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  1. Just had to reply to this thread All alive & well here. I do lurk from time to time but like with everyone else, my path has taken a different direction - working, busy Mummy to two boisterous fur-kids, travelling the country in our campervan. The help 6 years ago when we first joined from the forum was invaluable, made some great friends & I still do think this forum is very friendly & welcoming compared to others. I was a mod for just over a year or so and what a task it is, really opens your eyes what goes on behind the scenes - I couldn't keep up with it all in the end. So to those mods who still do it I applaud you!
  2. Like Cinnamon - big make up fan here. By far the best product I have ever used (my desert island product) is YSL Touché Éclat pen concealer. It's not a foundation but is fantastic at hiding dark circles and highlighting your face. When I first wore it my Sister said I looked younger (she didn't know I was wearing it). It is expensive but mine lasted me way over 12 months if you use it wisely. I use Max Factor foundation and mascara. Good stuff.
  3. Check out UKcampsite. They have a search facility. Nearest we've camped to the Helford River is near Porthscatho. Campsite called Trethem Mill (St Mawes area).
  4. I get about ten ear infections a year (due to psoriasis in the ear canal) and have Otomize ear spray on repeat prescription, so any little niggles I am in straight away with the spray to get onto the infection pronto. I would definitely go to the doctor, you have my sympathies. Ear ache is horrible.
  5. Oh, Sparkysmum - do you want my girls to come and give your girls a pep talk? Show them how it's done?! I think you are all right - it's the mild weather. Oh well, I best make the most of it then.
  6. You have my sympathies SC. Get well soon! x I have been suffering from something similar, had flu type bug (left me bedbound for days) in the first week of December, I had 3 days off work, went back to work for one day and then was off another week. Doctor said I had "infected airways, tonsilitis & ear infection" post the flu bug, 2 weeks of antibiotics and I am still suffering now - cannot shift the mucus off chest or a barking cough. I am convinced it's the weather's fault - we need a cold snap pronto!!!
  7. Awful ANH. Thank goodness no-one was there. Hope it's sorted really quickly for you all. x
  8. I never watch BB. Haven't watched it since Jade Goody was in it but this one is looking good purely for the barrel s"Ooops, word censored!"ing z listers they have put in it. I am sure that horrible WAG Nicola Mclean will stir up some trouble as she is acid tongued. The only decent ones in there are: Natalie Cassidy (seems warm & natural), Denise Welch (down to earth, normal!) and Michael Masden (who was once an amazing actor what happened?! Reservior Dogs, Species, Thelma & Louise - he must wonder what planet he is on).
  9. Great news!!!! If you like Cockers, why not go for one Christian? Just don't get the working strain type. The "show" ones are much more placid. A friend has a Cavalier KC and she is very quiet and docile and just the right size if you want a small dog. As you know I am dog mad and love all dogs but a MIL has a Jack Russell, and lets just say that dog would try the patience of a saint . Terriers make up for their size in personality and determination so if you are looking for a challenge get a "terror" but if you want a dog that behaves and listens to you - don't get one!! I shall be watching this thread with anticipated interest. *big grin*
  10. All my purebreeds are laying every day which is very odd . Normally they are broody all summer and then have an extended holiday from October to March. I have never known a Winter like it in 6 years of keeping hens. Is this normal? Anyone else getting this?
  11. Nothing sucks like a Dyson IMO. I have an animal upright downstairs (we have 2 very hairy dogs) and the smaller Dyson "city" which is very lightweight upstairs. The downside with the Dyson is the weight of them. I used to clean holiday cottages with a Henry and by far it is the worst vacuum I have ever used, after 4 hours of hoovering cottages I felt like tossing the thing out the cottage into the nearby lake!
  12. I would be happy to see James off the show. I can't stand him. Ola is ok though, it's a shame his antics affect her. The worrying thing is with Aleesha gone, Emma Bunton from DOI is in need of employment and that would really put me off the show! I really really want a proper judge to fill Aleesha's place and Karen would be a superb addition. Just hope the BBC listen to the fans.
