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  1. Hi Guys, I am having rotten luck! Not only was hoppy hoppy put to sleep last week, but one of my new bantams that hubby bought for me has now gone lame. She was fine 2 hours ago and now is not putting any weight on her leg. Ive examined it and there are no obvious signs or soreness/cuts/heat etc even with my squeezing a bit to see if she'd react. So I have phoned the vet to find out if she can have some Metacam to see if that helps at all. Its the dog version and I know that there is a difference between the Dog and Cat version so waiting for him to call me...has anyone else used Metacam? She is now in the hutch with 5* luxury to limit her walking around etc....I don't need ANOTHER Hoppy Hoppy Chicken in my life!!!
  2. I LOVE Pekin Bantams They are super friendly and fluffy and don't damage the ground too much at all I just got a new Pekin Bantam hen and also a Light Sussex Bantam The Light Sussex is a bit flighty at the moment but I'm hoping she'll come round earlier in the year I had 2 Pekin Bantams living with my 2 with no problems, initially there is a little dominance competition but as the Bantams are so small they seem to understand that they are probably at the bottom of the pecking order. Some people have real problems integrating Bantams and Large Fowl, but with a little perseverance and a decent intro programme it is possible I think it very much depends on the personality of the hens Good Luck they are really fun I think that I read that you were near bath? if so Google JC Chickens as they breed a lot of Bantams
  3. So there I was this morning trying to keep the girls separated for nice quiet intro's and Ginger (Original Omlet Girl) decided that this was not going to happen! So flew over - Seems fine, there is a bit of vocalisation going on and a little bit of chasing around but nothing too dramatic which is a nice surprise! Locked the new girls back up now though as I really did want them quarantined before mixing with the other girls! Anyway...so far so good!
  4. The Lavender is super chilled and friendly! I have some work to do on the Sussex - she tried to do a runner tonight
  5. Hi Guys, Thought I would show of my new bantams that hubby bought for me an hour ago! Bought them off a lady that hatched them under a broody Chocolate Buff Orpington Broody I have 1 Lavender Pekin Bantam and 1 Light Sussex Bantam Here are some pics of them in their new 'intro' home this eve - will take better ones tomorrow morning! So....NAMES PLEASE?!! xx Just Checking Out The Hutch! Lavender Girly Light Sussex Girly
  6. Thank you This is the problem...our seperate housing is non existant now aftr it all falling apart. I managed to introduce 2 pekins to the 2 before with success so hope that if I can find another hutch or something similar that I can introduce them that way. My problem is that the remaining is not interested in the Pekin and Vice versa so both are now squaking - I'm guessing because their friend in common is missing? Do chickens actually remember these things?! x
  7. Oyster Shell or Man made product? I have gotton over a worming issue now after VermX NOT doing the job - I moved onto FlubenVet did their first week and then 3 weeks later did another week to totally break the worm life cycle. And then they were laying, but the pesky pekin was pecking the eggs.....which already have thin shells so I bought a china egg with great results....until today when the pekin sat on a egg and squashed it then continued to eat it. So I'm guessing egg shells need improving?! Any suggestions? Many Thanks x
  8. oh....the advice I needed was which egg shell improver to use - Not sure if what happened to hoppy was because the egg shells aren't great right now. Is Oyster shell any good? I found that the peices were too big for the girls. Does anyone use the EquiMins Egg Shell Improver at all? I don't know whether to go down the natural calcium route or the calcium diphosphate route... Also...how on earth do I add more birds to a pekin bantam and a huge without either the Bantam or new birds getting bullied? X
  9. Poor Hoppy Hoppy Chicken was pts last night. Some of you will remember Hoppy if you've followed numerous posts about her - from what to do after the fox attacked her and broke her leg, to being bullied by the other girls ( please know that she was looked after better than most humans during these times). Hoppy had been doing really well since the winter when we installed the WIR and looked like a normal happy chicken (with one leg of course!) all summer she was looking brilliant, but I noticed her hopping was slowing down considerably. Last night I came home from work as it was getting dark in the pouring rain, popped my head into the WIR and Hoppy was all hunched up with her eyes closed, her feathers up and her tail down. I dropped all of my work stuff, dived in and picked her up to find her underside completely swollen. I phoned the vet and they put us in at 7pm at the end of surgery. Vet confirmed that she was egg bound but it was too high in her tract to get to. She was looking terrible by this point and the kind vet said that he could charge me hundred of pounds in attempting to get her right, but he was pretty sure it wouldn't happen, so we both made the decision to have her put to sleep. Although I am gutted and cried for a good hour or so last night, I am sort of relieved as I was worried how she would cope this winter with not being able to hop around so much. She was a brave little thing, even through the fox attack and the bullying she always looked great - bright red comb and was always really chatty ( I think she was my favourite - although I don't tell the other girls that). I'm pleased that she is now resting in peace and get eat all of the corn that she likes up in the sky....R.I.P. Hoppy Hoppy Chicken
  10. 1887-1=1886 R.I.P. Hoppy Hoppy Chicken (Pickle) pts last night after her long struggle. Love you girly x
  11. Our chooks - 2 and a Pekin Bantam are totally fine with the Pug and the cat....and the Pug and Cat are great with them! Yesterday the cat was sat in the garden and the pekin sat right next her....the cat looked round....tail swished....and then............. THE CAT RAN AWAY!!! So I think I can confirm that my chooks defo rule the roost!!
  12. Many Thanks for your thoughts Mrs B - neither do I think of my chickens as 'machines' they ARE also my pets. Just to clarify I DO NOT WANT TO CULL THESE BIRDS, they ARE my pets and I DO want them to stay - I just want to know whether or not its a good idea to expand the flock by getting 2 POL in or to wait until the sad inevitable. Can someone tell me the DEFRA/RSPCA guideline for hens/sqm? Many Thanks,
  13. Yes it's just for sleeping - one of them decided to sleep in the nesting box but aside from that, that is all the action the nesting box sees!!! The walk in run is 6ft x 9ft so....2 x3 m approx.....it also has a trelis used as a climbing frame also which is about 1.5m and is off the ground.... Would that be enough space?
  14. I am thinking of putting my up for part exchange as I would like a instead as I am looking to expand the flock as my 'elderladys' are not laying anymore, but I'm not sure what to value mine at. I've looked on ebay and it looks as though most people's are reaching around £150 - is that really all they are getting?! I thought that the eglu products retained their value really well.....until recently. I don't want to short change myself if I do manage to find someone to Part Ex with (If I ever find anyone!!) I just want some more chooks so I can actually have some lovely !

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