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  1. The Omlet WIR comes with an adapter to fit it onto the vertical panels of the main run. It does only seem to be available as part of the WIR itself, but might be worth ringing omlet and see if it's possible to get one. I imagine there might be cheaper options though.
  2. Could be they've been spooked by something (the noise of heavy rain even?). I came home one afternoon to find our 2 inside the eglu during broad daylight, and wondered what on earth was wrong with them. Then I realised the next door neighbours were using their strimmer just the other side of the fence - they must have thought it was some sort of chicken-eating monster! Hopefully they'll be back to normal tomorrow if the rain lets up. If not, try tempting them out with their favourite treats - that often snaps them out of it!
  3. Yes, that's right. We've got Rapport on the ground at the moment, on top of some slabs. It's kept fairly dry so far, although we've not had any heavy, driving rain just yet. We might end up installing a roll-up tarpaulin on the side the wind comes in from.
  4. Hadn't thought of that! We'll have to see if it becomes a problem when the April showers arrive. If it does prove to be an issue, the good news is that it'd only take half an hour or so to reshuffle the panels and put the door on the other side Good luck putting yours together next week! I'm sure you won't have any problems. My only advice is to get someone else to help out (for the roof especially) - and to follow the instructions (unlike me ! ) Are you putting it on slabs, or straight onto the ground?
  5. After a bit of deliberation, some planning, and a little hard work, we've successfully installed a plastic roof on the WIR: 4 x 2.4m sheets of corrugated plastic, each cut in half, held on with roofing bolts, then a 2m long section of guttering to act as a ridge. Here's a close-up showing how it's attached to the roof mesh panels: Hope you'll all agree it looks much better than a market stall now! New girls now almost fully settled - still a few reminders of who's boss by the older girls but everyone seems happy enough now - they seem to like the roof too
  6. Thankyou . Yes, it's weed fabric, although it's just tucked under the slabs at the edges. The eventual plan is to have shingle/pebbles around the outside of the run and around the veg beds, so that's why we've laid the fabric down.
  7. Managed to get out for some more photos today. The run is almost finished, log edging most of the way round, spare accommodation installed, and tarpaulin over the roof. I'm not particularly pleased with the tarpaulin in fact - the rain is pooling in it, then dribbling into the run when it does run off. Might try some corrugated plastic. Also Amy thinks it looks like a market stall! See what you think: Next job is to lay shingle all the way round the outside and edge the lawn, but chicken watching is proving quite a distraction New girls are settling in well, and Pepsi laid us a mini egg this afternoon . After a week of separation we let them mingle for the first time today, although the old girls started to get a little mean so they're separate again for the time being. Using the front door of the classic run as a partition makes it a doddle to combine/separate the spaces though Since a few people asked about the structural solidity, here's a photo showing the cross-braces in detail. The whole thing holds together pretty solidly - almost like a market stall...
  8. I've found their tastes can turn quite quickly - once one decides they like something, they all suddenly do! I was digging the garden recently and offered my 2 girls a small worm I'd unearthed - not interested in the least Eventually one of them did try it, and found it was actually quite tasty. Then the other wanted in on the action too. By the end of the end of the day they were both jostling around my spade racing to hoover up any and all wriggly things brought to the surface. A worm tug-of-war between two chickens is a sight to behold
  9. Just been out with my measuring tape, and the exact dimensions are 196cm x 196cm on each side (excluding the skirt), and 202cm high to the apex. Hope that fits against your wall. We're definitely glad that it doesn't show above ours - although our chickens draw quite enough attention to themselves anyway with their daily noises
  10. The main run measures 2mx2m, (or just over 6' x 6') The classic run connects onto the corner giving another 2sqm of space. The run itself cost a bit over £500 with the discount that was offered in the first week. We've then spent about another £50 on log roll to surround the base, and tarpaulin for the roof. For comparison we had a quote last year for a 5mx1.5m wooden WIR which came in at around £560 (with a proper plastic roof). £110 of that was for delivery and construction, so Omlet definitely win hands down on that front - £5 delivery charge and easy enough to put up myself . The mesh is basically the same material as the standard eglu runs. There's a very strong steel pole frame which supports the mesh panels, and a generous supply of clips to hold it together. Another reason I like it is that it fits perfectly into a corner of our garden - as neat as any purpose-built run could be. See below for the plan I put together in Photoshop (yes, I'm a computer nerd )
  11. We've bought some shelterflex tarpaulin to wrap over the roof. That's one of the various jobs to sort out next week before we can say it's 'finished'. We'll have to see how that works out, but I'm imagining we might need to put some more tarp down at least one side to keep it dry enough in the rain. We're also attaching some log roll edging to the outside to keep the flooring in, and building a dust-bath. Add a few odd logs and branches into the mix, and it'll be packed full of fun stuff for the girls in no time .
