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  1. Mine love slugs and snails...sometimes...but as fluffymuppet said, they prefer to only eat the smaller ones
  2. I remember too - my mates dad said when he kept chickens (many years ago) he fed them boiled potato skin (no salt obviously) which they loved - but if I was going to try it then I should do it on a camping stove outside because its stinky...I'm goin to try doing it soon hopefully and let you know how much they love it
  3. we gave up trying to stop them getting in certain places they always seem to find a way
  4. if you unlock the door, and leave it slightly open, they can be trained to open the door clever ey there was a post a while back on it...but they do need a while to learn...might this help?
  5. I have 3 but I reckon you could get atleast six in, cause they all squeeze in anyway
  6. Slugs and snails depending on their mood, sweetcorn whatever the mood. Mine can be VERY picky
  7. As Claret said: squirting the cheeky chook with water often works good luck - it took mine about a week to stop pecking each other fully when I introduced new chooks. Don't worry yourself unless it gets REALLY serious, remember it's a natural animal thing.
  8. I got mine and after a week they both stopped laying, they started laying again about a month after. But Jenny is stopping now (1 every 3 days kind of thing) but I assumed it was the winter weather.
  9. Mine were fine, try adding water to make a mushy substance
  10. Hello, welcome, good luck & much fun! (you'll be addicted for ever and ever now, muwhahahahaha)
  11. Firstly i'm sorrry to hear the news! Well, i'm not sure on either of your questions. In my area, I know local breeders were out of Black Rock ( equivalent) but had plenty of Warrens ( equivalent) But did manage to get some in the end, without too many problems. I didn't know there was a shortage either, so that suprised me. Im glad you got some friends though. And the only reason I could imagine a battery hen getting its beak clipped was to stop pecking (in that awful cramped environment I assume they can get quite aggressive) and have seen images of chickens getting attacked then eaten ! Write back if you find any info out about it. Good luck!
  12. I got mine on the last day of term before the summer holidays and I spent most of my holiday just sat there with them. They tamed so quickly and sat on my knee within about a week! Do let us know how you get on!
  13. Your story brought a tear to my eye (not just a saying, it actually did) I was so upset when we lost ours My friends gave support though - I hope you'd say we're your friends. Im so sorry, it was so awful! xXx
  14. I got my two yesterday - although that was because I lost one to a fox and poor Jenny couldn't be left on her own. I see no problem though The Black Rock we got is only tiny. But Jenny has taken her under her wing as a pose to how she fights with the White Star we also got Good luck

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