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  1. I'm no expert but the close up put me in mind of laurel. The thick waxy looking leaves plus the purple berries? The leaves are more pointed than the laurel I'm familiar with but a member of the laural family would be my guess. If I'm right I believe they are pretty hardy. The ones in our garden take the periodical massacres we give them without any problems.
  2. Does anyone know if the council are allowed to bill retrospectively? I have just received a amended bill for a house that we are doing up. Money has been tight so it's been a very sloooow process. They have just added approx. £550 to the 2013/14 bill, which I have already paid in full! The reason: 150% long term vacant property premium. Now I understand the principal behind the charge, i.e get unoccupied houses re occupied. However leaving aside other objections as to whether it should apply in this case I am upset that they have back dated the premium to June 2013. The premium has been in affect since 01 Apr 2013 and they knew when it became 'long term' empty. As such, surely it should have been taken into account when they sent my original bill. At a minimum, surely they should have written and advised me they I would have to start paying the premium when it came into affect, i.e June 2013 (in dispute), not eight months after the fact! Also does anyone know how long it needs to be occupied, before it can be unoccupied again? Many thanks N
  3. I'm no expert but I'd say no. She looks like a girl to me.
  4. It's Wii fit demanding a reason for my increased weight before continuing to point out last time it was a different time of day and weight can vary by 2lbs over a day that gets me. Oh, and a certain department at a certain energy provider, who cannot be contacted directly and think the wording of their letter (via a third party) is fine because it got them the info they wanted... Yes, granted it did, but if the wording is so effective how come I have a still have complaint open FIVE months later. Ironically, had I actually meekly complied with the letter they would not have got the info they wanted! The list goes on... and varies in length depending on my mood.
  5. I've had cracked/dented eggs before. I've also done the damage myself a few times trying to write the date on a thin patch of shell. So long as the egg is not punctured, i.e the inner membrane just under the shell is not broken I still use the egg. Just use the damaged ones first (as soon as you can) and crack them before use to check they are okay. Other than a thin shell 99.9% of the time they are fine. It seems a shame to waste them. How dark is your nest box? I found my chooks were less likely to give a egg a peck if it was too dark for them to see it properly. Also, as good_egg suggested try upping their calcium intake with ostershell etc. I was baking eggs shells and feeding them back to mine when I had a spate of softies. Hope you get the problems sorted N
  6. Sorry you have lost your chook. I serious doubt you neighbour would have any rights to despatch or rehome a chook if it strayed into their garden. Your chickens belong to you so they would be stealing if they did not return them. Beside I imagine your neighbours would rather have the opportunity to complain to and about you again, rather than sneakily dispose of a single chook. At the very least you can return any 'presents' the cats leave behind to them. For the safety of you children obviously. Of course it might best to ask your neighbour if they would prefer to collect it themselves or if you should just drop it over the fence.
  7. Just wanted to add my sympathies, to you and all who are affected by such a terrible loss. I agree you should tell your son sooner rather than later. You don't say how old your son is but if he knew and was friends with the young man then you cannot protect him from the loss forever. Plus he may be hurt that you kept it from him. You also don't want him asking after his friend to your friend (or any member of the family) when sees them because he doesn't know.
  8. Forum. I have never even looked at omlet facebook With regards to Facebook: I joined, I looked, I wondered why I bothered.
  9. Same one is advertised my local Sainsbury's for £29.99. Don't know if they have them in stock though N
  10. It's not mean. As I understand it they can be very single minded about being broody. As a result they can lose condition, so you are doing it for her own good it the long run. Re a brick in the nest box; I put 2 four pint milk bottle filled with water in each nest box to discourgage mine. That night I found the broody squeezed in with/on top of them them so you might need a bit more than a brick. Hope Betty continues to improve. N
  11. Thanks, I think that's just what I needed to hear. That was my instinct but I was wondering if I was being daft turning down the money
  12. Some of you may be aware I'm having a bit of a disagreement with my gas meter readers*, who put a letter through my door implying they cannot recognise a meter box from two feet away (*won't go into details but they are not the normal people read it) Two weeks and two reminders later I finally had a response to my e-mail. Another e-mail later they actually attempted to answer my questions, not very successfully. I'm still waiting for answers to further questions! For good measure I copied in my energy provider's complaints department on all the messages. I've now had a e-mail from them offering me £25 as a good will gesture. The problem I'm having is should I accept it? Other than employing these people in the first place I really don't think they are the ones at fault. I'd be much happier if it had come from the meter readers. I'd also still like the meter readers to actually explain themselves (if they can), and/or apologise. Should I accept the money and drop the matter? Or should politely decline and continue to pursue the meter readers?
