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  1. unfortunatly my beutiful baby chick died to day, she went peacfully. rip fizz just 12 weeks old
  2. Hello, my chick which is 11 weeks old, suddenly this week she seemed to not be able to walk and wanting to sleep all day, we thought she would die, however she seemed to pick up alot over night, she is able to get around, eat and drink and was bathing herself, but she keeps falling over and her neck seems crooked aswell, but picks her self up and carries on. i thought she may be paralysed but when i pick her up she can move both legs and give a good fight, (they arent used to being picked up yet) What is wrong with her, and do you think i should have her culled ;( i really hope i dont but im not sure what it is and whether she will recover from it.
  3. i have the same problem but its our dog who choose the wire, (we think) any way all i do is get some string and tie up the holes making sure its looped so there is sort of like a double barrier, i think its cheaper this way.
  4. -1 = 1081 unfortunatly sally died, she looked il a week ago and then she was back to her normal self went out yesturday to find she had died in the night. rip sally
  5. well it may not be the best photo in the world, but this is my rescue collie and our new kitten, they are best friends and the other day i walked into the kitchen to find them like this. they really are the best of friends, they play together, toby(collie) is very gentle with maggie and he mouths her head and she trys to bite his lip, they are ever so cute.
  6. If you have only just brought her, it could be that they debeaked her, its when they trim the top beak to stop cannabalism and bullying in large group numbers, my first lot of hens had thiss done, it never affected them. I dont no whether your chicken has had this done or not but if you hen can still eat and drink fine and seems happy in herself i would worry about doing anything, as it may make her very stressed if you did try to trim her beak.
  7. Yes unfortunatly its prodomontantly black and white cats which end up in rescue centres, i dont think its because they are unfashionable i think its because there are so many black and white cats around which arent being neutered (no to say others arent) that the litter that those cats will be definatly black and white kittens, and then people get the cats and then soon decide they cannot care for them. Also i think in rescue centres the big problem is that with so many black and white cats in, they all look the same but if there is one cat for example tabby or tortie in which looks totally different it will get snapped up straight away. Also its not only black and white cats which are left, but unfortunatly there are alot of older cats in say about 7+ which really get looked over, which is a real shame as some of them have lovely characters, and they have better characters than the younger cats, and you know they really want a home, but "Ooops, word censored!"ody will take them, as they want a younger cat which will live longer.
  8. so what about blue, i love my blue eglu, why didnt they continue that?
  9. i found exactly the same picture, its so colourful its like a rainbow,if you go into the forum that apparently all but 1 was second hand, no wonder there doesnt seem to be any
  10. sally looks like mine, there is deffinatly silkie mine is silkie cross sultan.
  11. it could be they are not on the forum as the competition wason the newsletter aswell
  12. If you think she is being possesive of her things, could you not put new bottles and things in so there is no smell on them, and give the hutch a really good clean with a pet friendly smelly (like flowers) disenfectant. That might work. We used to own guinea pigs but dont have them any more at one point we had 13. can we have some pictures?
  13. yep we learnt all about it for geography this year at school, the uk, has an ageing population, which means there is not enough people to support the elderly ie pensions, that is why the retirment age is going up. also if you have more children thats great for the short term, it even outs the proportions of the ages untill, those children have become old, and then you need more children etc, which causes the population to grow even more, which has loads of bad effects, eg not enough food, hence battery farmed animals. The cages look better, if you watch the video, its around 2 mins, you can actually see one of the chickens move around between the other chickens, which in my opinion is much better, but still would rather see free range chickens.
  14. its ok, i havent got a fried eglu but ive always wondered why there wasnt one for the fried egglu, and as i now know the mods/staff of the forum cant do it but, only omlet hq, im sure they will get round to it one day.
  15. So I'm guessing they just didn't sell and were soon s"Ooops, word censored!"ped! edit-wrong name!! i suppose that is why i cannot find any picture of them then
  16. fred, thats great, i dont think ill be needing to contact omlet, fred has done one for us hahahah
  17. wow that is a mighty age, we have only had one die so far and we think she was 3
  18. so ive seen the yellow eglu classic on ebay the other week, however i have never seen the brown has anybody got one? were they limited edition, ive looked on google images and cant find one single picture. i think they would look great if you had a couple and a couple of green ones. camoflage from eglus
  19. Just a quicky but it is something i constantly notice, So you have all the other icons for the classics, But do you not need one for the fried eglu
  20. we dont have a cube but do have a classic, our classic is on a slight hill, and we always get water under the cleaning tray when it rains, but it never gets the newspaper or the nestbox wet.
  21. I am impressed with the rspca, ive watched all the programs, but i never thought they responded that quickly.
  22. you have done the rihght thing even if the rspca go and see the owner and believe the dog is being looked after properly then at least you no the pupply is ok, if you havent have phoned and its the opposite then you would have felt dredful
  23. I am edging towards calling, my mum reckons at the very least the RSPCA might recommend she go to puppy training classes... I just feel like I need to know for sure whether I'm overreacting or not, I would never dream of treating a puppy that way. Yes, it is a status dog, she wanted a staffi, a pitbull or a husky (which would have been ridiculous, given she works 9 to 5 and is the only person over the age of 7 in that household). I was watching a rspca program the other day, and a woman had slapped her dog (or was it she hit him with the laed im not to sure) and the rspca had been to see her, as i think the woman said it was against the law. The woman didnt realise and promised not to do it again, and the rspca person said she would leave them to it, as the dog was in good health, but if there was any more incidents of it the owner could face prosecution. It was only the once which the dog was slapped, but i know the rspca go to every case that they hear about. It doesnt sound like she should have the puppy, that is not the way to teach the dog, and in time the dog will become agressive and will have to be put to sleep if it ever bit some one. So if you are worried and from what you say, you have every right to call the rspca, the idea the woman is telling every one that she slaps the dog means she either doesnt no how to look after it or she is very arrogant.
  24. i wish it was that easy to tell the difference between mine, mine are silkie x sultan and silkie x pekin, so they dont have single combs and they are not red either, what a bumma. But you have some pretty birds there what are your breeds crossed with

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