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  1. Hi took her to the vets who said she had a neurological disease (mareks possibly?) and had to be put to sleep. Worried about the other 6 now although they are not showing any signs. Is there anything I should do to safeguard them? Thanks
  2. Returned from holiday and my sitter said Daisy wasn't coming out of the cube and seemed to be having difficulty walking. I put her in the spare eglu and noticed her back end seemed to be near the floor but she was eating and drinking and seemed quite perky. However the last few days she can't walk at all but is still eating and drinking. Her feet are all curled up. Her tummy feels a bit hot and swollen. Any ideas? Thank you.
  3. Thanks all for your replies. I will try to clip their wings again as haven't done them for a while and let them have the occasional time in the omlet netting - they make excellent lawnmowers! One of mine looks like she might explode if she doesn't get let out, she never stops pacing
  4. Hi I'm considering keeping them in their run permanently, does anyone do this or is it really mean? It is 9 square metres, cube 3m and full height 3x2m walk in run with tree perches. I have tried omlet fencing off the plants - quite good in winter but i can't get to the beds easily and it looks awful. They also then poo all over the patio and chase rhe children! Tried omlet fencing sections of grass and scrubby area at the back but they always escape and can't catch them. Arghh, what is the answer!
  5. We must have been at the same place - I got my four in Crowthorne yesterday! My old four haven't taken much notice at the moment but they are separated. The old ones are not going into the spare eglu I have put in for them though, they are perching on branches at night. The new ones don't look as bad as i thought they would be, just pale and a bit bare in places. The kids have called them Cookie, Crumble, Red and Berry and instruct me on how to tell them apart! They are managing the ladder ok actually with a flower pot at the bottom. We have had three eggs from them already although one was on the floor! Looking forward to keeping an eye on them today as have the day off but the weather is very windy and rainy, yuk. I put a plastic sheet around the base of the cube (from ebay) so they have some shelter. I got some ex bat crumbs which they seem to like but will introduce the usual pellets slowly. They are not drinking much, I think the glug is a bit strange to them?
  6. Thank you everyone, that's so helpful. Just need to find a supplier of ex bat crumbs now in berkshire, sort out the ladder and put some more protection around the cube base for shelter. I'll let you know how it goes in 2 weeks time
  7. Hi all. I'm getting my first ex bats (well they are ex barn) in a few weeks to join my current 4 hybrids. Really looking forward to it! The ex bats will go into the cube and the others will be moved into the walk in run attached and use a spare eglu, is this the best way round? Thought then the oldies can still fly up to the perches and I can let them out to free range still. Just wondering if they will adjust ok to the cube ladder and the cold of outside as they have never been outside before. How long should I keep them separate? Do I need to get the special ex bat food - someone said I could possibly dampen down the pellets as they are not used to them? Thanks for any advice.
  8. Thank you all so much for your kind wishes. I feel so guilty and stupid. I have a clearer idea of what happened now - as I came out of the run I started locking the top gate, then my husband took over who thought I'd done the bottom and I thought he was finishing off the locking up. I was quite traumatised by trying to catch Charlotte in the dark (and us both being half asleep) so just didn't double check, an awful lesson to learn. It reminds me of when we got burgled as they got in with a coat hanger through the letter box, a very common burglary so we found out. We told everyone we knew but still someone we knew were burgled the same way. Since then we always double lock the door, hide car keys and take bags & wallets upstairs.in the same way I hope this helps make someone else more careful as I will be from now on. Charlotte is locked in the cube, run locked. She has been surprisingly perky today so hopefully will be ok. I collected a bucket full of feathers from in and around the run but thankfully here were no bodies as my 8 year old went to let the new ones out today. Strangely it feels unreal because there is no evidence. We will get some more chickens in a few days as the garden is very empty without them (but poo free!). Thanks for listening to my rambling!
  9. Thanks for your thoughts. Charlotte has just laid an egg, bless her, and is making a massive crowing type noise non stop. She is eating and drinking ok. Should I try and catch her to put some purple spray on her wound or just leave her as she would get so stressed being caught? It's not bleeding just sore looking. Poor lonely thing...
  10. I had just got my 3 new chickens to go in the walk in run with my 3 oldies last night. I shut the run between the omlet Wir and the cube run to keep them separate but neither group wanted to go into the eglu or cube so i left doors open, run shut which is what I always do. There was a massive scream from one of my oldies about midnight so we run out there to see she had been bitten through the bars while roosting on a chair near the bars! She seemed ok, nightmare to catch as usual but eventually did it and put her in the eglu and shut the door in case the others pecked any blood. Went to bed and didn't hear anything else but then woke to find all the other 5 gone...feathers everywhere but no sign of them. We are all distraught as 3 have only been here a few days and they are only babies...I can only think that I didn't shut the bottom run door properly as it always has slid across and you think it's shut but obviously wasn't, it was so dark. Absolutely gutted. Injured one seems fine except nasty cut in her side. Hubbie thinks we should get some more today as 1 on her own but not sure I can cope.. Kids really upset. What shall I do? Very sad...
  11. I have 3 new chickens bought today and are in a separate and makeshift run. I am going on holiday in 2 weeks and wondered if it's feasible that they would be integrated with my 3 old ones by then? I could spearate the cube and walk in run by putting the eglu in there whilst I am away or do you think they'd be ok in together by then?
  12. Sorry have persuaded hubby to put slabs in tomorrow which will be his weekend workout as they are massive with lumps of concrete stuck to them! Then I'll buy more countrywide horsey bedding to put down and see how that goes. How often will I need to change it? Thanks everyone.
  13. Hi, just laid a new patio so have the old huge slabs sitting idle. Question is is it easier to look after a slabbed walk in run or just on soil? At the moment it is on soil (covered) and hilly from their digging but otherwise the aubiose just mixes in. Has anyone got preferences? Which is easier and is one method more hygenic than the other? Thanks!
  14. Stunning eggs, love them! My 2 fenton blues were supposed to be blue/green layers but ended up cream! Where can you get pure breeds this time of year Laurie, i'm in berkshire.
  15. Ah well, food for thought there, thank you - I want them all! Wish it were spring aleady as shopping choices are limited...

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