  13. Thank you. Hmmm, so younger ones might be better than than POL. The noise could be an issue though. How early do they tend to start chattering? How early/late do they stop and put themselves to bed? Or am I dreaming on that one? N
  14. Can anyone tell me about these? I would absolutely love to get some ducks and recently discover a supplier very close by who sells Cherry Valley's. The name means very little to me but the pictures are of white ducks with yellow bills which are my favourites (sorry if I've made anybody wince with that) "Prudence" is quite adamant and quite right that I cannot get any at the moment but I would like to know if these are a practical choice for the future. There is no harm in research right? Are they a good choice? How much noise do they make? Many thanks N
  15. I have space; actually I need some more girls as I'm down to one plus my cockerel . Unfortunately I learned (the hard way ) my spare coop/run was not secure. But I'm working on it. Can anyone advise on what is best to get once I have secure quarters for them? My existing boy and girl are booted bantums. Pekins definitely appeal. However so do hybrids/big girls; it would be nice to have some full size eggs. Would booted banties cope living with big girls? Or is it kinder/safer to stick banties? N
  16. ....Today I discovered a chicken breeder/supplier near me. Pretty much within walking distance near me! This is not good for my "morehens". The sell ducks too. And they have Goslings... Good job they don't have Pekins, and it was starting to rain when I left work, otherwise I may have made a small detor on my way home. I don't have anywhere to put them, I don't have anywhere to put them... ....yet
  17. What a little darling. Congratulations. I'm N
  18. Yes. Well I believe so anyway. Before I re-homed them I noticed one of my boys used to get them on his face. At least thats what I took them to be. He did not seem to mind, but I'd try to remove them (if he cooperated) N
  19. I'm so sorry. Maybe I've misunderstood but if he only collected them on Thursdays how could he possibly claim to have tried to rehome them. How can he claim to be animal lover if he will only spend 1 day (if that) trying to rehome them before he gives up! For that matter why did he not say they were not what he wanted when he collected them. I agree with laurmuff, he was only after the run/coop. I hope your OH read him the riot act. Please don't blame yourself, this guy is a lying .... so and so (can't say what I think here) If you could face it, tell him you want the run/coop back on the grounds he bought it on false pretences. N
  20. Oh dear. I'll take this opportunity to apologise for any in my posts. Plus typos. I do try to proof read but I tend to see what I think I have written instead of what I have actually written. There was a classic in my local shop on a A4 poster for a s"Ooops, word censored!" metal dealer We take any think metal At least I'm not that bad... ...I hope N P.S. Can anyone point me in the direction of spell check when drafting a post. I'm sure I have used it on here before but just cannot find it. I have to copy and paste into word at the moment. Sorry if I'm being dense.
  21. Congratulation. I dare you to ask the Environmental enforcement officer for an apology Oh, and don't forget to put up a nice (temporary) eyesore for the benefit of the neighbour(s) who complained . sorry, I have an evil side N
  22. Update : No reply to a e-mail I sent (last week) yet but I yesterday there was an automated phone message asking me to provide a gas meter reading. N
  23. Doubt if it would work but you could always try a few posters Found Lost wheelie bin Discovered 13/4/13 Contains an item of value we feel owner may wish to reclaim ( ) You never know, they might be dim enough to bite
  24. I sent a letter/e-mail last night charging them £50 for wasting my time Given that I had already spoken to them about their first letter which basically asked me to read the meter for them. 20 minutes on hold before I could speak to anyone, and the person implied they had not even tried to read my meter before sending the letter out Rang my service provider to tell them their sub contractor was asking their customers to do their job for them and was told 1) they did not require a reading and 2) they had not heard of this company! Interrestingly I realised this morning the lastest 'we have visited but were unable to read your meter' letter is pre-printed with my name and address Somehow I doubt the meter reader carries either a stock of pre printed letters for all the houses he has to visit or a printer with him on his rounds. I have kindly offered to provide any information they require e.g. a photograph locating the meter box for the meter read, at £40 a hour plus expenses. I have also offer to meet their operative at the property for £150. I suspect I may have to offer to send my 'representive' to their head offices (£75 an hour plus 45p a mile) in order to get any sort of satisfactory response. Ironically, the meter in question is already capped off due to renovations, a fact my service provider is fully aware of. N

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