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  1. WHAT KIND OF MUSIC DO YOU LIKE....ooh sorry shouted there!
  2. Fingers crossed....I dread anything happening to mine....
  3. I went to see the Cure ( Mum and Dad did not know!!) then The Pixies were my first official gig....I went to see MCR a few years ago, and loved them....have since fallen ut of love...
  4. Oh NO!...my OH has been to the feed merchant today, and returned with a sack of mixed corn with split peas in it.... I did say poultry corn, bless him
  5. I did wonder if it's the accent...we have an Elin, and it's pronounced with the emphasis on the -in..but I would imagine that if you had a heavy scots accent Ellen and Elin would sound quite similar...WE have quite a few Poles and Eastern Europeans at my old school, and that was a steep learning curve for me!
  6. How strange! I have two ;ittle boys in my class, who after 2 years, I STILL confuse, and call them each others' names.....all but 2 of the boys in my class are small, white and blond, and look alike......at my previous schools, it was ethnically diverse....and much easier!! I have 2 Joshs, 2 Ellas, a Taylor, a Tyler, a Kai, a Sky.....not easy. and like the previous poster, the children take great joy in pointing out the mistakes, especially the Class teachers spelling mistakes....
  7. Oh dear, not very professional.....hope things improve x x
  8. In my family's culture, we don't visit graves or anything, most of my relatives have been cremated, and scattered. We celebrate and remember t home or other special places. The OH is Catholic/Jewish so they visit graves ALOT!! I don't personally like the tatty graves, but near the Crematoria in Gilroes in Leicester is the section for children., and actually the well kept graves look rather sweet. My Mum lost several babies late term and stillborn, and as was the practice at the time, the babies were taken from her and incinerated at the Hospital. I know she would have liked something different....so who knows how any of us would be if we lost a child. I had several miscarriages, but the latest was at 18 weeks, so was happy for the hospital to cremate for me.
  9. I can assure you that most Teachers/Support Workers don't deliberately get names wrong. I live in an interesting catchment area, and we have many interesting ( what I might consider made-up ) names, such as Balen, Baydon, kirklun, Jorja, Elodie, remi-leigh....to the ElsBeths, Aurelia ( my new second cousin) Mahalia.......it's tricky to learn all the names, especially names from a culture not your own, I called poor Saieeda the wrong name for weeks, as I thought it was SY-eeda, not SAY-da she was from Lithuania ....Have a quiet word.....Mrs.Teacher will probably be mortified
  10. Hoorah! Maya, my littl'un checked the hens after school and came back up to the house fairly bouncing...in her fleece pocket were three eggs, one greeny-blue, one blushed white, one speckled brown...amazing!!
  11. As a Support Worker in a school, I can only say that, sometimes, you get a name stuck in your head..even incorrectly. I have 3 girls in my class , 2 Ellas, 1 Emerald, 1 Elin..all bestest buddies...so it gets a bit tongue twisty.........I'm not making excuses, as my own daughters get called by the wrong names ( Marnie gets called Hermione, and Marina, Maya gets called May, Mia and even May-a) but as someone who worked in a Primary of 475 children, and did P.P.A cover from YR-6, remembering names can be tricky....especially with the more creative names. But a class teacher not pronouncing the name correctly needs correcting Obviously she knows how it's spelled....?? had to edit p.p.a as it come up as a hen if I put in PPA!!
  12. Mine too was a freebie, she was a bit runty, and has now laid two little eggs...she very sweet and makes noises like a rusty gate creaking.....she was hatched in late June I think....
  13. Good old interwebs....we changed the turbos on my SAABs using a step by step video off a Forum....and about ot change all my radvalves the same way..hope it goes well..
  14. The OH has....what kind of car is it??
  15. Thanks, I was just worried that she might get egg bound or something...I'll keep my eye on her
  16. As the title says, Gertie our Cream Legbar laid her first egg 10 days ago, and hasn't laid since. She seems fairly happy although she's always been a bit nervy. She eating well, clean and healthy. ( I've checked her today, full crop clean bottom, no swelling at the vent etc) Obviously I'm fairly newbie to this, so was wondering if this is normal/usual...the other two ( leghorn and sussex) are providing 5 and 6 eggs a week. If this is normal, fine, I'll wait! But if not, do I need to watch out for any signs of ill health, egg bound-ness..etc. Any advice gratefully received as always.... Sarah x x
  17. My girls have been very distressed by the wind, squawking and carrying on...
  18. Ooh I've not had battenberg for years , as neither of my girls can have artificial food colours or /carmines/cohineal...so I'm a nice mummy and didn't buy them for myself....shall do now!!
  19. Most of the stuff I freecycle has little market value, but I hate the people who state they can be flexible with pickup times, then are exactly the opposite. I had one saying they would only come at 10/30 on any weekday..impossible for me, as I'm working, then complain to the Mods .....and one who moaned in her thankyou that I didn't invite her in for a coffee....I have been surprised at the cheek of some poeple...." We went on holiday to Spain and my son left his DS in the Pub, and it was stolen...he really misses it. Can anyone help??" REALLY?? I was overwhelmed by the generosity of the Melton FReecyclers, when I was after jam jars for my Brownies, I often came home from work to find little carrier bags of jars on my doorstep
  20. Recycled car interiors where did you get that from it's hemp It is Hemp, but it's also a by-product of the manufacture of car interiors ......also reputed to be in short supply!!
  21. I'm so pleased, becasue when my Selma went walkies, she didn't come home, got foxed.....so pleased for you!!
  22. Maltesers.....I take a PMS multi one from the supps place my OH orders his whey from..I'll dig out the ppot..
  23. I can't offer much but hugs....although I remember reading that some behavourists regard the " I hate you" behaviours as an independence gaining activity. They say it, knowing that they still love you, practising getting distance they will need as an adult. I'm not sure what I think about that...I do remember having vile mood swings as a teenager, and having supplements and then trying the Pill..( made me sick, so stuck with moodiness!) to the point I would be sobbing and shaking for no reason. Is it in anyway connected with her cycle..or just non0stop? I hope you can find a bit of space t chat this through....and I do believe in withdrawal of privelidges...works wonders..although you will be the worst mother in the worls/wicked witch of the west for a while........ Hugs x x
  24. I have a cream legbar, who has laid one pastel green egg so far, she's not very cuddly but will take treats from hand. She's not aggressive at all, and can fly pretty well!!

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