WOOOOOOO
  9. I got home after a fairly rubbish day, to not one, not two, but THREE eggs Maude (eldest) seems to have finally set them all off and yes they may be tiny but I am proud as can be!! They got to enjoy an extra long bit of free ranging as a thank you! http://img840.imageshack.us/img840/7398/imag0026e.jpg
  10. Thanks very much egluntyne Getting a couple of softies but things seem to be settling down ok. 6 eggs in 7 days from 3 chooks, not bad for their first week indeed really.
  11. Well my lovely Bluebelle and Black rock seem to be producing almost cinder toffee coloured droppings at the moment. Basic health check seems fine and they have only being with me a week so I am putting it down to stress. Should I be thinking otherwise? Eating pellets, grass, dandelions and a few mealworms daily. Drinking normally. Slightly worried but hopefully you kind peeps can advise either way please
  12. It's strange, only one of my three goes mental for them, but BOY does she go mental. I now only have to shake the box and she is there, waiting, almost salivating! I love trying them on new treats but mealworms so far are the winners
  13. Thanks for the congrats. Sadly I think Pauline (Blackrock) has found the move a little more traumatic bless her. She laid a softy, a strange thing to pick up I have to say.
  14. Morning all, Just wanted to share my excitement in our first egg! Beverley lay an egg in transit to her new home yesterday weighing a nice 53g Cracked it open for a bit of poaching and it was a double yolker so we could both enjoy it. How considerate is Bev! My first double yolker and my first egg, what a great start to a Sunday morining.
  15. Well....... the girls are here and settling in nicely. I will post pics soon of Beverley , Pauline (Black Rock) and Maude (Partridge Pekin). Beverley laid an egg in transit!!!

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