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  1. I've spent a fabulous morning with my daughter in a glass bead making workshop which was my Mother's Day present. We had a really interesting time making our own design of bead which we will be able to collect next week. Anyone who is in the Midlands....it's well worth doing a workshop. The studios are above the Henley Ice-Cream Parlour in Henley in Arden....... we had to test the ice-cream before we left http://cravenandwhite.com/
  2. I would think it might explode in the way it would in a microwave. I'd try Googling to see if others have tried it
  3. - can I borrow your dog?
  4. I think Olivia Coleman would be brilliant in the role.
  5. Thanks Daphne - I suppose little hens would make good stress busters......if I didn't put the large pebble in the middle Mantel sitting hens would look good with some long legs I have a little pattern for baby bootees as well.......just need more hours in the day now
  6. I'm glad it arrived - and sooner than I thought it would! I am still waiting for inspiration to use the main part of the cardi but sleeves are excellent for making phone cases or little hens paperweights! I was heartbroken for you when it arrived - all that work making a hand-knitted item....... I hope the little hen is a pleasant reminder of your work. I don't usually work with felt/fibres during the summer months as I'm usually out working all hours on all the veggie plots but that little hen wouldn't wait
  7. No idea! - I had that problem last year....this year I have perfect plants!, same seed so it's a year older now as well
  8. With 6 farm cats I sometimes think we grow cat poop - I really don't like cats I have one area where the cats can gain access but as soon as I can afford more Omlet chicken netting I'll section that area in the same way as the other plots. I have one large area surrounded by the netting with gates in it at strategic points - it is wobbly and the cats can't scale it. I have an even larger area where we've used wooden posts (6' out of the ground) and stapled the netting around it. I thought the cats would scale the posts but they haven't! The netting is expensive but it has been in place for 7 years now and is worth every penny.
  9. I shall go and sign - I know how much it helped B.
  10. Patience is definitely a virtue where asparagus is concerned We had two pickings, each of two spears ....then on Monday we had 11 spears! There are a lot still to come as well.
  11. I wish I had an airing cupboard - I used to make mine in a wide necked vacuum flask popped in the airing cupboard. Did you get a refund from Lakeland for the second one?
  12. Sheep pigs!! They are lovely
  13. I'm doing a lot of 'extreme weeding' as well and my weight loss always slows - disappointing when attending a slimming group and the only measure of how you are doing is weight loss - but I do lose inches.......I just have to get my head round that ........changing shape is good
  14. I love having piggies - I look forward to the photos!! We haven't got any this year...yet.... Exciting news Emma
  15. I've lost another 1lb this week so I lost 7lbs in the first month, stayed the same the second month (as planned) and have lost 4lbs this month - I'm happy with that as I haven't been particularly strict this month.
  16. I use the Lakeland electric one all the time - I don't use UHT milk though. My favourite is Channel Island milk from supermarkets, £1 per litre or I use a local milk. I bring the milk to the boil and then leave it for about half an hour to cool it to the right temperature.... Even using Channel Islands milk it is cheaper than Yeo Valley when it's on offer at 2 for £2 !!
  17. I know it's too late for this trip but perhaps for future ones....I've just bought one of these http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/400428998763?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649 from Ebay - it's very good for the price and delivery was very fast.
  18. I have a good half dozen spears above ground now - quite difficult to tell as the variety I have come through purple at first. I also found a great dollop of cat poop this morning - on the netting!!
  19. I have it as a part of the genetic EDS we have in the family but haven't had a flare up for a while now. As others have said it manifests itself in different ways in different people and you'll find out by trial and error....hopefully, not too many errors. The book I have says the only common no-no is popcorn and all sufferers seem to have problems with it! I keep to low carb, avoid wheat to an extent and high fibre really doesn't suit me. After years of eating wholemeal bread I found that white suited me better....same with rice.
  20. Good luck for tomorrow - you'll soon be back here telling us how you are.
  21. You must be joking!! - I only sew things I can finish (erm....nearly finish ) in an hour - I'd be no good on there! I'm training Lauren up ready though

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