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  1. You could leave leave it closed at night for a while, to get them settled. When mine were in the Eglu run I did that for about 6 weeks, to make sure the fox wasn't coming up to the garden, and then I left it open, well, mostly closed, but on the latch so to speak...so they booted it open themselves in the morning. Now they are in a WIR, it;s open all the time, unless its spectacularly cold, like it was in the Winter!! How big is your run btw, as 6 girls seems a lot...unless its a Cube?

  2. if Madam menopause does come calling, I bought my Mum the amusingly named Chillow....its, as you expect, as cool pillow..it really helped her at night, took away the panickyness that the night flushes brought on..

  3. My Mum was afraid of the hens, her Mum had been terrified of birds, someone has put a finch in her hand as a little girl..and it had pecked her, and she'd recently lost the sight in her eye ( don't ask me why this resulted in bird phobia...this was the 20's........) so Mu was wary of birds..but I had to come home from work the other day to collect some work, and Mum had popped in to let the dog out...and she was down in the WIR talking to the girls haha :P

  4. we have 2 double duvets on our superking sized futon, mine high tog, OH low tog, as I am always cold....and he likes to sleep in the buff... :shock: We had a massive futon, as we always co=slept with our babies :roll:

  5. I upset my In laws on a regular basis! They are catholic, I am not....they are houseproud, I am not...clean but untidy :P

    would rather spend time with my children than hoovering...blame me for splitting up their DS's band ( I didn't....) I'm not a glamour puss like their other daughter in law.....whereas my parents consider my OH the son they never

    had :doh:


    My inlaws did mention the foxes, rats argument, but we alreafy have those, along with pheasants, moles, rabbits...so what the hey?? I have taken to just rolling my eyes childishly when they are not looking..I'll get caught out one day, but that's another day to look forward to!

  6. I'm so sorry. O work in Primary Ed. I'm a Communication Support Worker, but have done all the variations of Classroom support.....the money sucks, but worked out ok because of the children....my school has no money, and we have NO resources. I'm frightened for my own job, as our own Council is making savage cuts. I am so sorry....i can't think of anything, except just scouring all the jobsites, and fingers crossed x x x

  7. She probabaly does have lice...one of mine appeared to go bald overnight, and I didn't see any lice at first, but covered her in DE anyway, 2 days later, when dosing again, saw enough to make me feel icky. have n=bought some spray now...as the DE doesn't seem to be workign quickly enough...

  8. I have a Candy GO184 or something....it's got a 8 kg drum, and is firly cheap and very reliable...I have had this one last year, after 14 years of my previousCandy. Not a popular brand, but I like mine. Big enough for a double duvet, and has a 32 minute quick wash, which is great for the childrens' things, when they aren't that grubby. Also has fuzzy logic, and weighs the washing and uses the correct mount of water....

  9. It's shocking, but's what's equally awful is the under reporting of the reasons this is happenig- it's not the only occurence. It's because a lot of KFC's are serving halal chicken, for the benefit of Muslim customers. A couple of ours in Leicester do, I believe....It's not a food I eat......but the English Defence League and BNP have taken umbrage at this fact....., like KFC is a traditional English meal.... :shock: It makes no difference whether it's halal chicken or not ( I'm leaving aside any animal welfare issues, as I'm sure all mass slaughtered poultry comes below anything we would consider acceptable0

  10. Just found 2 ( and I'm assuming the third will too, despite no evidence) of my girls have lice...One had a smallish ( golf ball) sized bald spot near her vent y'day..so I purple sprayed it, as she had obviously been pecked too. This morning her vent up to mid chest was pecked raw....gave her a gentle wash with some aromatherapy wash for cuts, and some more purple spray, when I saw orangey? straw coloured lice near her vent.Checked all the others too, and the Sussex had a couple, and a bit of irritation....I feel awful, but I check them weekly...and haven't seen anything. They won't use the dustbath I out out for them, and just do it in the Aubiose in a corner... They have all had a thorough dose with the DE, and I'm off to the local pet store for whatever I can ge that has been recommended further up....they are not off their food, and they have all laid today....even poor Florence with her bald bottom... :(

  11. Thanks guys...know I can always count on you....I want a couple of hybrids, so I may go to Heidi's...she's nearish to me.


    I was a bit surprised at the state of one or two of the hens, and a pair of ducks were absolutely shocking. I was being careful, in case anyone on here was selling.....

  12. Thanks Saronne, I know what you mean..didn't want to say in first post, but did see one or two who looked abit...yucky. One big australorp with very mucky bottom...have seen a cheapo broody coop to buy for quarantining, have also been looking at Heidi's Happy Hens, and seen some beautiful hybrids....all vacc'ed and everything..so may pay extra and go down that route....thnaks for replying!


    If you saw some one on the floor giving first aid to an old lady who passed out..that was me.... :oops:

  13. hello


    we went to Melton Cattle Market today, was great..lots of lovely hens...very tempting :o


    Can anyone offer any guidance about buying from auctions, do's and don'ts.....I noticed a couple of hens with grubby bottoms, but assume that this is normal, as they are in small exhibition pens...would you/do you buy from auction?? Has anyone bought form Melton??


    on a funny note, my OH was very take by a black orpington ( or australorp,,he couldn't remember) and a big lavender something...his words, not mine....the girls wanted some silkies...... :roll:

  14. My Mum makes them ( and therfore me too) by beating 3 eggs into "some" milk....and adding salt and plain four, until its a bit thicker than single cream, and feels right,.....I heat the oil on the stove, in the tin...put the batter in....and sizzle it a bit longer, then whack it in a hot over,,,,

  15. I have a leghorn and a legbar, and can attest to their amazing flying skill, espesh the legbar....being lighter in weight, she get get good loft!!! I clip them regularly, which they don't mind.....it's the sussex who objects and alway poops and pecks..but she is top chook. I too get a brown, white, green egg combination...

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