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  1. Oh dear, according to the Press, looks as if Maisy might be partaking in extra curricular Strictly activity with HRVY. Never mind, I’ll enjoy watching the show 😊👍.
  2. Thank you, I used some sunflower seeds from my garden today and after initial inspection 🤣🤣, they were eaten! Next year, I’ll plant more sunflowers, unfortunately now the wild birds won’t get them and I’ll have to buy more.
  3. Another question, sorry! How often should she get a protein boost? I gave her the scrambled egg in the afternoon so she would have eaten pellets until then. I’m thinking every other day for scrambled egg?? Just a guess though.
  4. Bill Bailey brilliant, a great entertainer. Definitely deserved more than a 3 I think it was from Mr Groany Pants ! And HRVY, well FABULOUS! He’s my toy boy for the next few weeks 🤣🤣
  5. Thank you Luvachicken. I’d forgotten about the tonic, I’ll pop some in their water tomorrow. She’s like a little old lady in an old people’s home, she gets up, then tootles back to the cube for a rest and its warmer there and, then back into the run so toos and fros all day. She still gads about free ranging and remains very agile!
  6. My nearly 10 year old skyline is on a massive moult atm. Any idea how often I should give her a protein boost? She ate a whole egg yesterday (cooked and scrambled), turned her beak up at tuna (so the others ate it) and is also on poultry spice. Apart from that she’s on layers pellets and a tiny bit of corn when coming in from free ranging. Thank you 😊
  7. Fingers crossed for you, Lewis. My supplier has described the eggs as being blue and I do really like blue eggs so fingers crossed. My skyline laid blue eggs and the yolks of her eggs in particular tasted divine!! Absolutely gorgeously rich! Yum!
  8. Thanks DM, my supplier is very good and experienced and I’m pretty sure the eggs will be ok in colour. My leghorn has to date been the dizziest chicken, completely loopy. Will see if the newbie surpasses her!
  9. I’ve just had an email back from my supplier who has advised they are predominately Araucana, had a quick research and they look fab, especially a new breed. So have popped my name down for one. Morehens disease 🤣
  10. Thank you. Not sure about when I’m getting newbies. Hopefully in the next couple of months if not sooner. Egg laying seems to be diminishing atm!
  11. Does anyone know anything about this breed? It is new I understand, my supplier has just got some in and I’m considering purchasing one in my new collection 🤣🤣. They lay green eggs, I am interested in their breeding lines and life span. I’ve just emailed my supplier who has only just started stocking them. I thought you knowledgeable lot will probably know. Thank you!
  12. Thank you, I’ll give her another couple of days and try again and keep the door shut til bedtime. In any event, she might get a shock soon as I might be getting newbies!
  13. Ok, I’ve let her out and she had initial dust bathing session with the girls for a couple of hours then returned to the nest and is also being viper like! She is back in the sin bin. How long do I leave her before I try again? Thank you.
  14. Thank you, I’ll keep her in...especially as she’s like a viper atm protecting those eggs!
  15. Sorry, I have a mental fog! Just stuck my broody chicken in the sin bin for 3 days. Can’t remember, do I let her out to free range with the others? Thank you.

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