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  1. My daughter-13- sent this to me a while ago, and it makes me laugh.Don't click the link if you are offended by humour..its the Oatmea,l not offensive, but may offend you if you are sensitive It's no worse than anything you'll see on that Appollo program....http://theoatmeal.com/story/twilight I'm not a big Twilight fan on grounds of philosophy....it's desperately unhealthy set of books for young women to read, at a time when they might be feeling a bit...suggestible.When I first read them ( to check if they were ok for my youngest), I was really annoyed how anti-women they are. I've read a great critique in which the character of Edward Cullen can be read as an abusive partner, and Bella Swann as a weak and cowed victim. ( He creeps into her room and watches her sleep , she apologises constantly for having emotions, she thinks EVERYTHING is her fault, he tells her who she can be friends with....I could go on..but I can tell I'm ranting ) I let my girls read them, but followed that up with a healthy dose of realism. The acting is atrocious too.....yet we own all the dvd;s released thus far Rant over.....hope I've not offended anyone...just my humble point of view......and yes, I have received a request from my youngest to take her to see Breaking Dawn. She's Team Jacob...
  2. This was going around my school at the end of the summer term, and in the end we had to put a plea inthe school newsletter, because " herman " was being left in drawers and cloakrooms, and it was becoming somewhat of a biohazard
  3. I have found serious knaw marks under my eglu, from when it was in the WIR. It's now on slabs outside. I put down BIG snap traps baited with peanut butter, worked a charm, have also used poison. Sounds like you have a major problem though...good luck! x x
  4. I like a rajma, lots of recipes online....nice red bean curry, And if you want a glamour dish, paneer butter masala goes down well....not very healthy mind you, but a nice treat. I've made this one lots...this blog is GREAT!! http://www.cookingandme.com/2009/10/paneer-butter-masala-restaurant-style.html
  5. my legbar went a bit broody in september, has gone through a small moult and hasn't laid since. I believe its normal for pure breeds not to lay through th winter, due to reduced light conditions. Some hybrids keep laying, but don't lay for as long, if you get what I mean. She probably start laying after Christmas, when daylight hours increase, Fingers crossed, anyway!
  6. My Leghorn lays the most beautiful white eggs. Huge, and once or twice spherical, poor girl! They seem to glow from within, and have some speckles of an absolute white on them.....can't wait til she starts to lay again!
  7. I've had two dribblers. Lucky was hit by a car, and had his jaw and shoulder broken, and front leg ampuataed. Hence the name Lucky........he was a messy eater, and dribbled a lot. He was also a shocking mouser, and would regularly bring me mice and birds Golde was a rehomed pedigree tabby, why someone would pay all that money for a pedigree cat and starve them is beyond me. but Golde was a reall dribbler. When he purred, he drooled copious amounts...kind of yucky, but a lovely cat!
  8. Oh gosh.....that was a long time ago....I got them trapped, and yes, they were dislocated and fracture. Fine now! I'm ultra clumsy, always hurting myslef!
  9. I mean I come on here in fits and starts, not a daily poster, just a random, occasional chatter I can't wait to see what it is, poor thing. I've also seen some hens for sale locally, so may get one of those as well, I've got some space.
  10. I wear leggings with long dresses, tunic and boots. I have a curvy figure, and feel more confident in leggings than in tights. More practical too as I work in a Primary school, and when you're on the floor, or up ladders, playing silly b's with the little ones, it's slightly more modest!
  11. I know I'm not a regular on here, but have often read the " Chicken of Fate" threads with much amusement, and have always thought this would never happen to me....well, I was wrong. My OH is a Housing Manager, and one of his Supported Living Schemes had hens and geese. They had to rehome all the geese and half the hens due to noise complaints. They were left with 11 hens....until someone forget to lock them in the other night. The fox visited and left one hen alive. The Scheme has decided to rehome this last one hen, this is where I come in, because it was going to the market....and my OH felt a bit sad about this. So he's volunteered us for adoptive parents. We've plenty of room in the new house and run, so I'm ready to be visited by Chicken of Fate....I have no idea what it is.....apart from a hen I'll post a pic as soon as I can. Sari x So the OH went to talk to the housing scheme manager, who housed the last hen......turned out HE had already been rehomed. In all the conversations OH had regarding this one last hen, not once was it mentioned it was a cockerel, infact HE was always referred to as SHE. So I'm glad that he's found a forever home, and that I wasn't lumbered with a cockerel..... Have seen on the marketplace that someone in Northamton has some ex-batts....so watch this space!!
  12. I did think long and hard about allowing my daughter to have HPV. I was unable to get an answer to the questions I had, without feeling patronised or a nuisance. In Australia IIRC the vaccine also helps prevent genital warts, and having had a close friend with these as a teen, I was trying to find out whether this vaccine could be given instead. Again, little info available without feeling belittled. I decided to have Nin vaccinated, because of seeing people I love go through unpleasant treatment due to cell changes. I only wish they vaccinate the boys too.
