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  1. I have FE potatoes in and tomato seedlings in the polytunnel but I'm waiting as well - it all catches up in the end, I'm always late putting stuff in.
  2. I weeded mine (very carefully) on Sunday and found three little spears emerging!
  3. I saw somewhere today that they're already looking for people for the next series.......
  4. There's a recipe on here somewhere for a Lemon Meringue Roulade which uses a few eggs....and is very yummy!
  5. It's been 15 years since we were there so it may have changed a little - parts of it are very beautiful but very, very, poor. Some people speak English but the second language was German which proved to be a problem when OH was rushed to hospital on our last night. The hospital was like something out of MASH and I vowed never to go to a country where I couldn't explain illness, the phrase book we had wasn't much use. I'm sure things will have changed.......well worth going over to have a look.
  6. Thank you both - I might go and have a look then.
  7. I assume that they have properly sized armholes as well? I have differing levels of T shirts - smart and pretty, casual and farm as they're comfortable but it would be nice to have just one blouse..... I'd need one suitable for back fat and fat arms as well - perhaps I'll just have to stick with T shirts.
  8. That sounds like a good idea Plum As it's an accessory perhaps we could nominate a colour when we say that we're taking part so that the person making it isn't agonising over what colour to choose....or is that just me? I seem to spend ages trawling through old posts once I've been given a name to see if I can glean any hints about colour likes and dislikes.
  9. I slipped up with soup one day. It was a fast day and I was late home so didn't have time to make soup, I opened a can of pea soup and enjoyed it then I looked at the calorie count and it was something like 200 per serving.... and a whole can is 2 servings apparently!! I won't be making that mistake again! I lost 1lb again last week - I'm happy with one or two pounds a week and can always go to three fast days if I want to speed it up a bit.
  10. I hope it all goes well Karin - it would probably be easier if it was you that was having the endoscopy
  11. I agree - farm suppliers or Countrywide sell them and they're not expensive. Cameras today can be so small that you don't need any large showy cameras - leave them wondering
  12. ....and Psy has a new dance out ..... - it's on Youtube but isn't as good as Gangnam apparently. I just love embarrassing my grandchildren
  13. Thanks Clare, she was certainly determined!
  14. I have 'the other type' who is being a complete pain - again - but it's so lovely to hear such a heart warming story! I hope she soon recovers and is back to her busy schedule.
  15. Thank you She was walking fairly well without crutches yesterday. She comes to the pool with me on Thursdays while I do Aquafit. We try to have a Plan A so that I know what she'll want me to do if any joint should dislocate. Yesterday we decided that Plan A would have to be....Panic!! - unfortunately, Plans B,C and D were also Panic!! I have no idea how I'd get her out of the pool if her hip dislocated. The community physio had called out to see her and given her exercises to do in the pool but her hip felt unstable - I was glad when we got out and showered and nothing had happened
  16. I always have natural yoghurt and honey for breakfast so I don't change that on a fast day. I make either soup or a nice mixed salad for lunch and usually have mushroom risotto with extra veg for dinner. I just keep an eye on the quantities and I finish the risotto with just 1 tsp of butter instead of.....what I would normally add
  17. I hope you soon have an answer Ann - quite a few of us on here have had gall bladder removal so you'll have plenty of advice to call upon should you need it.
  18. I only like one herbal tea - Cinnamon and Ginger, and I have to have a teaspoon of honey in it. I don't drink tea or coffee but I love water so not a problem for me. I didn't want to get into calorie counting at all so I checked at the end of my first couple of fast days, as you did, and mine were around the 600 cal. mark. I'm not too fussed about being over the 500 as it's working for me. When my weight sticks I'll have another look at it.
  19. None of ours is showing yet either, it's a bit early. Seems like most of us are in for some rain tomorrow and that will help, especially if they're right about the warmer weather to follow as well.

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