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  1. I don't think they've released the name yet!! We entered 2 names (Roden and Crittle), but then didn't know there was going to be a vote on the forum, so we missed our chance to choose the best one. Oh well, am very excited about the new product, as we have a lovely hamster 'Stanley' who would love a new house!!
  2. Hi, Been to the vets, and crop normal. However, upon looking at her behaviour more closely we saw that she has a slight droop to one wing, and she looks uncomfortable, she is still much quieter, sort of stands about looking odd, but then does do a bit of pecking about etc as normal. She took herself to bed really early poor love. No breaks, or obvious pain when examined all over, no smelly breath, temps normal, eyes bright etc. Its a mystery really. Vet took a stool sample to test for worms, will hear back tomorrow. He wonders if it could be just a sprain, or possibly Mareks disease? Been doing a bit of research on this, and it doesn't look good really so hopefully it's not!!! Will keep you informed though.
  3. Teabag has lost feathers on her neck, breast, and underneath and has been bald there for a few months now (she is 1 year old, hybrid). I've treated her for mites etc, given them tonic in their water, extra protein (mealworms) and so on. She has been lively, and still laying, so I haven't worried too much. However, she has suddenly become lethargic, not eating or drinking, just standing quietly. Her comb is still nice and red, and her eyes bright etc. She laid yesterday, but very late in the afternoon, and just plonked it in the middle of the lawn. Her eggs are normal. However, her crop area does feel a bit squishy and enlarged, so wondering if the problem lies there? I think I will take her to the vets either today or tomorrow, but wondered what your opinions are too?
  4. Reb70

    1st moult?

    Thanks for your replies. If they were self pecking at an engorged crop...would the skin look sore? There is no sign of soreness. What would I be feeling for in an engorged crop? My feeling is that they may be starting a moult. Can the moult go on for some time? And is there usually a time of year that they moult or can it be quite random? I'll get some mealworms as you suggest. It is odd that they are all still laying as you say....I'll keep an eye on them. They seem perky and bright at the moment, no signs of feeling unwell.
  5. I have 3 hens aged around 10-11 months . They've been totally healthy up til recently when I've noticed feather loss on the front of their necks and when I lifted the feathers of the breast, one of them is totally bald underneath around the crop area. Its not sore looking. They are still laying most days, there is no sign of blood streaks on the eggs as I wondered if they had mites. There is some brown dust around the insides of the eglu but I think this is from the earth and where the hens have flapped their dusty wings etc, but could this be a sign of mites? I haven't seen any? Is it worth using some poultry sheild to clean the eglu to be on the safe side? Could they be having their 1st moult? Is there a good supplement to give them? Any advice would be most welcome
  6. I'd love lavendar, white, and mottled Pekins.....just because they're sooo cute like little teapot cosies!! :0)
  7. Hi Marggie, We've had our hens for 4 months or so now, 3 in an Omlet Go . They have been soooo easy to care for, no problems at all. We have 3 cats, and a dog and introductions have been surprisingly smooth, I didn't do anything special to introduce the cats to them. The hens have free range time in the afternoons when they have the run of the whole garden, and the cats don't bother them at all and one of our cats is a real huntress, the hens are just too big and bossy for them (I would be more careful if you are getting a small breed such as Pekins though). The dog likes to join in with them especially when they have their afternoon scatter of corn and apple, etc, I think she thinks she's a chicken too!! Occasionally she wants to play with the hens but they soon tell her off if she gets too boisterous, they are very good at protecting themselves, and I can leave them all out together unsupervised. Ours have become very tame, Teabag in particular loves a cuddle!! They come when they're called even if out of sight, they're hilarious, they come sprinting over to you!! Very entertaining The Haynes chicken manual is a great book covering everything you ever need to know. It was reccommended to me as I was a beginner too, available on Amazon. Good luck with their arrival and enjoy!!
  8. Our arrived yesterday!! With called Teapot, Teacup, and Teabag!! They brought with them in their carrier and laid this morning, amazing!! We are new to chicken keeping too! Looking forward to being able to let them roam around the garden in 5 days time! Hoping they will eat all the slugs that are eating my vegetables!! As well as their lovely eggs, I'm quite excited about their poo!! I'm going to use it on my vegetable patches in the hope my veg will be even better next time round! Our hens are pecking the rain drops off the run bars too, I think its because they are nice and shiny!! But mine seem to peck each others beaks..any ideas why anyone? Bye for now!

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