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  1. Yes, I'm afraid they may be...the melissa can also help prevent post herpetic neuralgia, which luckily, my daughter appeared not to suffer with, the occasional soreness. Fingers crossed for you, and I also gave her baths in very dilute lavender and tea tree baths...I used Tincture of St Johns WOrt and Bicarb baths when the girls had the chicken Pox too..excellent, as they had millions!!

  2. My daughter had shingles a while ago, on her side...she was only little, and it was quite tender. I had a regualr supply of anti viral cream from the GP, but it didn't seems to do anything other than soften the scabby blisters. I went on the internet and found some melissa ointment, which was recommended by the Herpes Society ( don't be frightened, the viruses are related.....) and that seemed to work much better. I'll see if I can find the link for you. I hope you feel better soon x x

  3. This is really interesting, as mine had significantly increased too..I did put this down to it being much colder, having swine flu and being home for a lot longer... and a few of the Thermo rad valves not working...I shall look into it,..thanks for the warning..

  4. I was going to write something silly in the religion box but OH persuaded me not to. I see his point of not wanting to fund religions when we are not religious ourselves. So we have 4 non believers of anything and one Mormon!

    We also made mistakes on the form and thought "whateverrrrrrrrrrrrrr". I liked question 17 best of all. "This question has been left blank on purpose" or words to that effect! Harrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!


    This is for the Census in Wales, it's to determine if you can read, speak,write and understand Welsh.... :D

  5. I love the idea of the Census, for future genertions' use, but am unhappy that the census contract went to that well known arms dealer Lockheed Martin UK.......if it had been US the US government would have had access to it under the Patriot Act...I'm still not convinced they won't.


    We are a rather diverse household, with 1 Pagan, 1 agnostic, and 2 buddhists....amd the ethnicity bit is always amusing...

  6. Thankyou, I will give that a go, as the skin does look dry,and I worry about it being sore. I think she plucks herself, as well as gertie doing it, my daughters think that Gertie is getting revenge, as she was bullied quite a lot when we first got them...I am about to have new fencing, so they will be able to FR again...they went in the WIR in the Autumn, and have seemd ok, but the top chook has started making a dasj for the door, so perhaps they need more than all the bits and bobs in the run....?? I will try the vaseline, and continue with the purple spray ( why do my disposable gloves always have holes in when I'm doing the purple spray??) and see what happens..if not it'll be bumper bits... :(

    Thanks for the advice x

  7. I think so, I tend to stay in the run and hold it, as Top Chook picks up the tray and runs away with it if not.... :o The Mash is in a big gravity feeder, and they can eat when they like, I also ahve a grub on the top level, whish I often see her roosting on...so I assume so...but will keep my eye on her

  8. My Leghorn Flo plucked a bald patch a couple of weeks ago due to Lice, I treated them all, and they have all cleared up. Fine I thought...until I noticed her bald patch, which looked like it had started to feather up, was all bald, and a bit red again. She is now pretty much oven ready from throat to vent underneath :(:(

    I checked for Lice, but no..I sprayed the purple spray, and thought that would be ok. The bald spot has continued to grow, and I yesterday I saw the bottom chook, Gertrude, very calmly and companionably pluckin nand eating Flo's feathers when they were all snuggled up dustbathing. When I was cleaning them out today, Gert was stalking her, and eating the feathers from her legs and neck. I've sprayed with anti peck spray...but should I fit a bumper bit?? And why has she started this..I found some poop with a lot of feathers in it when I was emptying the poop tray...


    I don't think they are bored, I have a WIR with 2 levels, stumps and roosts, hang stuff up...so I guess I'm asking

    a) why has she suddenly started doing this?

    b) should I fit a bumper bit?

    I'll just add I've increased the protein by giving a little tray of cat food daily, and they have wiggly wigglers layers mash, as well as mixed corn, and greens. They lay pretty much most days.....

  9. I have some little galley pots/coop cups that I put grit in, as well as some bokashi bran, as they tend to eat the stuff I put it their nest box otherwise..some times put warm mashy stuff ion them too...I put aubiose ( like hemcore) in the next box and in the poop tray too....can't help you with the food questions, as mine went straight out into the run...good luck x x

  10. I know where I got them from as well, a holiday home that was responsible for my daughter becoming asthmatic..it was full of black mould and damp, and she a serious allergic reaction...so after the hospital, and having to rush home...when I finally unpacked the cases, and found moths grrrrr I was a bit peeved!

  11. Will you all shoot me if I say I hate Crocs?? I bought my girls a real pair each last year, for the beach...the result being hideous blisters on the insides of both their feet...One was so bad I had to take her to the Nurse at our practice to be dressed, this was after two days wear. They do have rather wide feet though...it's Clarkes' school shoes or nothing. :? ....it was the fixing that attaches the strap.

    My Mom, however, swears by them. She has Plantar faciitis, and various other problems connected with her Cerebal Plasy, and I bought them on the advice of her podiatrist, I buy the RX ones from the States, and they really minimise her pain.

  12. Mencap is a good place to start, and if you offer support to a girl with Rett Syndrome, their website is brilliant. I was keyworker to two girls with Rett's, and got a uge amount of support from the Society..good luck, and let me know how you get on...this is something my OH and I have thought about, as he doesn't feel he is able to foster ( would get too attached )

  13. I would say.....


    Try to remember school doesn't last forever, and that no matter how unhappy you are now, in a few years it will all be over...and next year you will meet a boy, who is a bit of an idiot, but give him a chance to stop being a rude synonym for a piece of anatomy and he will be your soul mate...honestly. He's a bit arrogant, but that will subside when he gets over himself...


    Stop drinking so much, going out clubbing on a Monday, and study harder....be a bit nicer to your Mum, she's struggling with madam menopause, and don't bother worrying about your weight, you're a size 10......in 20 years time you'll be an 18 and won't care!

  14. I try really hard not to...on the forum on which I'm a Mod, when we are dealing with crises, we use a sort of text speak shorthand, so it's quicker to send messages. I do loathe it, as I loathe the white kids who talk in that "Ja-fake-an" accent..I have a horrible Midlands accent, but its all my own... :o I love a good accent, Regional or National.....I used to nurse a man from Barbados, with a beautiful accent.

  15. I had some very dodgy messages when I was selling some shoes, that I bought for an occasion, worn once, never to be worn again....wedding shoes, ill, advised heels, etc....you get the picture...the messages were sent via the ebay message thing...but were quite :shock::shock::shock: saucy. I reported them, but was surprised all the same..

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