  12. Read all about it over here!: http://club.omlet.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=75507
  13. Our Omlet WIR arrived on Friday, and after a busy weekend preparing the ground and trying to figure it out, I've pretty much managed to put it together. N.B. I haven't received the instructions yet, but couldn't wait to get cracking - so if it turns out I've put this together in completely the wrong way, it's my fault and not a problem with the product! Here's a few photos: The girls' current setup: The site for the new run: 'Ground floor' going up (this bit was easy!): Upper panels and first structural piece (bit of guesswork, but I think I've done it right): Almost there!: I've now attached the original classic run, although there aren't any photos of that yet. The whole thing seems very solid and strong and looks great at the bottom of the garden. Putting the whole thing together took me around 2 hours. Definitely pleased with my purchase . However, a serious problem with the run came to light early this afternoon, which I felt needed addressing urgently... ...It's far too big for just 2 chickens! So when we went down to a local chicken supplier to pick up a bale of Rapport, we ended up coming back with a couple of new girls too - a Bluebell and a Black Rock. The layout of the run makes it perfect for introductions - the old girls are in their eglu and classic run, which I've partitioned from the new WIR where the new girls are temporarily sleeping in a rabbit hutch which I happened to have lying around (OK, which I bought from eBay on Friday 'just in case' ) Here are the new girls getting used to the new surroundings: More news to come!
  14. Yes! Got ours delivered to my work this morning. 2 huge boxes which both looked bigger than my actual car . After taking all the bits out of the boxes though, it actually fit fairly comfortably into the back of my ford fiesta, so managed to get it all home without too much trouble in the end. However, due to a minor hiccup the instructions are being sent separately and haven't arrived yet. Being a typical man though, I'm not planning to let that hold me back! So wish me luck making it up as I go along if they don't turn up tomorrow Will be taking plenty of photos and compiling my impressions once I figure it all out - watch this space.
  15. Sorry, just realised that was ambiguous so amended my post - it's about 20 m2 of mesh including all sides and the roof, even though that only gives you 4 m2 of floor space. It's due for delivery on 11th March (although I have to do some excavation and lay some slabs before I can move anyone in). I promise to post lots of photos and report my findings when it's ready .
  16. Well, I'm one who has actually ordered one of these so I feel I should try to offer a balancing opinion on this thread . Yes, it is expensive, but the price is actually pretty consistent with that of the other Omlet runs/run extensions, when you look at it per square metre of mesh. Cube extension - £90 - about 3sqm. = roughly £30 per sqm Basic WIR - £490 - about 20 sqm = less than £25 per sqm. The mesh is wider spaced on half of the WIR, but then there are extra bits like structural parts and the door etc, which I would imagine make up the extra cost. The way I see it, the Omlet weldmesh is pricey because it's top quality and built to last. It shouldn't deteriorate with any rust/rot over time, so may not need replacing/repairing for a lifetime. That also means it should hold its value pretty well if the time ever comes to sell it. I certainly wouldn't have been able to say the same about the DIY WIR I was previously planning!
  17. Thanks, that's very reassuring! So am now wondering what kind of roof could we put on one of these new Omlet WIRs? I've found something online called 'Shelterflex' which seems to be a cheap but sturdy plastic sheeting - available in a 2m wide roll so could be ideal. Has anyone else come across this, or used it even?
  18. Contemplating one of the new Omlet WIRs, but we're wondering - what's the best floor surface to have inside? We're contemplating paving slabs topped with a generous layer of wood chippings - a friend is a tree surgeon so we'd have a ready supply. Are chickens happy with a slab base though? With the amount of scratching and pecking they do we're worried they might wear their beaks down!
  19. We've had our two hybrid pullets for 5 weeks this coming Sunday but are yet to enjoy even a single egg - not even a softie . We were told they were about 17 wks when we got them and had held high hopes of an egg for Amy's Birthday a couple of weeks ago. No such luck! Neither chook has started crouching, and while bubbles has a fairly large (if pale) comb, Daisy's is still barely there at all. I'm sure the girls will get there soon enough, although the're starting to try my patience! Anyway - what I'm wondering is whether the amount of sunlight they get would affect their development in any way? We currently have them in a very shaded corner of the garden, where they get at most an hour of direct sunlight from around 5pm - my suspicion is that this isn't quite as much as they might like. How much sun do your girls get in their run? And at what age did they start laying? Would be interesting to gather some statistics to either prove or debunk my theory!
  20. Thanks for the replies. Off to buy a large water pistol tomorrow
  21. We picked up our very first chickens this afternoon - Daisy and Bubbles - and they quickly made themselves at home in our in our green eglu Classic. However, late this afternoon the neighbours' cat's predator instincts kicked in and he charged at the run. Fortunately "Ooops, word censored!"ody was hurt, but there was quite a commotion and poor Bubbles seemed rather distressed for quite a while even after the cat was long gone. Anyway, we're a little concerned that this will have given our chooks the worst possible impressions of their new surroundings. Will they forever be anxious in their run after such a traumatic first day? Should we try to keep the cat(s) from ever coming back by using some kind of ultrasonic cat deterrent. Or is it possible they could become friends in the long run?

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