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  1. My girls ignore any dustbath I put in, and use it as a poop tray (yuck) and have taken to bathign in the Aubiose in the corner of the WIR so I foof a big squirt of DE and some light sand in there...fingers crossed it'd doing some good...

  2. ooohh poor you! I would recommend some good tummy bugs, like Yakults, or the capsules you buy from the Health Food shop that are stored in the Fridge, I take these after I have antibiotics, as I also have shocking IBS..and they seem to help. Mould though.....yuck....have you tried contacting the maker of your coffee machine?? HUgs x x

  3. We have it, because I stopped being able to afford the Guardian every day. I like having a paper in the house for the girls to read, always read the papers growing up..although it was the Daily hateMail or the Times back then...I think its not a bad paper, I prefer the big Indy or the Grauniad...despite spelling errors..although not as bad as our local rag. the Leicester Mercury......it's shockingly bad!!

  4. I should have also said in my above post, that my parents are currently struggling to come to terms with the fact that their pointer/staffy rescue dog Mattie has just been diagnosed with arthritis,at the age of 6 and he's barely walking. He's on a high dose of Metacam which caused another of their dogs severe side effects. They really don't know what to do, as he seems really unhappy, as he's a real outdoorsy dog, and loves nothing better than streaking across the feilds with my Staff after rabbits etc So I really do feel for you, and hope you can come get some support x x x

  5. I have concerns for children who are tutored to gain entry to a specific school ( re: the Archers!) as a couple of children ( siblings) I used to support at school had PT to get in to the local Catholic Independent school, and after 18 months returned to the local State secondary., because they just couldn't cope with the level of work and prep expected. Mum and I had kept in touch, as she was grateful for the help I gave her children, and I tailored their homework to their interestes..boy was car mad..so I made specific worksheets and problems for him. I know that for some children PT can help...but for some it just reinforces the fact they are struggling, and they resent it.

  6. My favourite Aunties cat was diagnosed with diabetes, a few years ago. She tried with the testing and injection routine. They both found it distressing, as Sophie ( the cat) was not known for being placid...she would settle on your lap...and if you dared stroke her in the wrong place...claws and teeth were employed. Thea, my Aunt, tried it for about 6 weeks, but sadly she made the decision to have Sophie PTS, as it was not prolonging a quality filled life, and Soph was about 12. My Aunt had also just been diagnosed with chronic leukaemia, and the stress of trying to care for Sophie and come to terms with her diagnosis was making her very ill.

    I hope you can come to a decsion you feel comfortable with, it's awful when you have to decide, and not have that decision taken out of your hands. My personal feeling is that I think that animals shouldn't be messed about with, and that they should be allowed to have a dignified end. But this is my view, and I know others feel differently.


    I hope you can find the decision which is right for you x x Sarah x x

  7. Just to cast a little ray of sunshine in a dark world........


    I had a Mum break down in tears at Brownies last night, as her daughter, who has a disability which is similar to Autism, is loving Brownies, and we are the only after school activity that has ever made her daughter welcome, made it possible for her to achieve, and be totally inclusive....Mum has insisted that we are wonderful..and because we see her daughter as no different, and it hardly needs much preparation...


    I live in a small village and know most of the kids...and I think that helps, when we see them up to no good. :wink:

  8. I personally don't agree with private education, or tuition. This is my view, and however, I acknowledge that many others do! have you spoken to her Teacher, and/ or the SENCO ( special needs co-ordinator)? Your daughter may just be going through a plateau, before she makes a big jump in learning..children don't, in my experience, climb steadily on a graph, it seems to be peak and plateau..or peak and trough.....


    I understand you are anxious, my daughter is in Yr 5, she's also a late August baby..so could have been in Yr 4, if she'd been a few weeks younger. She is Gifted and Talented in Literacy, but in the lowest group for Maths......she has been having "Maths Club" at school...a booster class once a week. I would ask for a meeting with her Teacher, and see if they have any concerns. She may just need a different way of learning her spellings, or actually using them, as that's the point of spelling! I'm a Communication Support Worker, but have worked as a Teaching Assistant, and Learning Support Assistant, and have supported children with both specific and non-specific learning difficulties. Sometimes children just need a confidence boost, and a different way of looking at things. I personally have shied away from extra tuition, and Kumon Maths etc, as I know my daughter would seriously resent it, and it would damage her confidence.

    PM if you want to chat, or need any thing else from a TA!!

  9. I know that the siting of Travellers' Sites is highly contraversial, but found the scenes of eviction and destruction really upsetting. The 12 year old boy spoke so eloquently about it too. It was like a scene from some far off country, destroying a shanty town. Awful....


    although.....I don't understand the thought process behind not having an indoor loo!

  10. i


    Has anyone else noticed the general absence of the men though in the film, bar the odd one or two the men are largely not involved in the film. Like last night at the traveller communion party on the site that was due to be repossessed there wasn't a man in sight.


    I noticed that too!


    The other thing that struck me, was at the Weddings and the Holy Communions they showed last week and this week how ireverend they are in Church, chatting away to-ing and fro-ing etc.


    However I did think that the groom from last night did seem quite caring and wanted to put the 'them and us' comments behind them.

    Not just travellers....last time I went to mass to appease my In=Laws...( very devout Catholics) there were allsoerts of folks coming in and out..mostly Irsih and Goans, but all sort of people just rolled up, and rolled out again...FiL says it's quite common :shock:

  11. I also hate really heavily scented Laundry products, they make me wheezy and headachey, and YD has eczema and asthma now, and know that it irritates her too. So I don't use them obviously :? I hate strong perfumes, espesh Red Door..and my sister wears a SJP one that makes me gag. My OH says I have an over developed sense of smell, beacuse I can smell things he can't, like a mouldy banana in the bottom of a school bag, 2 rooms away....

  12. I was thinking this the other day, becaue I had just got mine to stop pooping in the nest box..and one of them has started doing it again, I tried newspaper, but they kick it all out, plus the aubiose....so am not sure...a line would be grerat..just whip it out into compost bin, and back in....wouldn't be too difficult to manufacture, perhaps in trug rubber like material....and a good revenue booster for Omlet... :mrgreen:

  13. We are going this morning, wanted to go last weekend, but ED had an all day rehearsal fro her school musical. My YD is 9, and has wanted to see it, she's seen a few historical films, Shadowlands being her favourite so far....not worried about the swearing, she's got a friend (10) who swears like a trooper at school ( I know...shocking really...her Mum is really posh, but effs and blinds like a docker!) I can't wait...If any one lovs Colin Firth, or doubts his acting ability..rent A Single Man...so beautifully acted, and exquisitely shot by Tom Ford too.... :mrgreen:

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