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  1. Oh how lovely Faverolles are my absolutely favourite of all hens - and I'm getting a couple in September (away too much between now & then, & don't want to miss out on the bonding!) Your pictures have got me all excited... Enjoy
  2. No helpful replies - but I'm in exactly the same state here. 1 girl laying softies, the others barely laying at all...All aged 3 or thereabouts & laying well til red mite (now zapped) a few weeks ago. Not sure where to go from here - so if you find any wonderful solutions, I'd love to know
  3. Oh Tash - that's miserable. I'm so sorry Do hope it doesn't make you feel too anxious & remove too much of the joy you find in your beautiful birds xxx
  4. Due to poor planning, my remaining 4 hybrids are all over 3 years old now...and though they were all laying cheerfully through the winter, with spring came red mite & since then the most they have managed is a periodic softie from 1 of the ex batts & nothing from the others at all. The whole flock was wormed in mid April, though I'm having another go now (Flubenvet, of course)...and the little frizzle bantams are laying on alternate days as they have all along. So - did the red mite trigger the "I'm too old to lay, let me retire now" reflex or should I be exploring for hidden nasties? They do have slightly dirty knickers but thorough inspection reveals no creepy crawlies anywhere. Hints/tips? or do you all agree it's likely to be old age (and thus time for MORE HENS!!! ) ?
  5. Hi omleteers...I've been absent forever - but all has been trundling along happily for the vicarage hens til this past month or so...We had red mite about a month ago and since then my prolific layers have pretty much ground to a halt. What's more the hybrid girls have slightly grubby knickers - but having had a good look I really can't see any sign of critters lurking in the feathers and in any case have treated them with ivermectrin. They were wormed with flubenvet 5 weeks ago - so it shouldn't really be that... Is it possible that all my big gals, being of a similar age (3 plus), have decided to stop laying at the same time? Could the red mite have just triggered retirement from active laying or am I ignoring something obvious or sinister or......?? Apart from grubby knickers and lack of eggs they are their usual happy selves - though we were getting a few softies before they stopped laying altogether - so I've been adding limestone flour to their pellets. They freerange in the garden, don't get regular treats...and I've not changed their routine in any way so advice would be hugely welcome. Spacechick- the lovely frizzle girls Serena and Joy are still laying cheerfully - clearly you brought them up very well
  6. It's definitely the cats who need protecting! The other day Figaro, my 1 yr old cat, didn't come in when I called him at supper time. This is most unusual, so I went out to hunt and found him stuck on the garden fence, not brave enough to come in because the chooks were between him and the cat flap! His older brother, Tallis, who is quite a bruiser, also seems to be very wary of the chooks. I've never SEEN them turn on the cats, but I wouldn't be surprised if they'd spent a bit of time showing them who was boss
  7. Coming in late but so very sorry...Today is the anniversary of my dad's death (a long long time ago, when I was 18)...Hope that the Father's Day hype wasn't too painful for you, though I guess it will have been. Sending love and prayers x
  8. Yay Couperwife...that's brilliant I've managed 5lb in 3 weeks if yesterday's sneak preview can be relied on...Only 2 weeks til my boys come home from uni & I so want to be back in the 11s by then - but don't think I'll make it unless I crash diet, which is so not sensible I'm not even considering it. WW is working for me - as much as anything, the fact that I've paid the fee means that I have a constant disincentive to sabotage myself by evil chocolate delights...
  9. Had a big Jubilee Brunch after special service this morning - & am busy polishing my halo as despite an amazing array of pastries, cakes & all sorts of illicit delights, I restricted myself to 1 (very enjoyable) croissant and loads of fruit. Oh, and a glass of Buck's Fizz. This isn't going to be an easy weekend to stay sensible, but I'm doing my best, really!
  10. Thanks...Have ordered a roll away as recommended (hadn't thought I'd have room for 1 in the go...but cheap enough to be worth a try) & will isolate her till that arrives. Sorry to be dim, but please could someone explain how keeping the nest box dark helps? I'm happy to have a go but baffled as to how it makes things better (unless it's that "Ooops, word censored!"ody will lay til the sun rises, so I can get her out the way before her sisters get down to it?) She looks so beautiful...was the scraggiest of my ex batts, and has feathered up so wonderfully- it somehow makes the whole thing worse.
  11. After some really messy explosions in the past, I'd rather given up on this & only made cordial for the past few years...but perhaps if I leave it in the bucket, all might yet be well. Thinks!
