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  1. Fingers crossed for you, Lewis. My supplier has described the eggs as being blue and I do really like blue eggs so fingers crossed. My skyline laid blue eggs and the yolks of her eggs in particular tasted divine!! Absolutely gorgeously rich! Yum!
  2. Thanks DM, my supplier is very good and experienced and I’m pretty sure the eggs will be ok in colour. My leghorn has to date been the dizziest chicken, completely loopy. Will see if the newbie surpasses her!
  3. I’ve just had an email back from my supplier who has advised they are predominately Araucana, had a quick research and they look fab, especially a new breed. So have popped my name down for one. Morehens disease 🤣
  4. Thank you. Not sure about when I’m getting newbies. Hopefully in the next couple of months if not sooner. Egg laying seems to be diminishing atm!
  5. Does anyone know anything about this breed? It is new I understand, my supplier has just got some in and I’m considering purchasing one in my new collection 🤣🤣. They lay green eggs, I am interested in their breeding lines and life span. I’ve just emailed my supplier who has only just started stocking them. I thought you knowledgeable lot will probably know. Thank you!
  6. Thank you, I’ll give her another couple of days and try again and keep the door shut til bedtime. In any event, she might get a shock soon as I might be getting newbies!
  7. Ok, I’ve let her out and she had initial dust bathing session with the girls for a couple of hours then returned to the nest and is also being viper like! She is back in the sin bin. How long do I leave her before I try again? Thank you.
  8. Thank you, I’ll keep her in...especially as she’s like a viper atm protecting those eggs!
  9. Sorry, I have a mental fog! Just stuck my broody chicken in the sin bin for 3 days. Can’t remember, do I let her out to free range with the others? Thank you.
  10. Wow Soapdragon you are doing very well! Well done for dropping your pain meds down, fabulous! As soon as you can do an emergency stop you can drive, unless you’ve been told otherwise for whatever reason of course. OH had 6 weeks post op on first hip (NHS) and several apps (private) on second hip. Both physios worked through the exercise booklet and speeding OH through it as it is designed for an older patient. Look after yourself, you are doing so well 😀👍.
  11. My oldest chicken goes to bed first, she’s entitled to as she’s 9 but she’s not the bottom chicken. The last 2 to go in varies between 3 of them!
  12. Oooo, how exciting getting your first chickens! Just to add, I don’t whistle for my chickens, I shake their tin with corn in and when they come in they get a handful of corn. You can start this in the first few days after you get them, not sure if you are planning on letting them free range but what I mean is when they are in the run you can whistle/ shake a tin and then give them their treat. That way they will begin their training and get used to you and associate you with loveliness! Have fun 🐔🐥🐔
  13. I’ve definitely had 1 chicken lay 2 eggs in a day a couple of times, it was when they were young. Not sure if that helps.
  14. Thank you Soapdragon and Patricia. I’m so pleased you are doing so well, Soapdragon,it is a big op and you are doing really well. Keep up those lovely exercises and before you know where you are you’ll be back to normal only if anything like my husband better and stronger with your new hip! Your garden ideas are great, I really like the idea of salvias, verbena and lavender. It sounds lovely. Thank you too Patrica, the chickens aren’t allowed out as far as this (my first lot of 4, 10 years ago were,but I learnt and they now have part of the garden which is fenced off. They do love under the trees in the picture as well.) I really like the scented idea too, Will get looking into whether to grow the plants from seeds or buy baby plants. In the past I’ve been victim of buying 1 of this and 1 of that, but must now be better behaved at the garden centres!
  15. Thanks DM, I have a dog, I wasn’t planning on getting one just to get rid of a cat 🤣. This lot of chickens are rather an odd lot and quite disparate with no chief which doesn’t help things. With the cat, they all scatter here there and everywhere! I really cannot see any likelihood of them retaliating. Previous chickens have had a right giggle at cats that come into the garden and have normally charged cats. I really cannot see that happening with this lot unfortunately. Water pistol is a good idea, though it’s normally run over the fence when it sees me!

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