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  1. Have just ordered an all-in-one coat for my lab mainly to stop him shaking all up my walls and to try to control the wet dog smell. Hope he'll wear it fingers crossed
  2. Have had my batts now for a month and have wormed them with flubenvet . They don't like many treats( worm etc) but do free-range each day. They are on ex-batt pellets but I keep getting really watery, stinky poohs. Any ideas what I can do to help them ? They're bums arn't messy
  3. Fantastic, I love batts . Let us know how they get on and lots of pics
  4. That's just what I'm going to do. I love meat but want it reared respectfully
  5. Having spent the day siliconing the wir ( great idea til girls pulled some up ) and sitting in sun watching my lovely but skinny ex batts dust bathing I thought I'd look on Facebook for exbatts keeping to share my enjoyment. BIG MISTAKE! I love KFC and McDonald's but if they use exbatts not any more . How do I find out if this is true?
  6. Fantastic, is there a certain type that's better? Good/bad way of doing it? Was going to put it round base on outside ?
  7. Could I use silicon round bottom of wir. I think it's comming in due to unevenness of slabs but havn't time or money to level them. Use hem core in wir and they keep getting soggy poor things.
  8. We keep getting rain seeping under wir. Is there anything quick,easy and cheap which would cure this
  9. My ex-batts are doing really well. Eating,drinking ,laying etc but one still has diarrhea .although she is not unwell was just wondering how to stop it. Am using a tonic in their water and have on only had them 3 weeks. Is it too early to worm? Got to say am loving my new girls
  10. I'm in Solihull just off monks path hall road if anyone an help, that would be great
  11. That's what I thought but didn't know if they were strong enough to do it yet? Don't have confidence to do it myself so will have to book the into vets
  12. We got our girls same time as you guys and I'm looking for my chicken confidence. Girls are doing great. But they can already jump onto highest perch in wir and I am now really worried about letting them fr incase I loose one over fence. Any ideas would be great. They are fantastic girls and sooooo friendly
  13. They look great. Ours are settling in well aswell. Each have laid and they even took themselves off to bed last night. Bit of fighting but not too bad. Loving them
  14. And very confident too, already eating ,drinking putting dog in his place (and each other). If a bit vocal !
  15. We got ours from there today aswell. Bit of a wait but more than worth it. They are all sooo helpful and the girls arn't too thread bare

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