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  1. I hate it when that happens.....I've just upgraded my Mobile, so I can have an Ebay app on it...so I can check it at work..in my breaks of course!!


    Slightly OT.....2 packages arrived for me today, that I didn't remeber getting off ebay, until I checked my purchases...it was when I slept downstairs the other night, when I had an asthma attack.......I remember going online to talk to my friend, and must have done some ebaying as well...just as well I need some over the knee socks!

  2. I was horrified to find out that friends of mine get calpol, etc on script....I just buy it from boots, and you get it even cheaper if you sign up to their kids'club or whatever...I have several items on my scrip nowadays due to hideous IBS, and anxiety disorder. I have a prepay card, and am also aware that the prescrip charge is more than the cost of some meds, but amazingly cheaper than the cost of others....but I do think that GPs should not prescribe calpol unless someone is on a reduced income....slighlty confused ramble there :oops:


    On a slightly related topic....I work in a Primary school, and pick up all kinds of nasyies, have had impetigo, headlice, warts on my finger, from a child I worked with......conjunctivitis.....norovirus, swine flu.......threadworms are doing the rounds at the minute, may the Gods keep me free of THAT.....so it costs me a fortune in work related illness........I wouldn't mind a free scrip for this!!

  3. Yes I used to be able to come on and browse and chat, now as soon as I log on, I check recent joiners and hoof off the suspicious ones. Many of them never do get chance to post (and it's very satisfying to ban them within minutes of them joining! :twisted: ) So yes, only a small number slip through the net and actually post anything! 8)


    Sari that sounds a horrendous situation! I would think you need to be doubly alert on your forum! :shock:


    Am currently dealing with a nasty situation, it's not fun. However, we are thinking of having a Mods G2G....(get together) :mrgreen:

  4. On my Guiding Forum, in the Summer I discovered and had to report an individual who we believed was grooming..."her" fantasy life was so outrageous, this is what made my alarm bells ring.....she then started to post links to other sites, which in turn led to "nasty" pictures.....I still to this day don't know exactly, as CEOP won't confirm or deny...but she appeared to be a man...she was also on many other Fora, with variations of "her" name The Mod team spent a while online and we found this out she was on lots....some really hideous ones too...Adult TV channels, Adult models, Teachers sites , all with similar names, often getting banned for posting "nasty" pictures or links to *ahem* XXX sites. "her" story was always similar....Spanish/English mix, late 20's Dance and Drama Teacher...husband in an unnamed military force, 6 children, all surrogate... :shock: pregnant and miscarrying...living in Spain, but sometimes in the UK.....expecting another surrogate baby..always variations on this theme....we suspected she was a man, and we discovered she was in constant email and PM contact with 2 young vulnerable women on our Forum, and was making overtures to meet up for " a girly weekend"...we reported her to CEOP and the Police, and told the girls not to meet her, at all costs.


    I never thought I'd be doing this when I was asked to help Mod the site...I thought it would be modding swearing and infighting..... :anxious:

  5. I can understand the ones we get, who post advert links in a post signature..but we get completely random ones, usually from Pakistan and SE Asia at the minute, who don't post a siggy and just copy and paste a previous post. I must be dim, but I just don't get why?? We also spend a lot of time modding inappropriate comments :oops:

  6. She was out i the run today...so perhaps I was doing the newbie panic... :mrgreen: This has led to a rather frank discussion with my YD, aged 9, who thought hatching chicks would be nice, until we talked about unwanted boys...and how lots end up being dispatched at a day old....she keeps looking quite sternly at me now. She didn't drink milk for weeks when the storyline about Bull calves going for slaughter was being played out on the Archers.... :(

  7. My Cream Legbar has just come into lay. We've had 4 eggs in a fortnight.....Today, I had a protracted spring clean in the WIR, and spent an hour and a half in there, in the morning, when normally I spend my hen time in the afternoon. I thought the CL was going to lay as she was really noisy and seemed to be complaining that I'd taken her house to bits and was washing it. When I put the base back, and started to Aubiose and DE it, she kept going in and coming out again...then scratched about in the nest box for ages, which they all do anyway, and kicked all the Aubiose out...She then sat down and fluffed up for about half an hour......I turfed her out and she stayed out. When I cleaned the nest box earlier I found some herb stems and bits of dried cabbage leaves in the nest box :( So is Gertie going broody, or is this just natural behaviour I've not observed before, because I'm normally at work at this time of day!


    Sorry for the ramble....I wanted to get all the info down, so you merry Omleteers can advise me. I've read the sticky on Broody hens... :roll:

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