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  1. Maybe they would, maybe they wouldn't....but I just find the fluffy bunny-ness that ha surrounded all the coverage annoying...Lush maybe people and animal friendly, but they are multinational corp all the same.
  2. Yes, but you don't know when the company discovered this had happened. The start date will be when they managed to track back the problem to when it first occured I suspect. Well, I assume ( I know. ..) that the fact that the site was shut for several days after Christmas due to "website tech issues" was when they first discovered it, and were trying to fix it. Perhaps I'm wrong, but it seems like too much of a coincidence to me. Don't mistake my criticism, I'm a huge fan on Lush....but it seems like they dropped the ball on this one. Despite their Faire Trade, Animal Friendly etc....status, they are a multinational company, and can't be let off he hook by posting a video of lemmings. Would everyone be so understanding if it was Boots or Topshop?? I'm not being argumentative..but reading some of the "fluffy bunny" comments of the Lush FB page has made me really cross
  3. I'm a bit angry that it was first hacked on 26/27th December, and they are only telling us now.....not good customer service!
  4. It is rare for women's hobbies and past times to be expensive and require large amounts of expensive equipment. I did a study on it at college....mostly men have things like fishing, golf, trains and sports, which require lots of expensive kit...whilst women have hobbies which don't! I suppose chickens love is the exception.....
  5. When you have baby wipes constantly at hand...and arnica spray, and a packet of free range raisins in the bottom of your handbag. When you feel the need to constantly count heads......( although I'm In Primary Ed. and a Brownie Guider......so will be doing this forever )
  6. I've posted this on my FB and my Guiding Forum earlier on....I've phoned my bank and had a good chat to someone called Omar in New Delhi. He said not to worry...they'll put a stop to any dodgy payments and ring me...He hadn't heard of Lush:) Keep an eye out for small multiple payments, like O2 or Tesco Mobile...if they go through they make massive withdrawals later on...
  7. I'm so envious, I got my CLB in September, she was bout 14 -16 weeks..no eggs yet. The other two were a little older, and have ben laying for a fortnight...fingers crossed x x I hope it tastes as nice as it looks x
  8. I've done this too....lots and lots of washing and moisturising, and then a long soak in the bath at night......took a few days
  9. Mine have cabbages and logs....they love them, I swap them around, leave some outside for a week or so, so they get all damp and buggy...all the more fun....I hide some corn and grit and wigglies in the crevices...it takes seconds, and the hens love it! I bought a couple of pecker bar things that hang up..and they are hard to peck, so last a long time My daughters threaded some manky brussell sprouts onto a skewer and the hens when mad for them!
  10. I had 2 nasty warts on my thumb, caught from a child I supported at school....the perks of my job....I used the freezing spray 3 times as frequently as it said, and it finally blistered and dropped off.. I have also used lemon oil on a verruca on my OH foot...he gets a lot, as he's a judo and BJJ player.....that worked.
  11. 2 of mine have suddenly started laying, getting 2 most days...just want the legbar to join in now,,,
  12. We had some rats in our camping gear, it what stored in a huge fibreboard container with metal banded sides and lid, in the Garage....nice and warm and dry, Hotel Rat....so when the OH opened it to get it out to air....oh gosh.....rat outpouring! They'd made a nest, and had chewed the tent to shreds. As we were sorting them out, I found they had cehewed through a tub of bird food too. We bought really strong bait boxes, from the hardware store, and poison grain. It worked...I felt bad. Tried to buy traps, but the petshop said they often don't work properly, and the rat gets a leg trapped, and dies a very horrible slow death, as it drags the trap around.....Hope you get your problem sorted. ,
  13. Mine are usually calling when a fox or cat is in the garden, or can hear next door's boys palying.....or a bird/leaf/breath of air has blown past their run...
  14. This could be a softy?? I'm stilla newbie to egg laying, only been laying for 10 days...but if you look in the FAQS for eggs, I think there are threads on funny eggs, softies, lashes etc....sounds like a softy, if they are just laying, they sometimes need a few tries to egt it right...might need a bit more calcium, limestone flour or something. try searching the forum for softies...the experts will tell you all you need to know!!
  15. I'm a Tawny Owl! There's no way my girl's could do a sponsored silence.... I have one girl with ADHD and one with a receptive language disorder, which means she presents as autistic.....no quiet, let alone silence!
  16. why are you afraid you eat meat? my grandad was master butcher and made sure i knew where bits of meat came from... i love brawn.. faggots are good... i'll give anyhting a try... I'm still a bit funny, I suppose because I was Vegan for a while and veggie from 12 to 24.craved meat in pregnancy and never gone back!......and I still wrestle with the ....umm...I can't think of the word.."rightness" doesn't cut it... with meat and dairy production. MY OH is a judo player, and BJJ player too..as a consequence reads American magazines, and was shocked to learn that the majority of American Beef is grain fed, as a lot of the recipes and diet guides specify grass fed beef...so he looked into it, and found out that US cattle are almost battery reared...on grain that is GM, and grown intensively. I would hate to get to that state here..I am concerned about that massive Dairy in Lincolnshire tho' sorry a bit random and off topic
  17. My Welsh Nan made Brawn from a Pig's head....made and ate home made faggots from a pig#s liver and lights ( the lungs!)....I went veggie aged 12 after walking in on a cooking session...seeing the head on the table was a shock!..I'm afraid I eat meat now..but am choosy about the quality...would love to go to Fergus Henderson's restaurant and eat marrow on toast, trotters etc....
  18. In India, the cockscomb is a plant used as a flavouring/colouring.....was hoping it might have been that....not so
  19. Did you pay with PayPal? Could you perhaps go through them...or open a dispute through Ebay itself..there should be some advice on the HELP pages....bad luck though.....
  20. I was on the Fourth Plinth for One and Other- Antony Gormley's installation.....very exciting for me!!
  21. Me too..thought itwas amazing!! I love all those documentaries that the BBC do...had Blue Planet for Christmas Did you try the breath holding...I did, and went a bit fuzzy
  22. Lovely photos!!! I like the CLB...we have one who was a bit runty, so its nice to the see the comparison!
  23. Weel, it's taught me to read the instructions of things now.....the kitchen smelled of smoke for over a week, despite repeated washing and spraying....yuck. But we were all fine, YD had asthma and panic attack..as she put the microwave on...poor lamb x x
  24. hanks for the advice........I've decided to lay off the mealies for a few days, and see what occurs! I've also ( stupidly) forgotten that I've changed from Growers Pellets ( Dodgson's Organics) to Omlet Layers Mash..so don't know if that will have an effect,,probably....it does smell a lot more, and one or two look positively greyish! I've just poo picked and binned...realising 5 minutes too late that I should have taken a picture and posted in on here!!! I;ve looked thorugh the odd droppings thread..... Thanks for the advice, and more is always welcome! Sarah x x
  25. I nought some "sale" mealies from wiggly wigglers, the birds love them, so do the chooks.....although I have two worries 1) Their poop seems to be fairly dark and really stinky...is this normal...although it has coincided with them commencing laying.... 2) The boss chook ahs been really aggressive again, and harries the smallest legbar away..i'm assuming this is normal..but any tip and comments gratefully received on both these questions I hope I'm not giving too many...a smallish handful at supper with a bit of corn

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