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  1. got my girls wednesday all i can say is joy good luck there great fun!!!!
  2. A little story of what happened when my four girls were free ranging in my back garden, when the heavens opened, ive had my calder ranger lulu, rhode rock kylie,bluebell dusty, and amber link dolly since wednesday 11 aug.They dont really know us as family yet (but it wont take long )so not knowing how they would react to rain i donned the wet weather gear i.e wellies rain coat water proof trousers the whole kit and kaboodle, i was ready for the long haul i thought wrong kylie was already in the run dusty ran straight past me and in, dolly needed about 10 seconds of coaxing and then.... well lulu came from the far end of the garden after feeding on my wife julies tomatoes,like linford chicken (sorry) and straight in the run which is covered by the omlet winter cover one end and the summer cover the eglu end. oh and me? the drowned rat springs to mind
  3. thanks guys thats all very helpfull, never thought of play sand, good shout lulu kylie (white chicken) dolly dusty
  4. can anyone enlighten me as to what is acceptable to top up a dust bath for my girls and what is not - for example can i use any hoover contents or is that too mite infested. we swept the garden and put that in, but it has been flicked everywhere in the grass and needs to be topped up with something?

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