  13. I know there is isn't a huge wealth of scientific evidence to back this up, but I find aromatherapy helps me. Whether it's a placebo or not I don't care! It makes me feel better. I use Rose Geranium and Rose ( I buy a good quality blend of Rose, in Jojoba oil, as it's blistering expensive undiluted) a few drops of each in a carrier oil, or in the bath, for a few days before, and I also use Clary Sage when I'm actually on as well....I use Freshskin on Ebay, but have also used Tisserand, and various others. I also used lavender a lot, for burns and other nasties, as I'm allergic to penicillin. I'm also aware that tiredness and other stresses make my PMT worse, so if I'm not sleeping I will take Kalms, or occasionally Sominex ( just a half!) to get a good night's sleep...
  14. I have foolishly left my patio doors open. and walked barefooted into the dining room to find a couple pf freshly laid gifts. Luckily not the curry poops. The Other Half was a little displeased. So I've not told him about any since!
  15. Cheers, it's really hard work...not just sitting and talking, I have to do things which make me panic..horrid really, but worth it if it works! Have you spoken to your GP, in case there is a muscular ore tension problem? Or maybe try some Kalms, they really helped me, when mildly stressed...I don't normally advocate pill popping, but Kalms seemed to work wonders when the OH was made redundant last year.
  16. I've had some baldy eggless chooks for a few weeks now.....bought some tonic and better layers ( a stores own brand was bought by my Bro In Law, as he didn't thought I should spend so much on my usual brand ) and it doen't agree with them. Had a few softies too.....Have realised how insipid shop bought eggs are...
  17. Both George and I grind our teeth at night, and wear splints?night guards. ( Very attractive I must say!) I do it in the day too, and I am wearing my teeth down, and have some fine cracks in my incisors. For me, it's a symptom of my wider anxiety/social phobia. I have started to wear a hair band on my wrist which I snap when I feel myself clenching, and I periodically ( and surreptitiously ) open my mouth and stretch.I read this on an anxiety forum, for people who do unpleasant things to themselves as part of their anxious behaviour,, like hair pull, or scratch etc. Chewing gum helps, but obviously this is not always socially acceptable.....I'm having CBT for the social phobia...but the therapist doesn't think there's a specific therapy for teethgrinding ( I had to ask...she does irritate me!) Hope this helps?
  18. This is really useful advice, because I asked about persistent feather eating ( own and others) on another forum, and asked about Bumpas...and was shot down in flames, as if I had threatened to debeak my girls. They just eat each others feathers ( bottoma nd legs) when they are all dustbathing together...they always look bald! I might think about it as the nights draw in!
  19. I think I have got a new personal best( sorry, been watching the Athletics all weekend!) I has 2 inset days last week, and 2 days with the children in school...and I came down with sinusitis on Saturday! A child who sits on my table ( SEN kids mostly) has an awful cold, and coughs like an Alsatian....poor lamb x but I really could do with out feeling like my face is going to pop!!
  20. I'm a specialist Teaching Assistant, and whilst I love my job, I do miss being at homewith my children. When I'm working I feel like Im on a terrifying treadmill, with no time to do anything properly....just an endless series of bodge jobs and compromises...ho hum...be half-term soon....
  21. One of my hens, a Light Sussex has become almost obsessed with catching and eating frogs. The squealing noise that the poor frog makes is unbearable, and I have to shoot out and de-frog Patty. The trouble is she is eating a fair few, and has had green poo today and yesterday , like emerald green toothpaste! I've kept them in the pen today, just in case they frogs might upset her system....She's already off laying, had a few softies....this isn't helping I'm sure! ( and I'm a bit upset about the loss of frogs...she gobbles the babies down whole, blech!)
  22. As a Mom and Staffordshire owner, this makes my skin crawl. I work in Primary Ed, and I agree with the points made further up the thread, regarding links with animal and child cruelty. Anyone one who thinks that fear is an effective educational tool is just plain wrong. My current stafford was "just" neglected, not abused, but our previous Staff/English Bull Terrier cross has been beaten severely, and he was terrified, of mops brooms, bottles, or anything resembling a stick. The rescue centre said he was starved too. You made a brave decision, and hope you feel you've made a difference. Thanks, from an ardent Stafford lover.
  23. Mw too...have wormed, and had intermittent eggs too. Just the two pure breeds, not the hybrid though. Not sure if this means anyhting, however. Sure someone will tell me!
  24. sari


    Not to " rain on your parade" which is a polite term for what I would say....once you've had shingles type viruses, you have to be careful, as sun can set the virus off again, as I was told when my little one had them. Luckily she never has, so whether its one of those things that Drs tell you...
  25. My girls love it, and the layers mash...I have taken to leaving a small coop cup of it in the run, as they were picking throiug the Aubiose to eat it...and the poop is much less stinky. I just wish WW did layers pellets, as I prefer it to mash..

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