  12. Unfortunately the go door is either open or closed...it swings rather than sliding like the cube - so I can't see how to achieve that
  13. Alas and alack. For about a week, there have been no eggs in the , home of my 3 ex batts...I hadn't stressed unduly as my other ladies are performing nicely, and Ivy had been laying a few softies anyway, so I was happy for her to have a break. But yesterday I caught Holly in the act of demolishing an egg...I guess she got the idea thro experiencing one of Ivy's softies...but however she learned, learn she has...and she keeps making little dashed into the cube too, - though the combination of a determined broody and my speedy removal of eggs from there has stopped her from causing trouble there. So...I need to sort this out. Frustratingly, the ex batts lay really early - so I'm unlikely to get the eggs before she does Do mustard eggs work? Or do I have to try and isolate Holly? or what??? She is so beautiful - the most transformed of my 3 batty ladies - and I can't bear the thought of disposing of her - but I can't cope with her eating all the eggs Any advice gratefully received. I don't have a WIR, so can't add a rollaway nest box...
  14. Having faffed around since January, I met up with a friend last week who, having been sent on a "Desmond" course by her GP as she was pre diabetic, had lost 3 stone and looked fantastic. This finally inspired me - so I've signed up to WW online once again and at the end of week 1 have lost 3.5lb; "ONLY" another 2 stone to go... I'm madly eating all the zero points food & trying not to listen to the siren call of the Green & Black's white choc bar that I bought to share with my friend, - who has now signed herself off chocolate for keeps Would be glad of online encouragement, as I have to keep the whole thing very low key at home...OH doesn't get it at all, & DD has had an eating disorder in the past, so I am being really careful not to trigger anything for her.
  15. You have GRASS It all looks positively idyllic - thanks for sharing...
  16. Without wishing to confuse you, I've had no trouble at all. Started off with 3 hybrids in a then upgraded to & bought 2 weeny Belgian bantams...whom I put in the , intending to keep them separate... 4 weeks in, after a bit of supervised FR, the bantams decided to move into the cube & have never looked back. This happened again with 2 more additions, so cube population is now 2 LF hybrids (Broody Brigid has sadly departed thanks to Mr Fox), 2 frizzles, 1 Pekin & 2 Barbu d'Anvers...and they all get on fine. I'm not wasting the though...It's home to my 3 batty girls - only 1 of whom occasionally moves in with the gang in the
  17. A week of beautiful weather, chooks happily dust bathing in the sun, everything perfect BUT.......though the big girls are managing 4 eggs from 5 hens pretty much every day, I've not seen a bantam egg since October. We have more than enough eggs for our own needs, but I raised £120 for Christian aid by offering them for donations at my church last year - and I'd love to equal or out strip that this year.... Any tips for encouraging them? They were wormed in January, & as their "sisters" are laying merrily I'm assuming that all is well with their diet (I don't do many treats anyway - so it's basically layers pellets & whatever they find when free ranging)..they are happy & interested in life. Just NO eggs. Too posh to push? or do I just need more patience than I currently have?
  18. Another admiring post....but every time I see your Quail Barbu d'Anvers I do a double take, because I have 2 of their relatives and they are so alike it's disconcerting... I have this "WHO took those pics of Patience & Prudence? Oh no...it's not them......" kind of internal conversation every time! Love love LOVE your setup. If I can ever work out a way to fund a WIR, I'll use yours as inspiration
  19. Well done for being brave & getting it checked out. Lots of prayers for Monday
  20. Bloomin' eck. Waited to start properly til we'd got rid of all the Christmas goodies (vicarage = lots of people give you things to eat/drink) so last week my daughter & started in earnest. Lots of raw vegs, lots of fruit, almost no dairy, low carbs...went out for a pub meal & had lowest fat option for main course, no starter and no pud though everyone else in our group had both - and then I put ON 3lbs. Really don't know what to make of that. Any bright ideas much appreciated. At the moment I feel like abandoning the whole plan -but I have never weighed this much before, and hate not being comfortable in my own clothes - so that's really not an option. Gah. Cross vicar!
  21. Coming late to this, but wanted to add to the treasury of hugs & good wishes/prayers that have headed your way. No wise advice, I'm afraid, but I'm so glad you are managing to talk to your husband a bit & that you are feeling a bit more positive too. I'll light a candle for you and your son later on Take care xx
  22. Hi...I have 7 in mine (have been up to 9 before a couple of sad demises)...but there's TONS of space as the Barbu d'Anvers roost on the division between the nesting box and the roosting bars & the hybrids insist on sleeping in the nest box. This means there are just 4 little bantams in the main space - so at some point I will encourage the ex batts to move in with them (they offered hospitality to the rest of the flock in the go the other night, when the door to the cube run blew shut and "Ooops, word censored!"ody could go to bed!)...so that I can, please God, finally achieve a couple of faverolles come the spring... I have 4 run extensions, and they all FR most of the day...so it really feels fine.
  23. Lovely girls, specially the faverolles. Reminded me how much I like the breed...perhaps this year I'll manage to keep a couple
  24. All of mine, - teeny Bantams d'anvers & pekins included, managed the ladder quite beautifully from day 1. I did put a tree stump at the bottom in case they needed a "mounting block" but they went straight for the ladder.

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