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  1. I put my chickens sometime ago on the grit, gastro grit….just to see what it did. My girls adored it, is the understatement and it firmed up their poos substantially. Is there any other supplement I could use which would help them, the gastro grit was excellent but expensive. Most of my girls are getting on now, the youngest are 18 months and the oldest is nearly 5, they are all hybrids.
  2. Tried them on celeriac peelings and they ate the lot including the skin!
  3. Thank you SM and Beantree, I’ll stick to what I’m doing then.😊
  4. To date I’ve put chicken poo in our compost which also has vegetable and garden waste matter. Does anyone keep it separate ie would it be better for my garden to separate it and use like the chicken pellets you can buy from the garden centre? Just thinking about my roses and plants.
  5. Well, they ate the lots except the skins!
  6. I’ll let you know tomorrow, mine are like their owner and tend to eat anything 😂😂
  7. Will these and the seeds be ok for my chickens, raw?
  8. Thanks DM. That isn’t such a bad idea confining them to barracks for the winter. Mine are 100 feet away from my window when they’re free ranging but seeing how fast Mr Fox 🦊 can run, I’m not sure I’d have got there in time. With corn and another treat each day, they do seem ok. I did wonder if my OAP skyline would keep going but she’s ok, nearly 10 years old. She’s my favourite but don’t tell the others!
  9. Cat tails, yes, exactly! First time of a fox visiting our garden in the afternoon in over 10 years. Admittedly didn’t go near the chickens but that would have been different if they’d been free ranging! Hungry Mr Fox!
  10. Thank you both.I’ll take a look and yes I know re outbreaks, just a bit fed up with them atm! Meanwhile!! Just as well my girls weren’t out this afternoon....as we had our first afternoon visit from Mr Fox 🦊! Always comes at night but never daytime. Had the nerve to eat the food off my bird table and returned after we chased him first time too. 😡😡😡
  11. Any suggestions with boredom busters please. I’ve used a 1.4kg pecking block which was great but quite expensive but great hentertainment! Other than that veg peelings etc. Feel sorry for the girls not being able to go out, they have a decent size run, but it’s not the same as free ranging. And how long is a piece of string, I see there’s another outbreak in East Devon, hopefully that will be it and they can go out again soon.
  12. Well done! I did the same several years ago and put them in my utility room in several dog crates etc. The smell the next morning was rather ugh and I decided I wouldn’t repeat the exercise.... I did have 10 chickens then though!
  13. Update! Absolutely delicious with boiling the fruit in brandy. Everyone loved it...will definitely repeat next year!
  14. Thank you so very much Soapdragon and Columbian. I make this lovely recipe a lot! Most weeks! It’s a staple in our house but I’ve never tried it with alcohol but will try this year. Columbian , your recipe looks lovely too, so I’ll give it a go. Thank you so much. 🍰
  15. Has anyone added alcohol to this cake? Would like to add brandy but not sure at what point I should add it...boil it in it ????! Or add it after
  16. Does anyone know how likely it is to spread ? Ie would it be better to keep my chickens in with immediate effect? I live in Surrey so the nearest outbreak is Kent as far as I know.
  17. Loved Bill Bailey’s routine last night. Fabulous 😀.
  18. Oh dear, according to the Press, looks as if Maisy might be partaking in extra curricular Strictly activity with HRVY. Never mind, I’ll enjoy watching the show 😊👍.
  19. Thank you, I used some sunflower seeds from my garden today and after initial inspection 🤣🤣, they were eaten! Next year, I’ll plant more sunflowers, unfortunately now the wild birds won’t get them and I’ll have to buy more.
  20. Another question, sorry! How often should she get a protein boost? I gave her the scrambled egg in the afternoon so she would have eaten pellets until then. I’m thinking every other day for scrambled egg?? Just a guess though.
  21. Bill Bailey brilliant, a great entertainer. Definitely deserved more than a 3 I think it was from Mr Groany Pants ! And HRVY, well FABULOUS! He’s my toy boy for the next few weeks 🤣🤣
  22. Thank you Luvachicken. I’d forgotten about the tonic, I’ll pop some in their water tomorrow. She’s like a little old lady in an old people’s home, she gets up, then tootles back to the cube for a rest and its warmer there and, then back into the run so toos and fros all day. She still gads about free ranging and remains very agile!
  23. My nearly 10 year old skyline is on a massive moult atm. Any idea how often I should give her a protein boost? She ate a whole egg yesterday (cooked and scrambled), turned her beak up at tuna (so the others ate it) and is also on poultry spice. Apart from that she’s on layers pellets and a tiny bit of corn when coming in from free ranging. Thank you 😊

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