  13. I am surprised you could get a car on finance at 80 (not meaning to be ageist) but yes I agree the salesman does need a stern talking too! You carry on ranting, it's good to let off steam!
  14. YES! Result! Aleesha has quit SCD to join Britain's Got Talent. This news has made my day!
  15. My Mum has the Fiat Doblo - very roomy in the back with sliding doors. (Hers is red and we call it the postman pat van ) I would imagine it is cheap to run as otherwise my Mum wouldn't have it. Another similar one to the Fiat is the Renault Kangoo - also plenty of room in the back. I like these car/van type cars with sliding doors, come in very handy if you have an eglu to get in the back!
  16. I would not recommend Somerset for it's beaches. They resemble more like mud as they are on the Bristol Channel, and some of them are particularly dangerous (sinking sand) so I would avoid if you want a beach holiday. If you want sandy beaches you will have to pop across into North Devon. Woolacombe, Croyde, Saunton Sands etc are all lovely long stretches of beaches and some lovely places to visit in the area. But I would say from Kent to North Devon is outside of your 4 hour drive AND the roads from Bristol onwards down here to the South West are an absolute nightmare in the Summer (gridlock every weekend) so unless you plan to travel through the night I would avoid Devon & Cornwall too! What about Norfolk? It's on my list of places to go, they have long sandy beaches there don't they? And I think they get their fair share of sunshine on the East Coast compared to our wet & mild weather here down in the South West.
  17. I wanted Jason to win. Harry has the technique, but does not show any personality or charisma for me in his dances. I thought Jason's show dance was the better of the 3. Loved Chelsee's quickstep. Pasha is a fab choreographer. I'm just not keen on Aliona, she seems to make the dances more about her. Artem will always be my favourite. Roll on next year Time for Brucie to go though - his shouting at the McFly crew was most off putting.....
  18. On balance, pic & mix deserved it on the night. How they'll fair as "artists" in the real world we will see, seeing as the runners up tend to do better these days. I think they should give 2012 Xfactor a rest for a year in the hope some decent, fresh talent comes through for 2013.
  19. Well I agree with Mr Seagazer cos I thought it was fab too I watched it again on youtube as the concept, choreography and music were perfect. Holly just wasn't as crisp on the dance as Artem was which just let her down. I also loved their jive (when he had the back injury). I could watch him over & over
  20. The things I'm liking on Strictly this series : The right 3 are in the final Claudia - I love her and we should see more of her Artem, he is just amazing. Mild irritants: Aleesha The embarrassing VT's in the middle of each dance Wembley Arena, it was pants Very annoying: Aleesha The audience, is there any need for all that "whooping"? Especially during the military wives - there was no need to have Vincent & Flavia dancing to them.
  21. Had to send both my pairs of boots back. They look well made but are not suitable for those with a wider foot or high instep like my cornish pasty feet.
  22. If you don't mind me asking but how do you keep it so pristine and white with a dog?! I'm continuously wiping mud splatter from shaking tails, paw prints and hair etc. I love white but could just not have it! Does Jasper wear slippers & a housecoat?
  23. Thankyou. Saved over £20 with my discount code and got next day delivery for £2 so well happy.
  24. Thankyou for the link I've managed to add 2 pairs of boots and some slippers to my basket.. Why have I never heard of this company before despite them being based less than half an hour from my home?!
  25. Sniffing my dog's furry paws Pyjamas (and wearing them all day when I'm not at work) Slipper Sox & totes toasties Candles, I have them lit every day Wet day films - snuggling up and watching an old "crackly" film on the telly Autumn and Winter - my favourite seasons (cold, nippy weather) Walking in the frost on top of crunchy leaves Making soup Ugg boots Camping - have lost count the amount of tents we have, plus a campervan & a folding camper! Listening to old music that reminds me of growing up Radio 2 Eggheads Pottering - nothing better than just pottering about (preferably in pyjamas & Uggs) around the home or garden Having a clean Cube and WIR Silence - I have a mental job in a stressed enviroment so just having total silence is bliss! Perfume - can't leave home without it on Egg sandwiches

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