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  1. I like to send my miserable granddad and Auntie a really annoying RR letter...they sort of disowned me, because my other half isn't white..like it makes a difference! My sister was always their favourite anyway..... SO I send a letter singing my children's praises....really taking the weewee...I don't send pics of skiing hols, as we don't, but will be sending a picture of my girls both holding the school shields that they won....so sickmaking hahah
  2. I'm a size 7-8, with slightly chunky calves....I do a bit of walking, but eat alot too ....I wear my boots with dresses and leggings, skinny keans and dresses, etc...I'm almost 37, and think I look ok....well, my teenaged daughtere isn't ashamed to be seen with me, which is always a good marker..I say go for it....
  3. That sounds like an empty threat, as obviously children can be homeschooled, either following the National curriculum, or as I think it says. a broad based wide ranging curriculum. I looked into homeschooling for my youngest, but she'ssettled at the school now, and doing very well...surely they can see the internet school is the best option....grrr
  4. Mine are currently in the WIR, but am working on organsing the labour for the fencing job to enable them to FR again...can't afford the fencing atm....new car needed and xmas etc...so they are in..but come the spring FRing again!
  5. http://www.next.co.uk/shopping/girls/oldergirls/199/3?extra=sch&n=branded&utm_source=google&utm_medium=product_search&utm_campaign=googleps these are the ones I had..off ebay, 35 quid...a steal...
  6. I had some of the chunkier soled ones, not slippy at all, and didn't collapse in, like the cheaper Ugg-copies do..I have a funny foot, and the sole wore away, but did wear them at work, I'm on my feet all day, so I would say they lasted fairly well...I'll see if Ii can find a piccie of the kind I had..
  7. I'm sure they'll come though.....I used to live in inner city Leicester..albeit near the canal, and an old churchyard, and had a fair few birdies...it's like the film.. " If you feed them, they will come...!"
  8. I know they are bullies, but starling numbers have dropped by around 70% in the last...30 years, I think it was. This is probs due to lack of natural feeding ground, ie lawns..people have gotten rid of lawns, which the cranefly lays its eggs in, they turn into leather jackets, which is the starlings favourite food......I think if/when they become rare we will appreciate their beauty more....their two-tone/tonic feathers, the spottines they get in winter, and their amazing mimicry....I also am amazed at thier ability to devour fatballs in mere minutes!! I have taken to buying the really cheap fatballs from my local town's poundshops, and they seem to go for those.....mean I know......
  9. Just call me Doctor Sari.....I'll see you now! I'm off work atm, as my youngest has 'flu like virus, but she's a newly diganosed asthmatic, due to a huge allergic reaction she suffered in October....and she's ever so wheezy I went into work yesterday morning, but out of my class of 24, 9 were away.....and 6 in the next class. SO I came home to care for my daughter, as the child I support has this fluey bug too....... I feel yuck, just a dry cough and a head that wants to pop everytime I cough.....what a sickly bunch....hope we all feel better soon x x x
  10. I was given my cheapo layers pellets with my girls...and I weaned them off them onto some nice organic blablah ones..so the birds have been having them today, as they've cleaned me out of sunflower hearts. I'va had a mixed flock of redwing/fieldfare/thrushes today, and my first reed bunting, usually its the New Year before they come. I leave all the manky windfalls in piles for the birds, and they are really enjoying them!
  11. have just found an enormous poop in the nestbox....not what I want really....
  12. oh dear....my daughter is dyspraxic and has already joked about dropping the eggs....she falls over nothing, and walks into doors constantly..fab news about the egggs, though....I'm still waiting!
  13. Just want to make sure they are getting the right amount of nutrients...and don't want fat chooks! They are all pure breeds, as I;ve since found out my hybrid isn't...so still not sure what to do....I'm useless at making decisions...
  14. Hello Omleteers... My girls are past the age of POL, ie the youngest was born in June, but they haven't started laying yet, obviously not enough light etc. They are still on some lovely organic growers pellets that a friend bought for his pigeons ( they are chicken grower pellets) but they didn't like them.....he's very particular but a guy I was talking to at the weekend, who was an absolute expert ( I'm doing it all wrong apparently...) said they shouldn't be on growers still, but should be on layers, as they'll get too fat. The Farmer I bought the chooks from said keep them on growers until they start to lay...so what to do? I still have a half sack of the growers, but have got some Omlet Layers too.....Advice please Omleteers I'm confused....I have searched the threads too...
  15. Please don't think I'm being daft, but there is a virus going around which causes these symptoms..lots of us at work has had it, we all interpret the symptoms as..Migraine, Sinusitis, ear infection, but when we compare symptoms, they are all pretty much the same. I have vertigo anyway, and I had this with a one sided migraine-type headache..and now the OH has it! I did ring my GP, and he did tell me, yes there is a nasty virus going around...... Hope you feel better soon..
  16. Me too....as long as it's cooked by someone else..... We are going to Mum's this year, MiL for Boxing day...( we still have to play the game, make surre all the grannies get their turn ) so on the day after Boxing day, I am cooking a HUGE Indian feast....well, 2 meat curries, 2 veggy ones some breads, some salads, rice and puds....so not a large feast
  17. My granny was partially sighted, and we used to buy her talking books, she loved them, as she really missed reading. She had lost an eye as a child, when someone open a door onto her face , and then she had macular degeneration, caused by her incessant smoking......Nan loved the talking books, and we also used to make her up a hamper of all the things she couldn't or wouldn't buy for herself in her weekly shop..I don't know if this would apply to your MiL?? What about DVD's? Are there any classic movies she would want to watch? Again, we bought Nan a video ( this was a while back, Nan's been gone 10 years ) and bought her a pile of Bette Davis, Orson Welles etc movies...if she is keen, a subscription to a DVD renatl thing, like lovefilm?? I hope you get something sorted...my MiL is a nightmare too...but we've done the Venture-type portrait thing this year...so she's getiing one of those-was my sisters idea
  18. My Oh says that one of things that cemented the attraction he felt for me, was seeing me having an ice cream in februaury in Leicester Marketplace....I love ice cream.....hope that throat feels better soon x x I say go for it!
  19. I agree with all above posts, and would also add that there are such schemes as extended schools programmes, offering support, Relate offer family support and counselling, often through school, working on interfamilial relaitionships ( My school offers this, with great success) HomeStart, SureStart.....is SiL MH very bead, does she have a social worker? they may be able to offer help....hope things improve...
  20. I like the Eartha Kitt version of Santa Baby...........and will check out the Gay mens' choir......just an OT aside..did you know that John Barrowman was turned down to play WIll in Will and Grace for being TOO STRAIGHT! This fact has me ans my two daughters in hysterics, whenever one of them mentions it, being big fans of both W&G and DR WHo....
  21. I like " Oh holy night" and " In the bleak midwinter"........to be honest, I love all the traditional carols, which is funny considering I'm not a Christian. My fave secular songs are " I believe in Father Christmas" by Greg Lake, and "Christmas wrapping" by the waitresses, and "step into Christmas" by Elton John....oh and The Spinners doing 12 days of Christmas....and Chas and Dave doing Coventry Carol.
  22. I'm so jealous, I wish mine would.....my Leghorn was POL in September....I find my legbar has a worried little chuckle, and the Sussex sounds ho"Ooops, word censored!" all the time....do chooks have different voices?
  23. I hope you ok...I lost one of mine to a fox..she went off for a walk, roosted up, and got...got.. Its horrible and made me feel really awful. I hope yours come back, but if not, hugs, x x x

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